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Sunday, March 21, 2010

9 Things. 9 loves. 9 me.

9 things that make me happy in life. Inspired by Samantha

1. Shopping

Yes. Call me materialistic. Superficial. But I always believe retail therapy is the best when you need a little destress or pick me up :) Trust me. When you indulge yourself, you will feel much better after that.

2. My girls + my boys .

My girlies. My bimbos. :)

My two side kick. Hehe :) Alvin & RenJiun. :) Despite we don't talk everyday or see each other ** Lol, but your friendship mean alot to me :)

Leave the best for last. :) Jassy & Yinz. They seen me at my worst side. Crying like a baby. Cursing like a mad woman. Okay not a good thing to write it out on blog. But yeh, got my drift, they mean the world to me.

3. Food.

I'm a glutton. I love food. I contradict myself sometimes when it comes to food. But which girl doesnt? We love food but we are afraid of the excess weight gain. Hence, my love for Jap Food :) I love sashimi; salmon, tuna, white fish. :) Cheer me up with food and I will give you my million dollars smile ;)

And bubble tea or Green Tea Frappe with added java chip from Starbucks :)
The two conderfirm perk me up drinks! :)

4. Source of communication

Iphone 3GS :) My source of entertainment/communication :)

4. Books and knowledge.

I'm a nerd. Sue me. But seriously I love reading. From fictions to chic lits to self-help. Anything that caught my eyes and if it's interesting I will read it :) I have a shelf full with books. :) *happy*

Quote from jas "Wah u so nerdy want ah" ._____. Lol

My dad used to say this to me, "if you spend this much time on your textbooks than onr u other books, I think you would have scored better" (-.-) Lol

I prefer having a cup of coffee and a book in my hand anytime :)

Currently reading this :)

5. Meaningful quotes/ inspirations

There are too many quotes/inspirations but I have chosen a few that for now it's my favourites :)

How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours. -Wayne Dyer

The most crucial ingredient in any relationship is not what you say or do, but who you are. -Unknown

When we walk through the storm, we might forget that we have faith. Remember, faith is in you!

A best friend stays with u through the mistakes and, in the right circumstance, later laughs with u about them.

6. Photography

I think most people would associate photography with taking beautiful pictures of sceneries. My version of photography would be playing with applications like above :D

Of cos, I do appreciate sceneric pictures and whom I with :)

7. Beach.

I love being near the beach. I love visiting the beach whenever I need time to think. There's something about the sea breeze that can calm me down :)
I think I want to stay nearby the beach one day :)

8. Perfumes.

I love perfumes. When I was in high school and college, I used to keep all the finished bottles of perfume on a shelf in my room. But since I went to Melbourne and came back from Melbourne, I realized my mum threw those empty bottles away T____T And I left some perfumes in Melbourne. :/

Current addictions now are DKNY and Gucci Flora :)

Okay btw, I suck in taking pictures of objects, hence the not so nice pictures of the perfumes.

9. Small little gestures/thoughts that counts.

Alot of people don't get it. Don't get the purpose of "it's the small thoughts or gestures that counts". Hmm, could it be because of our environment now? Or perhaps the surrounding we are in. Yes, girls and guys like material things. Admit it. Everyone loves material things. But it's sometimes a simple text messages from an old friend or best friend or whoever can cheer me up :)

So yes, small little things do matter to me. :)

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's a little too long and outdated but...
I'm back with brown hair! :)
I asked Alvin, "ey do u think i look lala ah?"
"I dont notice you dyed your hair. Because I always remember you in brown hair"


Initially, my hair color was brighter O.o
I swear I did a bimbo shriek when I woke up the next day and looked myself in the mirror.
Dam light. No picture because I don't have the energy to take.
But it look something like this. Only it's lighter (-.-)

Picture with  the girls.
Because no individual shot of me.

Maybe one day I will go back to basic :)

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Even when things don't go the way you want but keep telling yourself that tomorrow it will be a brand new day and the sun will still keep shining :)

Updates on Chinese New Year.
Yes, it's been a month since Chinese New Year ended.
I've been busy and I don't have the urge to blog anymore. Nothing to blog also.
Been a little anti-social lately.
Study. Notes. Dieting. Resting. SMS-ing Jassy.
The goodside of being anti-social, I have sufficient credits to sms Jassy :D lol
Yes, I miss that bestie of mine okay and we spend every awaking moments texting each other. :)

Met up with the old friends of mine. Had lou sang dinner in Wong Poh, Kota Damansara :)

Typical Chinese food.

My two favourite dishes :D I love crab crab crab :D
And what's a lou sang dinner without yee sang? :)

The aftermath of us people lou make the lou sang everywhere on the table.
Picture of it is somewhere with someone.

yin, blackapple, edwin, von, gigi, steph
Karen, mich, moi, debbie

Candid shot of us girls.
Taken by Von :)

Group picture :)

Dinner ended earlier than we expected it to be.
After a round of votes, we headed to Debbie's house for a little gambling session.

The silly milly girls :)

Heh. I had to post this up despite me, von, gi are not looking at the cam.
Yes. Because my hair color is so nice *vain* Lol

moi, Yin, von, mich.

The guys. Seriously. My guy friends are all posers. and love to cam-whore as much as girls
What has the world come into today? Lol

At Debbie's house :)
Cny 2010

Gamble gamble

Shifted to the floor because table was too small for us.

Loversssss ;)

Hahaha. I had no idea what we doing.
With her, you come up with cute pictures :)

End this post with this three sexy models friend ;) *wink*

Chinese new year is and was fattening.
The amount of cookies.
The amount of 10 course meals.
I gained 5 kgs during this Chinese New Year.
Yes laaa. Im fatter -.-

But I alwis love chinese new year :)

Till then, I miss my Melbourne friends :(
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Monday, March 08, 2010

Mariah Carey feat Luther Vandross- My Endless Love

I want to share All my love with you No one else will do...

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ManBai - Kau Ilhamku

Sedetik wajahmu muncul....

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happiness is priceless

You know what's happiness?
When I'm with them :)
They both understand me inside out. No really :)
And never failed to crack me up with their jokes.

My bestie, and my mummy *loves*

yin and yang creates love :)

And of course. Her. Kelly Tey.
My college mates to uni mates to clubbing mates to everything.
I guess we don't need everyday conversations to keep our friendship going :)

Happiness doesnt cost much or anything.
Because true happiness are when you are enjoying yourself with the people you love.
Even when I'm too broke to spend anything, or rather just chilling at Rasta, I'm laughing my ass off.

Right now, each and every one of us are busy with our own stuffs.
Jassy is dealing with both studies and working full time. Poor thing :/ *hugs all the way from this hot weather* :P
Yinz is busy working, networking and pak toh-ing :P hehe.
Kelly is busy building up her career. :) All the best hun

And me? Just trying to settle down and getting my life the way I want :)
I am going to be the diva of my own life. Tee hee! :)
Give me half a year to a year and I shall be someone new.
Someone that will make these girls of mine proud :D and of course my parents.
But most important, MYSELF :)

Wah, so emo post. But it's not. Just a post to remind myself and show how much I miss these girls.
Sorry people, I need to MIA awhile to self-think :)

Ohhh, can't wait for July :)

Toodles :)

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