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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bring out those summer dresses

My Smally Yinzie Finally Turn 21 on 26th December 2008 Happy 21st smallly! &l  Love you long long time :) A birthday dinner was held by her at Summer Steamboat, Sunway Mentari Theme for the night : Summer. Before heading to Yinz birthday dinner, the three of us headed to Mid Valley to do a little shopping :) cam whore at Yi ling's place before heading out :) bought these with my yi ling and we named it : pala and paria :P pala = yinz :D but unfortunately her paria broke when she came back to melbourne.. tsk tsk Before heading to yin'z bday dinner, we catched a drink at Old Town Kopitiam nearby to wait for the arrival of others. honey lemon all the way! :)

yinz frens :) monash people!

me,elaine and yiling cam whore because yinz was too busy to layan us =p yinz jelly-licious cake :)
Happy 21st once again my smally :)
Im so thankful tat i found you.
You are the gem in my life.
You stand by me whenever i need you to.
And you never fail to correct me whenever im wrong or never said, i told u so.
our frenship means so much to me that nothing can describe it :)
I love you Tan Tan :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

A little homesick

So, I'm back to Melbourne for the third time. Time do flies when you least expect it huh. Time to start classes soon, which im so dreading it. I have yet play enough . LOL =p I do miss my Yintanto back home. And my family. But so far so good. Fortunately, I have Lingtanto with me :) *hugs* The weather is crazy Cold for the first few days I was here. And today and yesterday was freaking hot ass. I abandon my blog for ages and its time to gear up my blog for the loved ones back home :) P/S: The 3 in 1 low fat coffee im drinking suck big time. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bye bye 2008. Hello 2009

I bid goodbye to 2008 and wave hello to 2009 by celebrating it at Jason's friend house at Desa Park City. House party = less sweaty bodies bumping into you making you go ewwww =p Had dinner with Alvin and his friend *i forgot his name* =( at Marco's Pizza. Headed to Jason's house to meet up with the rest before heading to Desa Park City. An obligatory shot with the seal every single time im in his house =p I bet Jason had me with the same pose, just in a different outfit ;-p The jam was bearable and we managed to reach Desa Park City way before midnight struck . with jason =) my togetherness :) Thank you for always believing in me :) Yinzie finally graced us with her presence =p The girls =) i adore how this picture turned out despite that it's not a very flattering picture of me =p Group picture! :D 2008 was full of ups and downs. But hey, every year will be full of it as well. Life is full of challenges yeh ? I pray that 2009 will be a much more better year than last year for me. :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Merry Christmas 2008

Sooooo..... I been MIA for so long and abandon my blog. Been trying to spend as much time with the family, friends, girlies and everyone before heading back to Melbourne :'( A quick and short update.. *an outdated post i might add* =p I spent my Xmas Eve with the lovely people at Curve. Dinner was @ Empress Cafe. Dinner basically consist of eating, cam-whoring, laughing and cam-whoring. Coutdown to Xmas Eve with the close ones was awesome. *despite tat RJ ffk* -_- =p Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, some random freaking dude sprayed the spray tingy into my eyes! The horror! Stinging eyes and tearing eyes and me cursing like mad are not a good sight .. =p Cam-whoring with the two lovelies on the way to curve I heart you bothObligatory washroom shot before meeting up with the rest :) Some of the girls :) my togetherness partner =) *pls wait for me a week before u party* :P us with the Xmas decorations ... we played with the colour of the camera and hence..... black and white :D with a slight pink-ish color ...meh =p sheng joined us :) Stephanie and marsh :) toilet break =p the small one joined us awhile :) Headed to Scarlet to join Alvin and his friends :) A small gathering but its all about the companion right? =) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Friends and alcohol does mix

A little perk me up updates because by looking at my happy friends pictures lift my mood up :) Last Friday (27.03.09), Harvey celebrated his 21st birthday celebration part II at one of the bar @ QV. I had fun laughing with my friends. me, jeanie, yi ling, zoey :) Anne, June, Yi ling . me, lilianne, and yi ling

us with the waiters that serve us that night :)
half of the group that night! :) Sing Yee and I Small world indeed. Bumped into Sing yee there and so coincidence she's Harvey's Fren as well :) another group of people. :) I can't remember all their names except for Pei Fern ;p

loves her :) Thank you for being there for me all these while in Melbourne :) And omgosh, her cooking is awesome!

Happy Birthday Harvey! :) We headed to Bond Lounge to check out the Black & White Party. And we bumped into Vince there. Sat with him and the rest of his friends in VIP Room :)

Poser ! ;-p WE had too much posers pictures that night. Too shy to reveal all ;-p happy birthday Shaun! Despite that i look like shit here but that's the only pictures I had with you before you gone ;p Indeed a small world. Bumped into my old time high school mate, Sheryl :) One of the owner of ProjectMuffStit yiling, vince, me :)

I had no idea who took this picture. LOL with Tracy :)

us drinking shots ! :)
me, Aik Sin, Yi ling

Vince and Yi Ling

me, Jin Yin, Mich, Sheryl
That night was awesome.
Bumped into old friends and met new people.
Have a good day and enjoy the rest of your weeks. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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