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Monday, October 23, 2006

Happy 19th birthday Raelene! :) I remember all the times we talked during IB class and yet we can score so well on tests, quizzes *winkz* and bcos of that Mr. Reynolds like us ! hahaha... the good times in Cpu... the shopping talk, the break time, the eating time ... the we-complain-we-put-on-weight time .. LolZ.. Hope u do well in ACCA and i know u can. Happy birthday babe !! u r 19 now... Don't do anything that i wouldnt do ! =Pp *lots of love darling* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Im boredd... im tired of studying... Nothing is goin in right now.. but finals start on fri, 27th ... UGHHH !!! *must focus! must focus* and...

Happy 4th month darlingggg ! ;) I know i can be dam a lil demanding and thick head most of the time at times... but u knw i dont mean anything :) Cant believe that we been together for 4 motnhs dy! and u turn out to be a poser like me now! ;p hmm, must concentrate for finals dear ! :) even though we didnt do much, but erm glad for that "little something".. hehe * big squishy hugs * :))

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

It's the time of the month again. No, im not talking about menstrual. It's the time where most couples broke off. I dont know whether is this myth or just plain coincidence. I remember back in high school until now, there is always one particular month where you will end up hearing about the couples separating. Till today, im still curious on this. Couples that you thought will last ended breaking off. Couples that you thought that look like they are free from arguement or whatsoever ended breaking off. Couples that has been together for years ended breaking off. Gosh, it's a sight that i know most of us would not want to witness. Recently, few of my friends relationship ended (names should be annoymous). They seem so perfect but .... It really makes me feel scared. will i be one of them ? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, October 13, 2006

Tuesday was a public holiday ! and i was in library at 8.03 am ! cos i promised jason lim that i will be there at 8 a.m ! and he told me that library open at 8 a.m! i dam semangat wana start studying but when i reached uni, it turns out that library open at 9 a.m ! -_- i could have slept longer, no thanx to Jason Lim ! *smack* and that fella told me he will be there at 8am. 8am hor jason? -_- I dam kao hate him wan lor Thank god he came at 8.45 ! If not, i will whack him ! =P Anyway, we studied a lil of marketing and because Edwin decided to go red box for a karoake session and cheap lunch, we went Pyramid ! my semangat to study totally gone ! =P As we were waiting for a room, suddenly, i saw a super familiar face and it turns out, it's Vonnie!! I shriek, "hieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". In my typical bimbo way :) It turns out, Sabbie was celebrating her bday there !! so me and wee pop in her room to wish her! :)) and i was so happy to see KeL there as well... She's still the same.. But dam, she's uber sexy now ;) All of us were getting cranky, cos we dam hungry but cannot eat lunch. As Red Box is super packed, we decided to eat in Kim Gary! Before we were even seated, some guy called Wye Lum to inform her that there's room available. And pssst.. it was my first time in RedBox *shy* ok lar.. i jakun ler k.. never go ReDBox before -_- but it was fun... With Wye Lum, Edwin, Kian Hoong, Zhi, Jason, Yinz, Kian Wee screaming singing .. It was a sight to see.. :) first time hear my boy sing whey... second time :) first time was in Langkawi, on the beach, while waiting for sunrise.. hehe *blush* :)) I pao-ed the pictures from Vonnie and KeL blog.. Cos they didnt send to me =P

the birthday girl, Sabbie :) she's hot.. :) *thanx for the cake hun *

the girls. (l-r): tracy, vonnie, sabbie, kellie and mua. *alrite, i think i look weird ere. Cos i put on weight lar* :(

sabbie with her two bestie, Vonnie and Kellie =D

jason pop inside ;p the girls and jason lim. But he complained that cannot see his face -_- can see ur face lar jason.. dun so pa pe k =P

birthday-girl-sabbie and jason-lim-jo-weng :) Im not sure what happen. So ignore the double picture ya. It seems that we are known as the couples ;) hehe. Love the title ;)

On another random thought, as i was in com lab today, onlining studying marketing, Wye Lum wana see the pictures that Wee took in Laundry. And Edwin had to say that my face look super red -_- I decided to take a rest and load my frenster. Wee complained that i only got 1 picture of me and him in my frenster account. He merajuk for the 20 mins -_- and, Edwin tried to make the situations worst by saying, "ur frenster got 40 plus pictures but only 1 picture of him and u? wat lar u. wat kind of gf whey!" =_= "my picture with u oso dun have" ...

since they both complained, thus i HAD to i uploaded my frenster with their pictures! goshh.. so hard to please them

