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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things that I have no idea why I blab it out

*burp* hhhahaha... Am waiting for Alicia to wake up O_O So we can get our ass off to the library. Just had my yummy and filling breakfast. 3 pieces of sweet potatoes, one apple with peanut butter *slurps* and a cup of milo ku, my love . HAHAHAA.. Pieces of things that i realized or uhm want to be la :
  1. Online shopping is awesome and dam addictive. You can surf surf surf and click addDe add add until your total of the bill could come up to 300+Aud in one brand only.
  2. Why oh why didnt my parents born me out during July????!?!? I wana be a july baby. I always have. Then i can name myself July Kathryn Soo Wei San. HAHAHAHA : D No la, because I hate to be February baby. Being one means that Im older among the rest of my friends and am being call aunty for it T_____T Also, because my girls said I dont act like my age *im somesort the oldest among my girls la : ( * but im being pamper by them *loves* : )
  3. I need to stop eating so much junk food .. but i need junk food because im alwis hungry when i need to study. Reading the textbook is very energy consuming la. Too much informations already.. And dam boring okay. : ( But i sudah banyak gemuk ni
  4. Studying in the library is very productive and amusing. Provided the housemate is there to nag me to study la.. Then it is very productive. She seriously nag me to study, which is good.. And she gave me so much words of encouragement that it boast up my level of confidence : P hahaa.. also ar, she put so much hope in me for scoring, I must make her proud wert right.. *omg, im gona miss her like mad next sem* T_T
  5. I sleeps alot. like alot. I can take a nap in the afternoon and still sleeps dam early on the same day. I like to sleep la. It's my hobby. Even housemate called me a pig T_T An adorable one k ! : P HAHAHAHAHA
  6. I secretly hope to get marry like in 3 years time. Hahahaha... because i want to la. I want to be siu lai lai and stay at home and watch TVB dramas everyday. hahahah.. *sam, not play mahjong k! I stay at home to watch tvb dramas* :P HAHAHA ..
  7. I miss my two mummies : Mummy rica & mummy yinz. : ( They dam sayang me until i feel so much loved. HAHAHAHAHAHA : P
  8. I wana eat my taro cake with my wifey Anne *slurps*
Im getting sleepy again =_=""" How to go library like that? sighs.
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Friday, May 30, 2008

I love gifts from my girlfriends

I'm so proud of myself today. Because I was in the library until nearly midnight today with the housemate, Alicia and Seow Hui. Woot! : ) haha. Gona be in libray again tomorrow until closes : ) So whoever want to find me for dinner can do so! haha. wtf. Evelyn, mana lu? : P I'm feeling much better. Thank you for all your concerns. I'm much more stress with finals now and also dam stress with my food consumptions. Because im 24/7 hungry. I'm serious! Even Alicia is not hungry and I am! Role reverse T________T After dinner, one hour later hungry! T_T Sighs! Oh well .. I got a package today from my wifey Anne : ) Woot! Woot! : ) It really cheers me up like mad : ) Those cute little things are so me. Colourful and adorable , just like me. Hahahahahahahahah : P
Package from Anne with a note that touched my heart .. thank you doll : ) seee! i started using already !! : )
And .. and .... i went for Chadstone VIP Sale again. Hahaha : )
Met up with Rica for drink and had girly talk with her. Loves* : )
As both of us decided not to shop, we dont want to walk around la.. Cos :
Walking around = entering shops = buying stuffs = spending money.
Both of us trying to save money .. : )
Mummy Yinz will be proud of me... : )
But but.. I couldnt resist la..
How to.. A great bargain ... Look Look ... : )
*happy smile* : ) Ricaaaaaaaaaaaa.. i only bought so few things.. Proud arnot? : ) The Tiffany & Co was bought a week back : ) Not during chadstone sale... And and...
This arrives as well along : ) I am one happy girl : )
I bought this bracelet : ) picture dont do justice. It looks gorgeous real life.
I am happyy .. : )
Are you happy for me, mummy yinz? : ) hehehe
Hungryy at 3 am T_T !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 26, 2008


