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Friday, June 29, 2007

*****Edited******** Someone sent me a msg all the way from Japan. A meaningful msg indeed. Thanx for everything! Eventho I'm still miffed that you are in Japan.. hahaha.. Souvenirs that are as cute as me okay? hahah... ***************************************************** Erica complained that I updated Yinz blog but not my own blog. Lazee babe! A short lil update before Im off to yum char session with KC, Kiat Funn, Andy and Jason Lee :-) Maison last night suprisingly wasnt as packed as last thursday.
Last thursday was seriously major packed.. Cant move. Cant even go to the toilet.
Last night was awesome.
Maybe it's cos of the people I'm with *big big smiles*
Pang picked me up from my house. Left and we picked darling Nette ...
Her condo is FREAKING AWESOME! Especially her pool !
Omg... Babe! I'm definitely having pool party in ur condo soon .. You supply place and we supply alcohol... Set? haha
After picked Nette, we went down t Taman Mayang to pick Wenz babe!*
That silly Wenz forgot to bring her IC with her. Thank god we were nowhere near KL at that mo. *smacks for being forgetful* :P
Kok Wee called me zillion of times to make sure I'll be there and wont ffk him. O_____o
While waiting for Nette darling*
me and jason bear cam-whore! :-) Pang supposed to be inside but we accidentally cut him out... ;-P He merajuk.. hahah
Hence, a picture with Pangky. He's so nice to me.. checking up on me to see how am I doing, whether I had dinner anot. Awww, will definitely miss your stupid silly jokes!

I was bored while waiting for Nette darling to get ready... :P

Inside the car with darling nette!*
Thia tried to find me all over Maison! haha. When I'm up, she's downstairs.When I went down to find her, she went up to look for me. And suprisingly, we managed to bump into each other in the loo. I always managed to bump into people in the loo. Hmmm~
A picture with Thia girlie! before I gets all SWEATY .. EEEEEEWWWW...

with darling Nette!* Thanx for all the late nights yum char, lunch session, the bitching, and you know what laaaa :-) hehe

the only picture I had with pa pe Kok Wee. Kok Wee, you duno how to cam-whore la.. See! Half of my face not in it .. ! BOO! :-( Nvm.. hahaa...and please take a nice picture of me.. hahaha..a supposingly 16 shots pictures I had with him. If you look harder, you can spot us! and a lil of yeefong... hahaha

A stupid conversations I had with him...

" where are you at now?are you on your way?Make sure pick up ur phone u knw"

" yea, I'm on my way. I promise I'll pick up ur call la k. If i dont pick up, I ask Ming Yang get for you ur bag la"

" you paying isit? *laughing*"

" sap mong wan ar you. Pay for you. I get for you from P**** S***** la k?"

" that time you ownself use ar" *laughing*

" so funny hor. Go die laaa. I see you there"

Dam lame la him. But i forgive his lame-ness since he's being so nice, he offer to bring some stuff over for me! Yipppeeee! and he's teaching me skiing! Woot! Woot! Siuuuuu, I dont care. You, Mel, Joey are coming along! :-)

a sweaty meeee, aaron, wenz babe!*, shwuc girl* All sweaty after shaking up on the podium. Sherve is right! say no to maison on thurs!

aaron alwis look nice no matter what! I hate you ren! Boo sama you! hahaha

Kailash merajuk cos I didnt take picture with him the whole night.. haaha.... I'm all sweatyyy looking.. Not a good sight..

with shwuc :)

more pictures from Wenz :)

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Exams are over! ok... I know its dam late... but I been busy.. 20th June 2007, Fantastic Four and Dinner, 1U Anyway, after exams, went down 1u to watch Fantastic Four Yang came so late. He's supposed to take the tix but he came late The movie was awesome if it's not because I'm so dead tired... Every night sleep late to cram in last minute work... Managed to bought the 6pm movie in gsc After movie, Yang had to rush home because of some family emergency. Boo! The rest of us girls went for dinner in Ms. Read Had a stuffed dinner and girlie talk with Nette, Joanne, Yinz

the both of us again... haha... that girl seriously a cam-whorer.. everytime bug me to take picture with her.. jus jk! you know I loveee youuuu

In Ms. Read,


yinz with her brownies!

