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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Currently addicted to watching HongKong Dramas... My current obsession is The Drive of Life

This series rocks! :) am addicted to it when I was reading Vonnie's blog...

Thanx for recommending me this drama, Vonnie!

Kim Gary soon k? :) :) :)

Just finish watching One Litre of Tears.. Cried like shit...

Kok Wee is right.. It's seriously dam sad and touching.. I cried like mad.....

Am gonna get him to watch this series ;-)

Back to studying Company Reporting :(

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

13 September 2007 Went to Chadstone because the three of us want to get something to wear for Shan's birthday celebration the next day. Thank god for late night shopping. If not, with the two of them waking up at 2ish.. and shops here close at 5.. :) The train ride is always long and boring... :( shan and pearly..

moi, shan, pearly..

We set self-timer but the wind is too strong... and my camera fell from the Caufield station stand O________o thank god it's still working but there's crack and scratches tho =( =(

14th September 2007, Shan's Birthday Celebration @ Seven! me, Vincent, Khai and Ben went shopping at Cheltenham... then, the guys decided to go Crown.. Met up with Pearly and Sam for dinner. Had dinner at Crown... one of the cafe there.. I cant remember the name.. I know they had nice looking and yummy cake there :)

Vincent, me, Pearly, Ben

me, Vincent, Pearly ....

with the birthday girl and pearly... kisses for the birthday girl :) zhi, me and Jess! me, fabian, vincent, sam vincent and pearly.
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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy birthday Ren Juin!!!! *singing off-key birthday song*
Heard Yinz and Yang did a suprise thingy for you.
And glad that you are so suprised and happy...
Too bad I couldnt be there to witness it but i got my sources of pictures! haha
Eat an extra piece of cheesecake for me... lol..
His birthday cake!Cheesecake somore! ... me want!

this is how off guard they caught him... hahaha... he looks so unprepared to celebrate his birthday... lol....

and Yang.... How Could youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ?

Been sick for a few day and am still sick like hell...

Guess where and how i will be spending my semester break...

Anyway, had hotpot just now at Glen. They dam mean.. They think bringing me out for buffet is totally not worth it because i dont eat alot. Ya right.. They havent see me at my peak season yet.hahaha.. wtf....

Pictures are with Vincent...

Will upload them soon.. since im so dam free...

I should start studying Company Reporting... dam scared la ...

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Chadstone VIP Sale!

The night before, I msged Rica about the VIP Sale! And she actually forbid me to go because Im sick. How could you Rica? After a few times of merajuking, she let me go with the promise that I have to sleep early and take medicine and if im still feeling sick the next day, Im not allowed to go. I love that girl la... She's like a sister i never had ... Didnt managed to get alot of stuff because Im not in the mood to shop. *curse the fever, sore throat and flu* There's always next year! haha .. Next year Rica! Yang! Joanne! Yang can hold our paper bags! haha.. joking.. Had a little catch up over iced chocalate at Koko Black...

Rica sweetie and I

While waiting for Vivian to try her clothes... I dam kenot make it here... no makeup, lack of sleep and sick ....

At Koko Black,

Vivian, rica sweetie and I ....

Silly us.... Only Rica so patient to layan me .. hahaha

Met Pearly, Sam and Vincent there!

Btw, the header is still under construction. Am trying to figure out how to resize it.. hehe..

Need to sleep... Having massive headache ... BOO !

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Just got back from the airport. No, im not picking anyone up. Was there to send Pearly off. She's going back home. I want to go back as well. Im sick like fcuk =( Someone's being a meanie today. Knowing that i cant speak loudly because i losing my voice and when i DO speak loudly, my voice breaks. He still insist on doing this "Huh? I cant hear. Please speak louder" =_=" Thank you MR High End Brands :P And to make matter worse, it seems that November is fully booked. Wtf. Die la... I thought it will be only 2 more months or less until im back :( Oh, and i bought this book that I've been wanting to buy since i read it in the review. And yea, i know. Who will ever go airport to buy books right *ahem* me *ahem* :P But I LOVE IT... :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

And this Teddy Freddie is gona accompany me to sleep from now onwards :)

Meet MR. Freddie... :) :) Excuse the ugly chair ....

Gona take a short nap... :)

Tmw i shall start dieting eating properly.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I think Melbourne is making me much more lazy compare to back home. i admit im still dam lazy back home but melbourne is making me lazier(?) I set my alarm clock at 9am. Snooze a couple of time and managed to get my arse up at 9.20am. The sky is dam gloomyy la. Went down to make myself a hot honey because my throat is killing me like mad and been coughing like nobody's business. Wanted to go for 11 am tutorial because Im planning to go shopping with Rica later. But..but....but... looking out the window, raining... so decided to skip class :P with the excuse, sick laaaaaa =p Ren Juin said i deserve to skip class because im sick. Haha! :P So, I self-declared holiday! :P I can't do anything right. Im sick :P :P :P :P Excuses.. excuses.... :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Happy 20th Birthday Shannie! :) :)
You are now 5th grade :P :P
Thank youfor everything. All your advice, your *ahem* loves and food ! :)
Dont say you don't have any love from me ! :P
Don't be lame anymore... haha.. jk..
You know I love you :)
Hugs and kisses and lots of loves :)
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Monday, September 17, 2007

You know when you want something, you try your very BEST to forget ABOUT it or just plain ignore it. But what happens when you are unsure of it, you are unsure that you want it badly or you just want it for the sake of wanting it. What happens when you thought that you got everything under control but then you just lost it. I don't cry that easily for you. I don't show people how I feel that easily. After all this while, I wouldnt know that you are telling the truth or are just plain lying. I guess I shouldnt even think about all this but I want to win. I dont know how should I start and how should i end. Im not making sense here. Why should I ? I dont always make sense. Whatever. Yang scolded me for being this way. His message made me tear like mad. Yinz gave me the 'look' because i think this way. I miss youuuu and Rica. I don't know whether 'this' is consider precious to me or just something. But I know losing it impacted me lately. This impact is so strong that I dont know whether I should cry or laugh. Joanne once told me that a person that drank a lot of alcohol, in other words, drunk, would behave opposite from their usual self. If you are always happy, always cheerful in person but once you are drunk, you will cry like mad. If you are emotional, and don't keep everything to yourself, once in awhile letting yourself go, but when you are drunk, you will just keep quiet or laugh like mad. Life is profound and unpredictable right? So why cant I stop the tears that keep coming down from my face. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Everything seems weird now.
Im tired. So effing tired.
Tired of all this shit. I should be studying more instead of procrastinating everyday.
Wouldnt want to make my parents worry.
But I cant seems to be doing what I should do instead im doing what I shouldnt be doing
I dont know anything anymore.
I'm exhasuted by the mask I need to put up with.
Kailash sees through me. *thnx for your concern Kai* :)
And of course Yinz ...
I don't know what to feel anymore. Numb. Dam numb.
I just want a break from everything.
A day where i lock myself up and cry my heart out.
I shouldnt be like this.
I need to pull myself together.
On a random note, I miss you guys! Studying with you guys rocks! Eventhough we laugh like mad everytime we did a study group but we managed to score good! :) :)
All the late nights studying in Kok wee's house, McD, Starbucks works!
I can't wait for you guys to come over! :) Cant wait to go back.

At Kok Wee's house.. I look ugly here but it's the only picture with Joanne ...

The only picture with Yang in it....

Im thankful that you guys made me studyquite hard last semester.With all the guidance and helps, I managed to not fail any subjects last sem. haha..

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