At this moment, I don't know whether to cry or just forego everything. Every single emotional things, depressing moments and down moments came rushing back to my mind. Too much stuffs happened. Those feelings that I've been keeping came out. I'm mentally exhausted. Finals less than 2 weeks and i'm so not prepared and now all the emotional feelings came rushing back. Quoting from Yun "I need my closest girlfriends right now" Like really, I really do .. Don't bother disturbing me right now. Seriously. Words and I dont click this moment. My vocab' is dam limited. So, excuse my sentences or whatsoever. I need you girls.. I want to go back home where my comfort zone is. I miss my mummy and daddy like mad. And i need you, to make everything seems fine. To tell me life's a bitch but I'll overcome it because I'm strong. I'm not weak. And that life's always fill with challenges. You had it and you know despite everything, you will be there for me. I want to cry real badly. But all I had is just expires tears. Tears that seem yet to flow. Every familiar sights, every familiar thing and every single memories came rushing back. I'm all of sudden fucking homesick. Someone please fly me home right this moment. I'll be quiet from now. I want you, my girls, my bro bro, my family and the familiarity of everything. Melbourne seems so foreign to me right now. *tears* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, May 22, 2008

my supermodel birthday post

Happy 21st Kok Wee : ) I know you will enjoy your 21st to the fullest. You always do. You enjoy your working to the fullest, your studies to the fullest *which explains why you always mia from class* hahaha (cause im not in msia thats why right! LMAO) , holidays to the fullest and such. My partner in crime and shopping and bitching : P
I wont photoshop or add any effect on the picture because firstly im too lazy to and because im just lazy :P Besides, I got too many pictures of you posing O___________o My albums of any of the outing consist mainly pictures of you =_="""""
But I also got alot pictures of myself. Wtf Cos i dun want to lose to you. hahaha I choose this because you look nice despite that I know you will said, "I look nice in every pictures that i took" *cough* *vain* *cough* *pei look* : P You, spoiling my suprise moment for you guys T_T *checking the schedule of MAS when i lie about the date im coming home* -_-''''''''''''''''''' You saying i put on weight when i first met up with you guys T_______T *you hurt my pride k* :P Hahaha .. Dam freaking honest lor. Greet me with such comments. Sighs!
You dam layan me with silly poses and taking millions of pictures with me until Yinz became our photographer :P heheh! And she complains that she always have to take pictures for us. And sharing the evil joke and dam super layan my whine and bitchy comments :D haha. Shopping like mad like me. oh wait you shopped more than me! tsk tsk.. You saying, "let's take pictures with different poses and styles"
You doing mean stuffs that amused me kao kao during my 21st and pei min me whenever I asked u for a favor : )
I recalled you sending me off when it's my first time flying off to Melbourne, and when the both of us asked you to act cute, you told us, "sorry. I dont know how to act cute. Cos thats not me" =_=""""""""""""""" And when i enter the boarding gate, Yinz cried like mad but all you said was, " I will see you in Melbourne in a few days time" =_=""" *but i know that time you are sad la.. HAHAHA.. right? : P * Thank you for helping me to bring my stuffs over when my luggage was obviously overweight and exploring all the parks together because you were broke cos of *cough* Crown .. And you being the Kok Wee I know :) Mr supermodel, Vain, PaPe, Unique and uhm weird interesting : P haha
Happy 21st once again! :) :) :)
Don't be too wild ! and please fly over here to find me and rica soon! :D hahaha! our meeting point will be at collins street? :D :D And i know you are proud of me ? ;) xoxo !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A post about me...