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Happy 19th birthday WenZ ! u are an old cow just like me now =P i remember u calling me old cow when i turn 19th and now's ur turn! Gosh, we been through so much huh? we met in form2... and click off right away.. we are totally opposites of each other. Im the accelerator and you are the brake! :) you stop me from going too *cough* wild throughout my whole high school ! and look! now you are the party queen and i had turn over a new leaf. Staying at home and hardly go out at all !

me and my darling wenz back in high school, where we start our cam-whoring habit ;)

then, we left high school and enter the college world. I was in cpu, taylors and u did A-levels in Help. u got your hair chop off and i highlighted my hair ;)

then, i got bored of my highlighted hiar cos everyone had their hair highlighted, i dye my hair light brown and ur hair grew... :) i remember i made kah choon came all the way to hartamas to take a picture with u =P

and this is our recent picture aite?? :) us in laundry.. u grew to be so pretty and sexy hun.. *jealous* and i post tis pic cos u look nice.. there's another pic that i look nice but u wasnt really lookin at d cam and i knw how much u adore perfect things.. since its ur bday, im gona bear with it =Pp

even though we kinda drifted apart a lil due to our super kao alot of works from our uni, i know you will always be there for me and vice versa. I know we cant always be there for each other but mentally, we always support each other in whatever we wana do. Unless its suicide or something like tat lar =p Also, we have different friends, i know that you are still my bestie.. always will till the day i die :) I think that sunds too dramatic rite.. but u knw wat i mean rite ? thanx for bearing with me throughout the 4 years in high school. I know i can be such a pain in the ass at times with my mood swings. LoLz. I will always remember how you cheer me up when i got out from a relationship. How u comfort me whenever i was crying like mad, telling me stuff that i wana hear and putting me back into reality. And u know wat wenz? though we r in different place and everything, nobody can replace u in my heart :) and u always cum first before my bf!

Have a merry birthday rite? you deserve it! :) I do hope ur year will go through smoothly and you will what you want. If not, my ears are all urs to rant :) You are 19 ! *gasp* we are turning 20 next year! the big two-oh =/ we are definitely getting older. Remember back then, we always said we cant wait for 21 to see how our lifes turn out? 2 more years and we are there babe! U are always remembered by me ! and u better remember me ! if not, *smack* =Pp

I wurveee you lots, Tan Wen Ni !!!!!

lots of love + hugs + kisses !! :)

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What your name means? K - You are really silly =) A - You like to curse alot =_=" T - You're loyal to those you love. *c, jason! i told u im loyal! ;) * H - You have a very good personality and looks R - Fcukin crazy =_= Y - One of the best dam bf/gf anyone could ask for *awwww* *beams* N - You are dead sexy. I did for some people as well =) KELLY: K - You are really silly. E - Dam good kisser *woo hoo kel!* L - You live to have fun L - *same* Y - One of the best dam bf/gf anyone could ask for. YVONNE Y - One of the best dam bf/gf anyone could ask for V - You are not judgemental O - You are one of the best in bed *winkz* N - You are dead sexy N - *same* E - Dam good kisser YIN Y - One of the best dam gf/bf anyone could ask for I - You have a fine ass N - You are dead sexy KIAN WEE K - You are really silly *so true =p * I - You have a fine ass A - You like to curse alot N - You are dead sexy W - You are very borad minded E - Dam good kisser E - *same* JASON J - Everyone loves you *awwww.... :) * A - You like to curse alot S - Easy to fall in love with.. O - You are one of the best in bed N - You are dead sexy *ok only lar * !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy 19th Birthday Sabrina !! You turn 19 on October 10 ! may your birthday fill with happy moments and joy.. Do your thang cause it's ur birthday ! 19 huh? older.. definitely older =P thanx for the cake! =D *lots of love* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, October 09, 2006

Paul Oakenfold ft. Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat Super uber niceee song that gets u shaking ur thang :) me and jason were listening to it till completely crazy =p !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, October 08, 2006


I just realized after reading WenZ that lantern festival was on friday night? and celebration was on saturday nite? Gosh.... reading everyone blog bout lantern festival brings me back to last year mooncake (lantern?) festival. I remember last year, i went to this park in DJ with wenz, kah choon and his friends. He made me mooncake, the type that i like, mini snowskin mooncake with lotus paste. He and his mum made it for me. I'm so touched even though the i only got to eat 1 piece before everything was eaten up by his friends -_- I remember complaining to him that i only got to eat one and merajuk when he said at least i got to eat. But, he suprise me the next day with the same type of mooncake but instead of mini, it's the normal size type =) Also, he made me a heart shape with candles.. I did take a picture of it.. but i cant find the picture. Im not sure where is it ! :( Everything he did that time were uber sweet. Even it's not much, but i like it cos it's jus plain simple. Gosh, so many things made me think back bout the past... This year, i didnt even realized when it's mooncake festival. Even i did, i couldnt be bother to celebrate it.. gosh........ ughhh..... i hate things that remind me of past... !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
I cant wait:
  • For exams to be over, so i can down shots with u people again! *bet u guys r dying to see me doing silly stuff again!* =p
  • For next sem, where i can take engineering maths and get over it and fly to Aussie! Aussie babyyy... ! :)
  • For me to decide some stuff... *after finals, everyting wil b good. Hopefully..*
  • Singapore trip babeyyyyy.. Shop! Shop! Shop!
  • Christmas... pressiee... *hint* *winkz* =p
  • Catch up with my high school mate :D

