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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Peter Chow birthday

Last week, Kelly did a small dinner gathering for PeterC for his birthday at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, Pyramid.
Thank you KaiHan for picking me and Jas up and go through the jam :)
We were dam late but I can always count on one person to be the latest. Tan Yin Yin. Lol.

Happy birthday PeterC! :)
Sorry didnt head to Zouk but I'm sure you get to try whatever stunts you wanted to try :P

Yin and yang creates love and friendship :)

Thank you for waking me up with your advice when I'm down.
And cheer me up :)
We have the same goals and vision, and we will work to achieve it.
We will get it :)

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


翻著我們的照片 想念若隱若現
去年的冬天 我們笑得很甜
看著妳哭泣的臉, 對著我說再見
來不及聽見 妳已走得很遠
也許妳已經放棄我 也許已經很難回頭
我知道是自己錯過 請再給我一個理由說妳不愛我
就算是我不懂 能不能原諒我
我知道堅持要走 是妳受傷的藉口
請妳回頭 我會陪妳一直走到最後
就算沒有結果 我也能夠承受
我知道妳的痛 是我給的承諾
妳說給過我縱容 沉默是因為包容
如果要走 請妳記得我 如果難過 請妳忘了我

I swear, Jay Chou songs are dam emo.
Not one of them are not emo.
Listening to all of them can dampen my mood -.-
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Japanese food is love

One of the saturday, I had dinner with Alvin.
Finally met up with him. Like finally. Lol.
Alvin I think was very suprised that I actually asked him out :P
Yinz ffk us. Tsk Tsk.
We had dinner in Tenji again. :) And so far it doesnt give us any disappointment.
Will be back for a third time :)
Anyone up for it?

Tenji decor :)

That night, dining in Tenji comes with live band entertainment.
They were singing emo songs, mainly chinese songs -__-
I never ever had dinner feeling so blue and down -___-
At first it was me that feeling WTF playing emo songs. Then slowly, the two of them were feeling it too.

The food :)

I love salmon. Anything with salmon I'm up for it :)
Give me salmon, I will love you forever :D

with Babi Ho :)
"When there is food, there is us"

Our personal coconut opener :P Lol.
Thank you Alvin :)

While waiting for Babi ..... I have nothing better to do anyway.. :P
She took so long in the toilet :P

My favourite...
Chocolate fondue :)
Which bytheway, super sweet. I had one bite, I nearly got sugar rush O.o

And us in Tenji :)

We headed to Curve to meet up with Violet awhile since she is down from Adelaide.
That girl still so silly since the last time I talked to her.
We were supposed to head to Library but it was mad packed.
Settle for Laundry in the end.

At Laundry :)

Alvin's mineral water that cost him RM15 .. LOL
Poor thing :P

I headed to Rootz after that for a quick catch up session with the gang :)
Toodles. :)

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I have awesome friends

2 years ago, you guys bid me off the second time.
After bidding goodbye and exchanging hugs, I reluctantly walked off.

Other half, me, baby, lover :)

Thank you lover for fetching them and sending me off at 6am in the morning.
I am grateful and still am for the friendship that you gave me :)

Fourth-ish S.
Missing one of the S's.
Don't ask me why we are labelled as that.
The story is just too long to elaborate here.
But there is of course a special story behind it :)
Aww dam. Looking at this picture make me miss you yunnie.
I still remember how your truthful advice is never hurtful but direct and somehow it makes me tears because of the truth and support in it.
Where are you right now? :(
July 2010. Thats the month I'll be anticipating the most :)

A year ago, my birthday.
Thank you mummy yinz & Babi Ho for throwing a suprise dinner for me.
Despite I suspected something because I saw Jason & Ming yang there! Lol.
But nevertheless, I'm happy and touched :)

A picture of Fourth-ish S but missing one again. Dam. July 2010 we must take a picture with FOUR of us in it. :)

yunnie, where are you?

