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Sunday, December 31, 2006

The year 2006 is coming to an end. Looking back, I can said that i learnt so much. I became a stronger person and I finally learnt the meaning of life. In the month of: January. I decided to enrol in Monash instead of University of Technology. I was choosing between this two university. I spent my Chinese New Year with my then boyfriend and his family and oso attending Sze Yuen's farewell/open house.

My old classmates whom I was pretty closed to back in Form1-3. In Sze Yuen's farewell/open house.


Monash started. Was feeling a lil scared as I don't know anyone there. It's not what I expected it to be. My birthday was celebrated in Cristro's, Hartamas. It went well. I was happy that my friends could make it and Kah Choon did so much for me so I can be happy that day.

clockwise: with high school mates, with cpu mates, with Kah Choon, with Kah Choon friends, with Jason Foo, with Wenz and John, with Aaron Lee, with my BFF (:

He order my favourite cake; blueberry cheesecake (:

Finally ended my 1 year plus relationship with Kah Choon. After all the ups and downs, I guess we couldnt save the relationship anymore. Im grateful for my friends that alwis bring me up. I love u guys! (:


Gotten close to a few people in Monash. They treat me so nice that I feel loved (: Was thankful that KeL, Jason Lim, Aaron, Elaine were there with me. The four of us; me, Jason, KeL, and Elaine were so closed that rumours were flying bout the four of us O_o I'm happy to have them...Because they made Monash a better place :P


the 1 week break. Hang out with Vonnie (: She's such a sweetie (: Went for the Quicksilver tingy. Kel, Vonnie and Justin made me so comfortable with them ... They are dam nice people, im telling u ! *not trying to polish their shoes laaaa*

in Quiksilver, Sunway Lagoon.

Celebrated KeL's birthday.

Kel's birthdayyyyy :)


Exams stress finally kicked in after the 1 week break. Met Kian Wee (: I remember the first time he talked to me. He dam shy laaaa... LOL. I spent most of my time in library with my duo KeL. and the rest of the gang of cos; Kian Wee, Jason, Aaron, Michelle, Sherman, Edwin, Ben, but me, KeL, Jason and Aaron were the one who ALWIZ in the library. Even on sun yo! :P Eventho we were so dam stress about finals, we managed to cam-whore in the library as well :P 'Time-management' (:

Us in the library..... (:


Exams finally over! Yippee! Sposed to go Ghetto,Zouk on that week that finals were over but due to some difficulties, we went Absolute, Bangsar instead. It was still fun. I believe that no matter where you are, as long as you got great company, it will be fun. The company that night was great. I had fun. Eventho i was a lil tipsy that nite :P Oh, someone confessed something to me that night huh? *winkz* *i knw u r reading this!:P*

In Absoulte, Bangsar (:

Went Langkawi with KeL, Vonnie, Justin, Aaron, Jason, Kian Wee and Michelle a week later after Kian Wee finished his last paper! Eventho there was some conflict during that trip but I had fun. Beach,sun,friends,holidays! How can it not be fun?

In Langkawi with my darlings :) Spot me! hehe..

21.06.2006. The date to remember! *wink* *grins*

Results were released. Fcuking emo that day. Was so dam moody that I didnt sleep for the whole night. I'm thankful that Wee spent the whole night talking to me and comforting me.*thanx dear*

Went Genting the next day with Melissa, Joey, Siu Siu, Joanne, Jason, Alex, Yee Leng and Wee.

In Genting.


2nd semester in Monash started. The worst part? KeL quit Monash. Life in Monash is so quiet without her :( *sobs* The good side? I gotten close to Yin Yin and Wee was alwis there for me. He helped me with my assignments and everything. Constantly talk to KeL to keep in touch with her (:


Celebrated Merdeka Eve in Laundry with my high school mates + my uni mates. Pure fun! (: and yea, i was gone that night O_o

in Laundry with those that I Loved (:


Rushed for assignments. Celebrated Joey's birthday in Kim Gary.

The birthday gal.

Went Absolute, Bangsar after business law assignment was hand in (:


Freakin stress with exams around the corner. Wee was admitted to the hospital because of super high fever :( He fell sick a week after me. *hugs* Went to the hospital to find him. I drove! and i think at that moment, I scared the hell out of Edwin, Zhi and Yin. LOL. Thank God it's not dengue. He recovered soon after that :) All of us were in a study mode. Study kao-kao. Had some fights with Wee that it left me so exhausted that at that moment, I wanted to give up. But fortunately, I didnt.


Exams over! Yippee! Went shopping while waiting for Wee to finish his papers! Went Maison after everyone was done with their papers! (:

With those that understands me so well... well, maybe not the guys laaaa.... I meant the two girls.. :P

i love this picture a lot...... A combination of silly-ness and everything. I heart u dear ! :P Eventho u scold me at times, *emo* but i double it with my merajuk-ness . LOL.