***EDITED ******* Millicent wrote a post about me : ) *big big smiles * click The girl that on a healthy eating plan as me :D hahaha The girl that made me nice onz milo : D The girl that let me steal her sandwiches :D The girl that misses Msia food as much as i do & constantly talk to me about food :D The girl that looks lan si but its so not lan si :D I'm so full right now that i feel like throwing up. Seriously! I had caramel macadamia cheesecake at around 12 something in the afternoon! Then. just now headed to Sofia @ Camberwell for our early dinner. We actually finished eating dinner at 630pm. Hahaa. That's not the main point. The main point is that there's only 4 of us. AND WE FREAKING ORDER PASTA MISTA FOR TWO *which i think can feed like maybe 6 of us girls* T___T ,SMALL GARLIC BREAD *this one dam ONZ i tell you* AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST HAWAIAN CHICKEN LARGE PIZZA! Why ? Because we wai sek (greedy!) . Everything also feel like eating. In the end, I overeat yet again. =_=" I overeat because I'll feel bad if i see food unfinished despite that I am dam 7 full. Sorry la.. Im like that. My parents bought me up not to waste food la.And when i see unfinished food *or to be more precise food that I order*, I will think of those poor people with no food la. Those that survive only on like those leftover food. Is that why Im chubby?? O_O Or those old people, like super old still have to walk shop by shop approaching people to sell tissues all those. When i see those old people doing such things, I will literally tear wan. Im very emotional wan la.That's why despite that i full until can die i will still finish the food. Unless really really full till want to commit suicide those la. Then of course cannot eat already *like today* T_______T I eat until dam syok tonight. Eat like nobody's business until.... Sam said i look dam unglam when Im eating today. Because on my left hand im holding a fork with garlic bread poked in and my right hand i was eating the seafood stuffs and trying to stuff pastas inside my mouth. And then i will take a bite of my garlic bread then continue with my pasta. You.Get.The.Drift. Omg. I foresee 2 + 2 will said I dam greedy already T_T Too much of *ahem* *ahem* Ho Chiak girl . hahaha. Aiyer. I dont care already. I learn to enjoy my food and learn not to think about FAT la. I enjoy my food too much to eat one or two mouth, then full already. As long as i dont snack on junk, then it's okay! :D :D Sei lo.. Housemate influence me kao kao. I will never eat this way. Wtf If Im closer to you, then you will see my unglam eating style :D :D HAHAHA. I am dam 'chor lou" wan la. I eat like uhm a guy. HAHAHAHHA. Because im a shy person, I will tend to eat nicely in front of you guys. And stop laughing when I said im shy. I AM LA T___T Why am i not shy? Because im too noisy is it?? Should I be more gentle and feminine then? : D And why do you guys have to laugh when i said im shy when im new to the new people? WHYYYYYYYYYYY ??? AM I NOT ? Ok la. Im going to sleep first before i hardcore study : ) Dam tired. 7am till 7pm. Whole day in university. Which explains why my sentences doesnt connect. PS: Im so in Love :D :D and i do believe in FATE : D *22nd May, Someone's Bday!* : ) Hint: 2 + 2 : D *yinz, you feel me?* ;) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 19, 2008

my mummy is awesomely cute

Sam laughed at me when i told him i will lose weight by end of the year and i will look hot :-P T_T You looked down on me ar ! O_O He happily said, " by the time you go back end of the year later he dont recognise you how? Then you GG." T_T I'll still look hot. Adorable. Like me : ) hahah!
So starting from today onwards, i'll only suggest going for breakfast or late lunch and must include salad in one of our meals : D
Aiya, support me abit la. I want to be healthy : D *im serious!*
So let's all be healthy together with me : D But thennn, i always crave for cakes or sweet stuffs. I got a sweet tooth O_O When i told mummy this, she told me, "dont eat so much sweet stuffs" Fat ar. You already out on so much weight when you came back last year." =_=""
My mummy dont love me. Hahaha ..
Then, yesterday I was msn-ing with mummy and daddy. My mummy dam cute.
Because my nickname in msn is Baby Kathryn Rice, my mummy called me baby rice. Hahaha!
And she was saying,
"Baby, your display picture dam cute. What you eating ? "
" Is that a new top?? Shop again ar " T_T
" you finish the whole roti telur yourself????? Why you eat so much?"
"how much you weight now? Control your food consumption. Later you look ugly in all your pretty clothes"
See, my mummy dam cute right? Hahaha. And also mean! Tsk tsk..
She dam scared no one wants me. hahah..
This is my msn display picture. Dam adorable right. hahaha!
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old memories that will never be forgotten

I was looking through my old albums of pictures and it left me thinking back the old memories. Every single pictures had its own story and its own beginning and ending. "Pictures paint a thousand words" Hence, this post is going to be fill with pictures of memories that will leave you saying, "Aaaa, those were the days when we........... " :) CPU days.. I miss my pre-university days. We had so much fun despite the drama *ahem* Anne, u remember the dramas? Im sure you do ;-) We look dam young. Dam youthful. Can be inside those commercial to promote anti-aging cream already. hahaha. Anne's 19th birthday @ Souled Out, Hartamas. Dam 'tau keh' (kiddie) face right. Hahaha.My hair dam dam long and thick, i like :-) With minnie mouse and chilli padi :-P This was when we were in first year university. These two left me in Monash and joined UTS,Taylor. :-P I miss them like mad now :( They are my partners when Im in a bitchy mood :-D hehe and im happily married to Anne now :-) haha... right ?? ;-) First year university Monash. With my high school bestfriend, Aaron Tey. I miss him like mad now. I just saw a video of his suprise face in Natalia's blog. Made me miss him more. Him and his vulgar words. Be good Ren! :-) He always greet me with, " mat 7" or either that , "LDF la" =_=""