"Thoughts seem to be jumble up in my minds. I cant and don't know how to solve it. This is what i called confused."

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

"The quotations when engraved upon the memory give you good thought... Would you erase me?" !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sometimes what you expected and want it to be is not the same as what's in reality.It's true.I learn about this long time but it seems that i keep making the same mistake over and over again.Looks can be so fcuking deceiving, which tells us not to judge a person by its looks. But my heart tells me otherwise, making me feel so fcuking naive at tines. Gosh! i do hate myself for it! Isnt communication is the key to everything? but i really don't know how or what to say. I never meant it to be this way. But im frigging tired to actually think about all this. Mixed feelings exist: anger, hurt, sad, disappointment... but all this are ignore because i believe the best in you.. but maybe that's not the best solution.. you whisper sweet stuff to me... to me, sweet words are just words.. nice to hear but it does not has any effects on anything.. As they said, "actions speak louder than words" the sweet stuff are just words.. WORDS that anyone can express it.. My fren told me once, "it's not hard to say the three letter words. The hardest part is when whether you actually meant it or dont. That's the hardest part." and you know what? i finally realized the truth in her sentence! gosh... i never knew it will be so hard to be in a relationship.......... I'm dont even bother to try anything anymore... seriously.... I'm not gona be like last time where i spend days crying over ... matters.... Now, im just gona be like try my best to patch everything up but if cant, then im just gona ignore it.serious... its hard to keep everything to myself when i dont know what are you thinking anymore. I really hope that you reassure my fears. I dont want my fears to happen... i need to know whether im on the right path... gosh.. If it's so hard, i would rather let go than continue suffering. Its hard to let go but you just got to let go when it's time.Letting go is never easy.Maybe miracle can helps this work out.gosh. i wouldnt knw. How do you know when's the time to let go? How do you make this pass without the mix feelings? How do you know when to say goodbye? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
It's back to school. In my case, it's back to uni. 1 week of holidays! Gosh, it passes so swiftly that i hardly notice that im having a week off .. sighs.. what with me sick, lying on the bed for 3 days, working, going back hometown.. Gosh, i hardly have any free time to do my stuff. I promised myself that i will revise my studies during that 1week break but... sighs.. i procrastinate a lot =/ *note to self: Start studying now before it's too late!! * I hope this little self-note will get into my head, which i doubt so! oh gosh, someone gets me into the mood of studying now! :/ My boy is sick.. He's been having high fever since saturday.. Gosh, that silly willy.. You know why he's sick? 1 of the reason is cause during d 1 week hols, he's been watching tv for hours without getting up from the couch -_- Not even to get water or food. He became couch potato ! *rolls eyes* He's feeling better but still, he had to stay at home for few days to rest. *i'm staring at the yummy stuff i bought for him* *tummy rumbling* lolz. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
I'd give up anything to go back to the way it used to be........ music: coffee and cigarettes - Michelle Featherstone I gave up coffee and cigarettes I hate to say it hasn’t helped me yet I thought my problems would just dissipate And all my pain would be in yesterday. I poured my booze all down the kitchen drain And watched my bad habits get flushed away I thought that that would keep my head on straight And all my pain would be in yesterday But it’s true I’m still blue But I finally know what to do I must quit, I must quit, you I thought that if I didn’t go and play The sadness would get bored and go away I thought that if I didn’t go astray That all my pain would be in yesterday But it’s true I’m still blue But I finally know what to do I must quit, I must quit, you I sold my guitar and my piano I thought that it was these that kept me low I thought if only I could try and change That all my pain would be in yesterday But it’s true I’m still blue But I finally know what to do I must quit, I must quit, you I must quit, I must quit, you How do you quit somebody? How do you tell yourself that it's something you have to do? How do I make all my pain be in yesterday? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, October 01, 2006

So many tragedies that we heard everyday in our lives. He-LLo! what happen to unity, peaceful and wuteva that moral teaches us to? which explain why back then in high school, all of us thought moral study is a waste of time. It's really scary consider that we can be murder by even our close friends. Gosh, what's happening to the world. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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