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  • I'm Kathryn Soo and will not reveal my age but I will reveal my birthdate, 18 February ☺
  • Short, ketot, shortie, whatever you addressed a 5 feet girl
  • Don't ask why my blog is babykinky. It was an impromptu name I made when I was a little childish back then and I lazy to change it now.
  • Hate lizard, insects. Practically anything that can crawl
  • Im on a never ending diet regime ☺
  • Fetish for bags bags and more bags ☺
  • Warm weather and me don't do good for my skins.
  • Promises are meant to keep. So don't make one if you don't intend to keep ☺
  • ♡ Hello Kitty
  • ♡ Pink, White, Gold ♡
  • ♡ Eating especially Japanese cuisine ☺
  • I ♡ Green Tea Frappucino from Starbucks
  • I'm good at being very bitchy (wtf) and are very protective of my girlfriends ♡
  • Bite them once and I'll screw you over but overall I'm nice ☺
  • Bring on the champagne ♡ and we will start a conversation ☺ ♡
  • I have the best girlfriends ever ♡♡
  • ♡ Road trips ♡
  • Shameless cam-whorer


moi ☺

I ♡♡ ......

My all time party girl and someone that can finish my sentence anytime ♡

my tantan @ mummy @ pillar of strengths ♡♡ ☺

ShiYun Long ☺☺
Waiting for you hun ☺

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