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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hardcore much

Weekend come and go. But Friday remains the same :) And it's no other than Seven :)
with John ... He dam layan me and Jas with our nonsenses :D
My long lost friend , Wern :)
Aaron, Jason, Jassy

Jassy, Wilson, me .
*try very hard to observe this picture. Jas found it very amusing* -_-

Nicole, Jas, Sabbie

David and Jassy :) Dont mess with him when he's drunk. hahaha.

me, Jac, Julie, Jas
me, Jas, Rina
Sisterhood! :D hahaha.
me, Jassy, Ryan, Rina, Melvin

Guess who is here for a visit :)
Nessa, jas, Jess, Vicye
David is most probably thinking : "Ah Gong Virus"
Gan, Jassy, Pierre...

Gan dam layan us. :D LoL.

Wilson & Jassy
With the drunkard Vincent

with Gan ..

Steven and Melvin.

Jassy, Wilson, me, Gan

And i copied it off Ash's album :)
Candid picture ! LoL.

me, Wilson, Iggy, Ash, Jas ..
And I end my post with my favourite picture of the night :)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Monday night and we are ready to drink..

One of the Monday night where we had house party. Fortunately for that house warming night because I was pretty down that day. A big thank you to Jassy for bringing me out :) *loves* You know you are an alcoholic when you start drinking on Monday. :D
Group picture minus a few people :)
And another one :)

Supposingly candid shot :P

And be sexyyyy :P
Jason got potential to be a sexy girl :P
Hahaha... Ryan :D

The two dam good drinker .
The three alcoholics that night :D
Forced into drinking tequila shot :(
Look at the amount of salt on my hand. Hohohohohoh. :P
With Rina :)

Bimbo love :)
Rina, Aaron, Rachael
me, Ryan, Jassy
hahaha.. I have no idea what Jassy is doing :P
hahaha... Jassy doing her thing :P
" I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky"
:D :D
Classic picture. :D :D

Omg. Alcoholic -____________- Steven said, "Aaron has three livers" -______- LoL.
Jassy, Jason, me , Aaron :)

And us again :D
with Ryan .
That night, Jassy were drunk. First time ever I see her drunk.
There's a saying, " the person that is sad also not drunk, but the bestfren drunk"
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Regret comes too late

You know when you need a break and escape from everything, but time doesnt allow you to do so. And when you have to put up a smiley face to everyone and a happy look to the world. And it's getting so tiring. It's dragging you down. What will you do? Tell me, what should I do if im in that position? Because I don't know how long I can hide all these before I do something I regret. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl's bestfriend

When girls are sad and depressed and in need of lift me up, we choose sinful indulgences. Jas, Lawrence and I decided to go for chocolate day by overdosing on chocolate at Max Brenner. Chocolate fondue which personally I think the fondue in Haagen Daz in Malaysia is the best :) But beggars can't be choosy cant they.
And our hot chocolate to top it up with :D
Eating chocolate fondue and drinking hot chocolate
Omgosh. Seriously overdosing on chocolate.

Jassy and I :)
So, remember.
When a girl is sad, bring her to eat sinful food like chocolate or cakes.
It's a sure win way to cheer her up instantly :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Empathy people!

After all these years, I finally learnt the word empathy. Dont get me wrong. I practise this value but the question is, "do you really understand what it means"? I don't know when, perhaps a few years back, when I'm walking on the street or eating with my parents, and i see older people walking alone carrying their heavy duffel. I feel sad. I feel pain for them. I feel like crying especially when I see those that had to sell some tissues or whatsoever under the hot scroching sun :( And now in Melbourne, when I see elderly carrying heavy groceries and walking around hunching and some even shivering, all I can think of is, " I feel like crying for the things they have to go through and suffer " And when a flash of my parents in their shoes, I feel like shit. I swear and vow that my parents will never be in that position. Don't get me wrong. I'm not discriminating them or disrespecting them. So, take time to smile at them or offer a hand because you never know a smile can make their day and eventually you will be happy :) Empathy is the capability to share and understand another's emotions and feelings. It is often characterized as the ability to "put oneself into another's shoes," Empathy does not necessarily imply compassion, sympathy, or empathic concern because this capacity can be present in context of compassionate or cruel behavior !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hello everyone. It's Friday again

I think I'm getting old. No seriously. Sad to say it out loud but I am. I think for now when I head to clubs, I will just sit down on the sofa and rest and drink my water or soho lemonade while facebooking in club. :P Shal's sort of farewell at Seven :)
Jas, me, Shal :)
With bimbo love :)

Shal and Jassy :)
And it was my high school mate birthday :)

Happy birthday Nick Wong :)
A year older but wiser :)

Bumped into Jess at Seven. Havent been seeing her for such a long time :)

with Jassy and Denny
With Tze Haw.
Look at his red face. :P
Bumped into Gan, Wilson and gang :)

Aihh.. why me and Jas look so dam tan -_-
With Chee Yong and Gan .
Wilson, Jas, Ash and a tiny bit of Wilson :P
Yup. There are two Wilsons' :)
With Gan that has period pain that night :P :P LMAO
And when alcohol hits the guys....
Pout :D :D
David, why so lansi? :P
As commented on Facebook, David said,
"Im being raped"
Wilson and Jassy :)

Have a safe flight babe. And congrats on graduating :)
With Yee Vonne :)
Ash and Jassy Candid picture of the alcoholics.
Period still can drink alcohol ar Gan? :P
Wilson, Shal and Vincent :)
with Vincent ....
This picture amuses me all the time. :D :D
Jassy, why so happpy :P

Ash and David tak layan :P

Vincent caught in action :P
Last but not least....

Say no to cameras :P
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