me with my yummy-licious spaghetti... a close up picture of my fav dish.... cant remember the name.. something egg plant something...

nette's 3 types of chesse lasagna... so fattening babe! lol

Joanne's carbonara..

nette darling* and me.. nette and yinz...
joanne, yinz, moi.........

joanne and yinz..
21st June 2007, Maison!
Went Maison with Nette dear*, Tim, Sean, Nick and her sri Kl's friends. Jess is back from aussie! No pictures because pictures are with Nette and she's too lazy to upload to her com.. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm done with my Accounting B Paper. Omfg.. Dam hard :-( I hope I can pass. *please let me pass this subject* Two more papers to go! But I lost the mood to study. How? :-( Ming Yang and Kok Wee are being mean. As they are done with their papers, they brag about it in front of me yesterday. =_=" "ey, lets go Maison" " no need to study for next week paper ar. You think im done with my exams" " rest for one day lorrr.... " " Im going genting later" " Eeeee, why u so mean.. I havent finish exam laaaaa" =_=" I do hate them alot.. Oh btw, my facebook got problem, which I don't know whats the problem. So now I got two account.. hahah.. :-P ******************************************************************************

The sound of the sea mades my heart feel at peace.And it reminds me of that time that good things happen there. Sitting on the beah in deep thoughts are just what I need know.I don't know why but the sounds of the sea, the smell of the sea and the way the sand feels on my feet and made me feel at ease. Made me eliminate bad thoughts......

I will be heading to the beach soon....

to find my inner self.....

Good luck to those who are having exams.....

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

I will be locking my blog soon. Or either that switching to livejournal because livejournal allows some post to be locked. I need those locked options. Keep tune! :) I had a long talk with Saucey, Ming Yang and Yinz. I totally understand. Don't worry. :) :) And Yang, thanx ya... :) :) :) :) I owe you big for everything.. See you in *ahem* next year :) :) hahahahaa ... Learn yoga and meditation first... :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Something triggers my brain today. It mades me curse at my stupid self. I shouldnt have made such mistakes. I should appreciate what's in front of me before it's too late. I regret __________________ I so am.. No turning back. - Kathryn - !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

  • I've been eating too much or taking my dinner real late *10+-11* =_=
  • I've been drinking too much coffee in Starbucks
  • I've been spending too much time in Kok Wee's house studying because he so pape. Lazy to dress up to go out O_______o until we made ourselves at home in his house. Making drinks ourselves, using his exercise machine.
  • My pimples are popping up one by one. Eye bags besar gila +_+
  • Knowing more information about Kok wee and Ming Yang's *ahem* secret?
  • Sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 9+ am. *dammit! i better score good this sem* =P
  • Cam-whoring like mad with the two guys and the two girls...
  • I been spending too much time with my foursome :-)
  • I been doing so much accounting that I think Im going crazy with numbers d :-P
  • I had influenced Kok Wee, Ming Yang, Yinz and Joanne with my err gestures.haha
  • I had not step into uni for quite some time. Quite miss saucey and the rest laaa ... hehe
  • I had too much junk food :-P
  • Kok Wee promised me he will get me something from Singapore tho. Haha
  • Finally, plan so much events for after exams *despite that the two buggers finish WAY EARLIER than the 3 of us* +_+
Some pictures to prove that WE did STUDY *kok wee's words* "Must have prove that we study ma*

In Starbucks with Yin :-)

Me bugging Ming Yang in Kok Wee's house. Too much of accounting :P If u scrutinize harder, you can spot the accounting past year paper he's holidng :D

haha.. taking a break from studying ... Hence, the exercise.. haaha.. the four of us in his house :-) mwa, smally the advisor, kok wee the shopaholic & metrosexual kao kao :P and ming yang, my personal assistant *cough* *cough* hahahah

l-r: me and smally, jo and mwa, me and kok wee, smally mwa kok wee jo :)

In Juliet's,

Starbucks..... :-)
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Friday, June 01, 2007

Someone please save me! I'm effing dying on accounting b. Why am I such a "smart ass"? And.... i did so dam badly on my consumer behaviour assignment 2.. I feel sick, head pounding and eyes burning and not forgetting my pain throat.. I feel like screwing the finals... Feel like saying, "Screw it! I dont want to take anymore!" Save me please............ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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