Started working with Wee. Worked few days in Italianies and quit. Then, worked in some kinda advertising company with Alex and Nette and Wee. Fcuking hard and tired laaa... Wana die man. I quit after 1 week. LOL :P Found a job in PC Fair. Worked with Nette. Got a job for Wee as well but his paid more than mine *screams* hate him laaaa.... sumore his job nicer! :(


Results out. Fcuk laaa... Dun wana mention bout it. Summer class started :( Sighs. Boo! :( Oh , Mega Sales started as well. Hehe! :) but didnt got anything. Major disappointment. I celebrated Christmas in Singapore with Edwin, Wee, Josh, Shaun, Sue Ann, KeL, Vonnie and Tracy. So much stuff happen during the 4 days 3 nights trip.

The gang. I had fun with my babes and my boi (:

2006 ... so much stuffs happen during that year. I lost contact with some of my friends and I met some weird and annoying people. Not forgetting fake! But I'm glad that I found my real friends. I heart u guyss (: I hope 2007 will be a better year for me and for all my friends.

Hopefully it will be a year where it fills with laughter ... I will try to be a better friend in the year 2007 !

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Today was fun! Because I complaint like hell after I got back from Singapore and I'm feeling emo due to some stuffs, Wee decided to accompany me shopping! We decided to go Pyramid because it's the nearest and I'm sure he dam lazy to drive down to 1u ! We check out the Nike shops there and a big disappointment laaaa because i couldnt find my Nike shoes. I was supposed to get it in Singapore but due to the rush and some stuffs I forgot my Nike shoes *wails* *wails* Then, we went in Miss Selfridge. Came out. Empty handed. Topshop next. We spent quite some time there. Wee and I kept trying clothes. I think i influenced him to be a shopaholic like me dy He bought more stuff than me laaa... Even in Singapore he seems to be finding lots of nice stuffs.. After spending like what, half an hour in Topshop? he bought this gorgeous polo shirt from there. He look awesome in that shirt! Super drool-icious.. hahah.. wtf *syok sendiri* wtf I will take a picture of him soon when he wear that shirt I finally bought something from MNG after the sales had started for so long. But.. But.. when i show it to Edwin, Hoong and Sherm, they said look like some lingerie top that wear at night Wee drop me at KeL's hse once he picked Hoong and Edwin.. Thay boy is so silly.He left his phone in my bag. And the worst part was he is not worry about it! Dam swt~~~ *smacks* He seriously dam blur and he dont care about anything wan. Now i emo laaa cos i cant call him and make plans with him for new year eve. *emo* *emo* And he stay so far.... *emo* *screams* Edit: I just found out that i left my other phone in his car, if im not mistaken. *double emo* How laaaa like that. He's seriously blur till kenot blur wan. Beh Tahan lor... *sulk* *emo* Anyone gong down Klang soon? Or anyone willing to fetch me down to Klang to take my hp back ? Preeettyyy pleassseee... I promise i will loveeee you forever and ever.. And you will alwis be on top of my present buying list? *emo laaaa* Sumore so many shits going on... How not to emo? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, December 28, 2006

I'm back from Singapore! Christmas in Singapore is..... different. So much to blog about. So many pictures to upload. Will do that soon. Happy 19th Birthday Tan Yin Yin! U turn 19th on the 26th December! Sorry for the late post! I'm glad to know u and gotten close to u for this whole 2 sem :) It wouldnt be the same without u. All the gossips, the-im-hungry-but-scared-fat-talk, the ups and downs, the stress we both overcome, the tears etc etc. I LOVE u so much babe! Hope u have a good birthday ya :) Will meet up with u soon!! *lots of kisses + squishy hugs + loves*

We both are posers because we take pictures wherever and whenever.hehe.But i still love u because u r u :)

*lots of hugs*

Seeing u on new year eve i sposed? :)

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Friday, December 22, 2006

I got my hair rebonded. Didnt take any pictures bcos im too lazy to do it. And Sherm said my rebonded hair made my face look extra round! Wee said i look better before i did my rebonding Bastards ! But the bright side? my hair is brown again! Yippeeee! Jason Lim left this evening to JB. I will be leaving tmw to Singapore! SHOPPINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG !! Merry Christmas people! Have a good christmas! Indulge urself with foods and gifts! *loves* toodles people! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Oh and Welcome Back Home For 1 week(?!?!?), Jason Foo! *smacks* for not telling me C! i dedicate a post to u as well. Wtf

ok... i look weird ere.. but u look awesome.. so yea.... for u laaa, jason bear.. wtf ..

oh dam.. dun spread the wtf disease to me again ! :P

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Welcome Home sheRve (Sherrie??) ! I miss u darlin*... Gotto meet up soon! I wana go Maison this thurs with u laaaa but have to find transport *hint* *hint* hahhaha

Is this the Sherve side or Sherrie ? hehe...

Oh and.......................

Happy 19th Birthday Lum Sher Vin @ SheRve!

The baby of the group finally turns 19th and not so baby anymore

You r old now! but still looking so gorgeous!

Have a great birthday and me will alwis cherish those moments with you.

Hmmm, i sound so lesbo but nvm! I loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuu!

*lots of kisses and hugs*

From Sherve.......................

To Sherrie.....................


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