with the two lovelies, KeL & Vonnie @ Langkawi, 2006. I miss my long hair :( Vonnie looks so adorable here. *pinch* :-) with SherVe dear @ Forever 21 launch :-) Be good babes! ;-)
Summer of 2006. After me and Yinz summer papers, met up with our darling Erica for a girls day out and also to catch up with her before she flew to Melbourne :-( Our first girls day out @ My Home Bistro, Hartamas. We were supposed to have fondue k! But it wasnt open that night. I was dam dam sad :-( that i threw tantrum :-P hahah and we reunite again. lol. 2nd girls day out. This time it was at Friendster Cafe, Pyramid. Because it's much more convenient for us :-) since me and Yinz once again taking summer class. haha. Dam sad case like that right. Lol. Look how much each one of us changed from the picture above and this picture. I definitely fatter la because of Melbourne :-( Melbourne fatten me up. wtf . I hate you, Melbourne! :-P
Evelyn.. you will become fatter as well :-P hahah.. wtf :-p
Genting with saucey :-P He looked so immature here dong! :-P "tau keh" jason :-P hahaha..
with my sap ngong vain little mummy . haha .. Thank you for being a part in my life :-) despite that i alwis merajuk on you. LoL. Thank you for loving me. haha.. wtf .. sounds wrong. so wrong. ROAR! *inner joke* hahaa still looking young. hahah .. @ TGIF, Curve
with the crazy people in Jason Bear's Crib/Mansion. This was taken a few days before I flew to Melbourne. They made me laugh like mad all the times especially Marshie. @ KokWee's crib during one of our hardcore study moments. Hardcore still can take pictures. Yeng leh .. haha... @ my place :-) after Yinzie accompany me to do my medical check up :-) thank you mummy dear :-) hehee... Then, we went Centerpoint after that to study but pape KokWee was 2 hours late T_T A more recent picture of me :-) Fatter la right.. Sighs. Dont have to rub it in :-( with Anne @ Airport :-( and now we are happily married to each other. wtf.. haha *inner joke la dong* :-P hahah.. I want Mambo, shopping, and major bitching with you okay? :-)
Yun, you are part of my memories and my future :-) Though not much pictures of u and me but i dont need one because I will alwis remember our silly moments and happy moments and not forgetting sad moments :-) Love you alwis :-) xoxo I saw a quote in Natalia's blog : "Memories are a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, and the things you never want to lose." I would never trade anything for these memories. These memories are so precious to me :-) I didnt post most of the pictures that contained memories because there are too much sweet and bitter memories to be posted up. And also because blogger wouldnt allow me to post too many pictures :-( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sick yet again...

Down with fever yet again. Sighs. Why am i so weak? :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What I have been doing ...

After a week of stressful week, finally get to breath awhile. Not for long though :( 2 more assignments to go. Sighs. What have i been up to?
  • I've been stoning and procrastinating yet again.
  • I didnt sleep on tuesday because wednesday need to hand in assignment.
  • I've had too much junk food to make me stay awake -_-""
  • I didnt sleep again on thursday night because I couldnt sleep *ahem* and also because i have an assignment due on friday.
  • I've been skipping too many classes lately O___O
  • I found out that black milk tea in melbourne is just too strong for me. The effect of the caffeine, omg,, can die sial. Can make you stay awake until the next day afternoon. O_O
  • I went to the city on Friday to have nice yummy-licious dinner with hsemate and Jo then bubble tea after dinner :)
  • I was dam happy because I bought my Pineapple Custard bun from Bread Top. Its super yummy and super onz la! Despite that hsemate made the vomitting sound when i mentioned it -_-""" but.. ppl in Melbourne please try!! :) Once you try, you will be hook to it! :) HAHAHAH
  • And hsemate is cooking steak for me today in conjunction with Mother's day today! :) because im her mummy. I feel so old man :(
  • I havent been going shopping for quite some time. I lost the mood to shop anymore :(
  • Im feeling dam lazy now because after two assignments handed in, my energy level dropped kao kao.
No pictures because I look like shit. Thanx to the late night sleeping and not sleeping O_O
Happy Mother's Day Mummyy! :) I heart you! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Horoscope for the day