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burberry Summer/Spring Campaign

Omg. Dam orgasmic. I want the bags can :)
I dig Burberry bags despite that someone said it looks like his house curtain. :(
I am always a fan or Burberry. But wait, I think I'm a fan of Louis Vutton also.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's worth fighting for?

Love like you've never been hurt; live like it's heaven on earth.

This is one thing most of us are unable to do so.

Well, because they always say "once bitten twice shy".

But you would never know the outcome if you ever and still holding on to the "once bitten twice shy" theory.

Yes, I admit because of this theory/principal whatever you want to call it, I have become an egoistic girl.

You never know how big my ego is. Bryan said I have a guy's ego. Sometimes even bigger than any guy's ego.

I don't admit defeat. I done mistakes and I will correct it without any help.

For all the mistakes I had done; be it studies, friendship, work, relationship, I never admit defeat.

But for now, right this time, I am pulling out my white flag.

I am tired. I would fight back what I want right now. I would admit what I want.

For the past years since I know the real meaning of the world is dangerous out there, I've been listening to orders from my parents to do what is right. Studies and work.

And pleasing everyone for god's sake.

My ego has brings me to all these unnecessary events.

I hate to  be the one that has to fight for it.

But at least I tried and has no regret.

And I can tell myself I tried it and done my very best.

A smiling face doesnt mean a smiling heart.

But hey, at least I still am smiling with all the workload and things to do.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Because we are shameless..

This is what we do when we have too much time :D
We are shameless but we love each other.
Sound like some cheesy poem but... hahaha. I do indeed love her.
When I finally met up with her after so long, we decided to do a little something that every girl is proud of doing.
Come on admit it. Girls love to cam-whore. Some guys do too! ;)

Ahgong and ah soo story continues :)

Much love :)
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Rainbow after the rain

I'm mentally exhausted and I'm mentally stress.
With the responsibilities and workload I have.
Will be anti-social awhile.
I really hope the saying of,

Rainbow after a cloudy day applies.
Because I want my rainbow asap.
What doesn't kills you will always make you stronger.
That I believe applies if you never give up and keep trying to search for the opportunities around you.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Memories of 2009

Dam it's the third day of 2010. Time sure flies.
Can't wait when those questions that I have finally have an aswers to it.

My last bit of 2009 both memories I have in Melbourne and Malaysia.

The last weekend in Melbourne. Omg I still remember that Friday night, I was so heavy-hearted. I felt sad that I will be leaving Melbourne because I know when I leave Melbourne in 2009, I don't even know whether I will be heading back there again or stay in Malaysia. :(

Don't you just love the uncertainty of life? Because of those uncertainties, it makes us a stronger person.

My 2009 memories .... :)

The three angels by day and devils by night :D I miss you two girls already. :(

Headed to Bond for Marco's farewell.

Last Melbourne picture with you ! :(
That night, omg. I don't even know whether to laugh or to cry :P

Then, it's time to pack up and head back to Malaysia. I will always remember November 18th 2009. The date where it brings me joy, sadness and terror. But it was fun to sit next to Kai Han because I get to disturb him. Lol. Bytheway, we both okay. As soon as the plane takes off, we both fell asleep until time to eat. Sek fan lurrr . Wtf.

I was freezing inside the plan because I act champion. Die die also want to wear shorts and tank top to fly back giving the excuse, Malaysia dam hot okay. Fml. But a big thank you Bryan for fetching me from airport :) I emphasized on punctuality somemore. Told him, "cannot be late ah. If late must buy pressie" :P

And for the remaining 2009, I spent it with the Melbourne kakis in Malaysia :)

Bryan's favourite beer @ Tom, Dick & Harry. No, I'm not drinking it. I'm just holding it merely for a picture only. I hate beer. Ughhh.

The bestie, Steven that always support me and Jassy

Melbourne gang :D *loves*
me, Steven, Yeh chee, jassy.

