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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I lost my precious

Im having the worst hangover ever in my entire life. T.T And to make it worse, i lost my ipod nano : ( The gift from him T__________T I am so dam sad okay. Sad until want to commit suicide T.T Sighs I curse that fucker who stole my ipod ! Alicia, the housemate said she's going to start a tabung/fund for my ipod. HAHAAHHAHA But i am still dam sad la... : ( : ( WHYYYY??? : ( : ( Dont disturb me for now. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, June 23, 2008

After exam celebration with food

So Im finally done with my papers. Semester 1 2008 finally done. Finishto. Glad and relieved but yet sad at the same time. My housemate is going back for good T.T No more bugging her or asking her to teach me how to do certain stuffs T.T Updates for the girlies back home (:

19.06.08, Hotpot at Glen Waverly
After my paper that day, which was the last paper, I went for hotpot at Glen with Sam, Joanne, Jessica, Seow Hui, Alicia and met up with my Erica...
Excuse my charn look and the hair. Lack of sleep + paper on that day + exhausted = this look. hahaha... With my Rica @ GlenWaverly Hotpot (: She wana steal my bag! *inner joke* heheh

JoJo and Sam Sam

Half of the girls ... Crazy but nevertheless amusing (:

The Steamboat! *slurps* the last time i had this, I had diarrhea.. This time I had constipation. HAHAHAHA ..

with Seow Hui che She amused me kao kao and im thankful that i gotten a lil close to her this sem because she's one hell an amusing girl. And omg she's dam petite.. haha
Alicia, JoJo, Sam
The girls (:

Ricaaaaa, Jo, moi
outside hotpot... (:

with Rica dear (: hearta her to bits (: she always look so gorgeous (: loves* (: and whenever i complain to her, Fat edi.. she will always always say no la k !

with my hot housemate (: and yessss.. thats sam's fingersbehind... i malas to photoshop sam's fingers away .. : P

with sam ! stop teasing me ! :P
moi moi (: and let me present to you.... my fav pic of the night

hehe.. miss seow hui
20.06.08, Lunch @ City and Dinner @ Chaddy
The next day, went to city for our late lunch ... Met up with Hyo Sun for lunch...
love the sun... (: cam-whoring inside the car Hyo Sun and Sam inside the train. We decided to take train down to Southern Cross for a last min shopping : P
Sam and I decided to head to Chadstone for dinner and met up with Joanne, Shuet Tzin & Yun Jee .. Us with Samo (:
the girls and samo Sam drew this on his camera... tsk tsk... he bought this kungfu panda toy for fun =_="
To be continued
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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Today, I think back those things that i will never will. Time to reminisce (: Time do flies. It's been 5 semesters in monash. Im a nomad : P because from monash malaysia, to monash australia(peninsula campus) to monash australia(berwick campus) And im loving my berwick campus. Sue Lin asked me whether will i be in caufield campus next sem since I alwis transfer campus =_="" I wont., I love berwick campus but of course Caufield will be better. (: From this 3 years of university life, I had my own bittersweet memories. Aaa.. its been so long in monash. I hate Monash but I dont regret entering Monash because Monash made me who I am today. Stronger, more patient and not forgetting knowing my girls (: Despite that wifey is in UTS. But yea, knowing Mummy Rica was undescribable : P Without her, my life in Melbie will be incomplete. haha. Throughout tis years, I finally know who's my true friends and as they say, friends come and go, no doubt, but true friends will always be with you. I've met some new friends this semesters and patch things up with friends that I thought will be my enemy (: I am glad to patch things up (: I lost my mood to study already and I've been sleeping like mad for today and yesterday. And now having a massive headache, no appetite to eat (How can?) and a little feverish T_T I think AFW2851 affected me a lot! I better freaking pass this paper, if not, commit suicide la.. : ( I wana go back home! To where my heart belongs! I wana see my darlings and be able to go to mummy yinz house anytime I want.And then watch plenty of DVDs in her house while munching on snacks because she always I dont want to see 2+2 because he'll only ask me to toughen myself up T_T Yun's post really describe how I feel. But then, her post and words of wisdoms always describes how i feel. It's like she can read my mind and said the things I want to express myself. Scary! : P but a good scary (: I really love them to bits (: Dont know what my life will be without them *clutching all of them tightly* : P I recalled two nights before, I was so dam scared of my AFW2851 until i told wifey Anne that I want to give up and not do that paper, she scolded me *in a good way* and told me that, "dont give up. I already did so much for it and I can do it" And her personal nick was 'hold on babeeee u know i'll always be here for u' (: (: (:

As you can see, my blog is lack of pictures right now. Exam period ma, no time to take pictures and my face so dam charn summore.
I need to go do my hair once my exam ends. My hair is in a bad shape : P
Then, will be more pictures la (:
" No one can make you feel vulnerable because vulnerability is just something that pulls you down"
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Birthday post

Happy 21st Yi Ling !! Though I don't know you that well and we only talked to each other in tuition last time : P But im glad we reunite in Melbie. Reunite sounds wrong : P HAHAHA I am happy that you are just like me. Enjoys taking picture : P Thus, i uploaded this picture of you : )
All the best in your paper tomorrow and I have faith in you that you can score it : )
Furthermore, luck will be on your side *winkz*
I cant wait to go out with you : ) : )
This post is not as uhm nice .. because my brain is so tired from the AIS paper today.
AIS paper today was......... I dont know how to describe it .
It was alright but yet it's not. Hope can pull through la.. T______T
If not, im gona break down in front of Peter Kruiger : P
I was so dam scared for this paper that I couldnt sleep, couldnt eat and my hand was shaking like mad inside the exam hall. Seriously.
Omg... Why la this paper scared me so much? T_________T
I cried when i was studying this paper. Mummy Yinz was comforting me through the phone : )
haha.. dam shy.. I cursed, cried and cried again in the library yesterday until people walked past me look at me. *blush blush* : P HAHAHAH
The second hardest paper is coming up. I foresee myself struggling and breaking down again.
Wtf wtf *evelyn's style* : P
Going to sleep again. I slept at 2ish thoday until 11pm. Then, gona head to bed again. T_T !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heater Vs. Cold Air

I think I should make my room as hot as the weather in Malaysia so I wont feel hungry. Thats what Evelyn said la... She said she switch on her heater in her room until her room temperature is as hot as Malaysia and lo and behold (wahhh, canggih aku punya perkataan! : P ) she said she doesnt feel hungry. I mean of course will feel hungry when it's time for lunch, dinner la.. But not all the time. So from now, my room is gona be dam dam hot : P I dont care la.. You know right, I feel hungry all the time now .. Melbie, you sucks. P/S: one down, three to go : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


" How is it possible that one rainfall can make the shadow inside and the memories be washed away?"
This describes how i feel now about everything that had happen but yet to find solutions.

The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt wth the heart - Helen Keller
This describes how i feel towards the love and care from my girlfriends : ) I heart you all : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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