It's not always black or white. You're caught in a big gray area that you have to figure out. . my horoscope for today !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

High on caffeine

GReatttttttttttt... It's 5am ... Still bright awake.. Stupid black milk tea with pearls. Made me stay awake until now. Omg. the last time i drank black milk tea in China Bar, i couldnt sleep until 8am O_O Good stay-awake drink la. Seriously. I want to sleep also kenot. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 05, 2008

Aw Aw For youu

Happy 21st birthday EeVon Aw
Friendships with you begin not long but the connection is there. Outings after outings, bitching after bitching, I find that we are similar in ways but yet different in some ways. However, you never failed to give me your warmest support when i need one. Being friends with you will never have a dull moment as you are full of life and full of crap :P but a good crap ;) haha.
Be good in Malaysia ! dont be too wild... wait until i come back first :D :D haha.
Im counting down the 'wild' *ahem* days with you yet again.
Hearts you lots! :)

With my sap ngong , hot and bubbly EeVon :)
lots of love* :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, May 03, 2008

JoJo suprise birthday :)

25th April 2008, Malvern East & China Bar
Had a long day that day. In the afternoon, went out with Yi Ling, Janice, Cheryl, and Shuet Zin to the city. Had our dinner and such there. Pictures from YiLing soon :)
At night, before the clock strikes 12. Sam, Alicia and I head to Jo's place to suprise her :) She was dam suprise, which we were dam glad :)
Pictures! Jo's suprised look when we presented her with the cake, and us with the birthday girl with the cake :)

Tiramisu cake :)

cutting cake process :) while waiting for Jo to cut the cake, me and Alicia decided to cam-whore abit :P

Them and cake . I didnt eat that night because it's very late already. And you know it's dam fattening to eat cake so late mar :D ahah After that, head down to China Bar for supper :)

The food that they ordered : PEking duck, spring roll and fried kuey teow.

we heart you Jo! :) Let me present to you..........

moi with taro bubble tea :) hahaha :) i force Jo to take a picture of me :D haha.. but adorable right ? right ? i look adorable right? hahaha.. I can imagine Yinz look :P

1,2,3 pose .. haha Had a super long day that night. Reached home around 4ish. Alicia was asking me to hardcore with her till 7am. And indeed i did. But she ar... Sleep soon after we came back.. Tsk tsk :P 26th April 2008, Dinner At Oriental Spoon and Freddo's All of us head down to city again for Jo's dinner. We head down around 3ish because Alicia wanted to go Charles and Keith after hearing that i got 3 pair of shoes for 48aud! :D hahaha :D Inside the car........

with birthday girl :) eyer, why she looks so dam fair here and i dont :( As shops in Melbourne closed at 5 -_-""" and we still have time to spare before dinner at 630.We head to TenRen(isit the name ar?) for a light tea and snack :)

us three again :)

us four : Sam, moi,, Jo, Alicia It was raining like mad that day -_-""'' i hate rains .. because raining made my hair frizzy.. Hahaha.. Bimbo ar, Milli? :P Dinner was at Oriental Spoon. Second time eating there, the first was with wern and all. Ordered and we 3 girls decided to freshen up . And cam-whore :D :D

moi moi with nice background. :)

hahah.. dam act cute... :)

the girls :)

Group :)

at melbourne central :)
Head to LYgoon after that because they want to have ice-cream at Freddo's .
More pictures up at Facebook. Cos i malas to post alot here.
Toodles~ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Test test test

AIS test on Tuesday was alright. Hopefully can score. And Peter Kruiger, the unit coordinator said it's the easiest as compare to finals. WAT?!?!?!? Meaning final is gona be a killer. -_-"" Actually, I quite like AIS lor . Yinz said Im crazy for liking AIS. hehe! Im in a VERY happy mood today despite that Im a little sick and assignments stress ahead. In a good mood ar because I bumped into someone today :D *cheeky smile* hehe That someone is so nice ! ok.. not a very good word to describe.. I feel so hyper until now. My girls, come online soon! I want to tell you so you can feel giddy with me :D hehe !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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