A random conversation that night with Steven.
Steven : ey i realised when you and jas are together, you both somehow are in white. Why ah?
Me : Ya meh.. so coincidence only lar.
Steven : No serious one. Even in Melbourne. Clubbing also. Color of purity is it?
Me & Jas : WTF...

Awesome catch up with Steven, Yeh Chee & Jassy..:)
That night, me and Jassy didnt drink any alcohol because we are on no alcohol probation. Wtf.
Bryan & his friends wahhhhh drank so much. I see also I scared.

Then, the next day was Christmas Eve already. Wheeeee! I love festive holidays :)
But 2009 was the first time ever I celebrated Christmas Eve not in public places. Not in clubs.
In Josurf's house. The comfort of air-con room and alcohol and awesome companion :)

Actually, I wanted to head to KL wan lor. Bugger said, "KL dam jam. I'm not driving there" =(
I throw tantrum since the night before until Xmas Eve evening also doesn't work. :(
But fortunately we didnt head to KL because KL got raid. Imagine the horror if I was there and I had to spend a night in the police station. Fml big time. It's either I dig my own grave or let my dad burry me alive.

my everything :)
Dam it's been awhile since I had pictures with you. I miss you so much okay :)
And yunnie, I never forget about you.
I'm still counting down the days when you finally get your ass back to Malaysia from US.

Bryan found his new hobby. Playing with that big snake in Jo's house -_______-
I hate snakes. Dam dam hate.
I even have goosebumps typing the word right now. Ughhh!

Hahahaha the torture he goes through :P
One sporting and funny ass guy :) That never failed to crack all of us laughing with his jokes.

yum senggggg!
That freaking soju that kills me! fml.

Freaking hell Jo started this game, which I cant remember that omfg keep adding a shot of soju till the loser drink. And fml. My luck was never good :(
Guess who's the loser?
Yup, me :(

Yes, I was dam tipsy at this point.
You have no idea how many silly pictures we took that time, which I'm not going to post up =p

with uhmm sorry I cant remember his name. Lol.
You came at the wrong timing. I was tipsy :P

Yin with uhmmmmmmm.....

Yup. The loser of the game -.-
It's always ME :(
And Bryan ran to other team. What kind of tact team is this? -.-

That night, omfg. Was.A.Repeat.Of.CQ.night.
I throw up I dont even know how many times.
I threw up all my dinner :(
That night was the first time ever after excess consumption of alcohol that I did not feel like eating supper.
But I still forced myself to eat. Bad move.
The first time I had Fillet-O-Fish in Malaysia, Im traumatised by it -.-
The burger was so fucking dry that I nearly choked -.- I had one mouth of it and I threw up.
I drank coke and I threw up after that.
I cooked Maggie Mee, had two mouths and I threw up -.-
I had one mouth of Char Kuey Teow, and I threw up. Fml.
Worst day ever :( Literally like food poisoning :(

But anyway, a good Xmas Eve spent with the closed ones :)
Thank you for dinner Bryan :)

The next day, Christmas Day! :D
I spent the whole day resting. :(
Daddy dearest tar pau my favourite all time food: CHEE CHEONG FUN :D
And I threw up after eating :(

At night, decided to head to Opera to celebrate my mummy Yinz birthday since she is leaving to hometown on her birthday day.
Thank you Alvin for picking me up and waited nearly an hour for me to get ready :P
Need to look pretty mar :D

The hangover and food poisoning face. :(

The Babis with birthday girl *loves&

Babis.. :D

YiLing & yinz..

me, Kai Han, Yiling

Happy 22nd Birthday Yinz :D
It's been nearly 4 years of friendship and still counting of course :D
A birthday post for you coming up soon! :D

Not my fault okay :P
It's purely Bryan's doing. Tsk tsk. Nevermind you can take revenge on his birthday.
But make sure get a cheaper cake to take revenge okay :P

2009 summer holidays wrapped up just nicely :)
I had fun with my lovelies and my mummy and the two bodyguards of mine, Bryan & Kai Han :)

Hope your last few weeks of 2009 was pretty awesome :)


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