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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bring out the drinks and thats when we start talking

Last update of Melbourne :) Attended Praevin's graduation and had a round of drinks at TAB with Praevin, Lam &KaiHan .. Before drinks, Lam & KaiHan went to watch Saw and I declined the invitation because .....
gruesome movie and Kat doesnt goes along. I told them, "You want to see me puke out all the dinner we ate ah? Dam gross okay. The organs all come out." They laughed. -__________- After movie, KaiHan picked me up from home. I fell asleep while waiting for them -__- Once a pig will always be a pig. Wtf. Tab is like a bar/pub where they have live band and most Monash students go there to have a drink or two. And that night I broke my no beer rules. T________________T And I still hate beer. I just hate the taste of beer. Give me sweet alcohol or vodka :D KaiHan & Lam. The two people that enjoyed watching organs being cut or somesort -___- Lol
me, lam, praevin and a random dude.
I miss my long hair. T________T
KaiHan & Praevin..
me and my future housemate next year :) *loves*
That night Lam was abit tipsy from too much beer. But yet she demanded for oysters for supper. Silly girl.
I do miss melbourne once awhile but like what WeiPing said,
"you will get used to kl after awhile and when you have to go back Melbourne, you will misss KL"
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm still alive...

So, Im back to my home sweet home for a few days. And the weather is not as bad as I thought it will be. Yes, it is still hot and humid but I guess I gotten used to this weather. Melbourne trained we well during the hot periods. For the past few days:
  • I had chee cheong fun for three days in a row. Until Bryan said, "Chee cheong fun again" -___________-
  • Had my mamak food.
  • Spending most of my days with the two bodyguards of mine, Bryan & Kai Han.
  • Startbucks Starbucks :)
  • I had my chinese cuisine dinner. Ftw
  • Visited my second home, 1u :D
  • Rotting at home and sleeping on my big big bed :D
  • Planning for holidays with mummy Yinz
  • Preparing myself for interview :( :(
  • Had my ice-blended milo from KimGary
My two bodyguards :)
Pampering myself like mad tomorrow :)
Then dinner with the girls and the two bodyguards :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bidding Melbourne Goodbye

Back with updates :)
Been MIA long enough and abandon my blog long enough.
I miss these two hyper girls of mine.
They were out partying their ass off in 7 last Friday and I heard it was awesome :(
mel yang, me, Jassy.
We were too free one day and we tried on the same dress that made us look like angels.
Mel called it the dress to wear to church because too holly. Hahaha

Bimbo love :) Someone was so naughty huh ... Tsk Tsk :P
On the same day, at night, it was Wilson Low's farewell at Top 1.
mel, jassy, me & gan's cap ..
Uncle Seow can sing .. Dont play play :D

Robin.. hahahahah.... Super drunk that night....
Lovely Couple.....
Mel & Jon..
Another couple that night. Iggy & Lisa :)
Drink drink drink. Conderfirm drink until tipsy.. :P
I miss Melbourne.
I miss my weekly Friday night at 7 :(
I miss Dessert House and Chilli padi and Bbf :(
I will be back. :)
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I can be as slutty as I want..

Halloween night was awesome. I had a last minute fashion crisis but what is crisis when you have Jasmine :D *loves* Hitched a ride with Pierre and off we went to where else other than our normal routine, Seven It was raining like mad when we reached Seven -___- Running in the rain without umbrella in heels? Is not something that I want to repeat ever. My own Frenchmaid *loves* :) Yes, I went as the dancer from Moulin Rouge. Can-can dancer. :) Because Halloween is the time where girls can dress up as slutty as you can without being call a slut.

Frenchmaid & Bunny :D
dancer from Moulin Rouge, Frenchmaid, Geisha :)

Sisterhood :D :D Steven was supposed to be Batman but someone stole his costume. He improvise and became a construction worker. lol
Pirate & Frenchmaid :)
me, Sarah, Audrey, Jassy... The two Frenchmaid :)

me, I-cant-remember-her-name, Mishiao, Jassy :)
I was shocked by this monster. Wtf .. me, jun, yinyen, jassy
me, Wilson, jassy, Pierre. Wilson dam scary. I nearly got heart attack when I saw him -___- lol
John & Jassy ... Pierre & Mel.... Effing scary chef. Even Pierre was shocked ....

The girlies girlies :)
Shaun.. LMAO... ROFL.. hahahah. with Hans.... And a little of Pierre's hand -______- I have no idea who are the two people ..... I think its Pierre's fren.. *shrugs* DJ in the newly furnished room upstairs.. Police woman and the victim... wtf The four faces picture of us .... (Jassy, Peryn, Charlene and I)
Random picture of us holding Charlene's props :)
with the devil of the night, Sabbie :D
Girlies :)
Pierre, Jassy, Ricky ...

Vampire, frenchmaid, Geisha :)
Nick & jassy :)
hahaha.. Classic picture of that night :D
me, peryn, jassy....
with Kui ..... that nearly KO :D
Halloween was awesome. My first time ever attending since the duration Im in Melbourne.
Love my outfit :) Love the companions. Love the awesome music. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been awhile...

Random updates. Havent been updating because the random going out are those that no makeup and never do hair kind :P One of the Tuesday where all of us couldnt take the heat and went to Max B. The only picture with Kai Han ... So Tai Lou ...
with Rene who finally brave herself for bangs :D Yiling came down and we catched a movie in Melbourne Central. After movie, the four of us had Sushi Burger at the famous J-Cafe. Rene, me, Yiling. Babi love :)
Kai han's bento set because I dont eat rice.
And he ordered bento for me to pick on his food :D
Thank you Kai Han :D After dinner because Im still hungry *yes, i eat alot :(* we headed to TenRen for a little of tea and bubble tea :)
No picture because all of us were pretty tired from the walking and the talking.
We walked past Big W and I saw this cute pink doggy :D

Safeway, Coles, Target, Kmart and Big W are having their christmas decors sales.
I love Christmas. It reminds me of the happy moments with the love one and family and the girls :)
Will update on Halloween once I got the pictures from Jassy!
*Jassy, faster upload pictures!* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, November 05, 2009

What are girlfriends for... ?

Girlfriends are diamonds. Hard to find but once you found it. It's precious and priceless. Prisc's post on Girlfriends is so sweet. Me love prissy and my other girlfriends :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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