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Sunday, January 27, 2008

im near to blond now. hehe :) but not blond though. Just super light brown. Me likey. Yang called me dumb blonde. O_O nevermind. Dumb blondes usually are hot. Thank you Yang! hahah... I made Yin took gazillions pictures of me in my new hair color :D oh my, i foresee Jason calling me bimbo from now onwards :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, January 26, 2008

One of they outing :) 19th January 2008, E-business Presentation, yumchar @ Starbucks & Dinner @ TGIF, 1u My e-bus presentation that day was at 3.30pm O_O I had to wait till 3ish to present. Moreover, Yins presentation was at 11am! Unfair O_O I went to uni early that day to see Yinz group to present. Yinz group. :) me, mich, yinz with yin sweetie :) Head to pyramid after that for lunch... You see, the story of how I got the balloon im holding is pretty funny. Well, to me and Adam. We were walking to Pizza Hut to meet up with the rest and there's this clown that's giving out free balloon to kids. Assuming he wont give any to us, we walked past him. But to our suprise, he gave one to Yinz. You are still a kid, TAN YIN YIN ! :P the kiddie side of me ;) Then head back to uni for my presentation :( Thanx dearie Yinz for making an effort to be there for me presentation :) Once presentation end, met up with Jason... :) We head to Starbucks @ SS15. @ Starbucks. Bonding session :) Head to 1u for dinner at T.G.I.F :) with Jason kor :) :)

group pic :)

The, "kat is squashedddd picture" O___O I-hate-you-Jason! why you squashed me ? :(

More soon ! :)

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Finally, KokWee grace me with his presence! lol. That fella 24/7 busy working. O_O Had dinner with KokWee, JasonJo-Weng,Alvin, Yinz, YeeFoong, Aaron Lee @ KimGary (where else?) :) No pictures! because Jason don't let me take pictures :P After dinner, decided to catch a movie..Guess what movie.... Rambo 4!!!!! Rambo 4 sucks! Ughhh!!! Waste my time and money, i could have used that money to drink my ice-blended milo.. Lol :P The things i do for them.. tsk tsk... uncountable.. They better accompany me to get my jay chou autograph signature.. If not, *throw tantrum* hahah Im good at 'poisioning' people anyway! :P Yinz said Im good at persuading people to do things that initially they dont want to.. Wahahahah ... Im good! :P But... KokWee couldnt join for movie because he had some important stuffs to handle. Well, he looks piss enough for us to question his stuffs. But he did apologize :) :) He now owe me a shopping day out and a dinner. lol.. And also Sweeney Todd movie! hahha... The pretty boy a.k.a RenJiun cant make it as well :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, January 25, 2008

Had a meaningful (wtf! if u minus the time he tease me! :P ) conversation/talk with Saucey! Been seeing him quite often recently.. Ewww! hahha! What to do... my brother! :P Thank you for everything :) You know my appreciation for you, for everything you ever did for me is not enough by just saying a simple thank you.. But.... Im truly grateful for the things you did. For those times that we never really talk but yet when we meet up, we can turn the place into havoc! *well, more like i turned the place into havoc!* haha From those stupid things you said to me but still full with meaning. From those words, " Aiya, fuck it only la", or saying, " you ok only la!" From those times that you always put some sense into my thick head.. From the moment you and I became friends, it was never a dull moment with you around! Thank you for everything! :) Im truly blessed to have you as my friend, as my brother and also for being you! :) xoxo :) You better freaking remember me for the rest of your life! and Jay Chou autograph please! hahha !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Vonniee Bonnie!! Time do flies. 2 years (instead of 2 mins!hehe) of knowing you, of friendship, I appreciate the things you did for me, the support, the shopping craze with me, the bitching.. hehe. Im sure u heard enough of the cliche words, might as well get on one last time of saying this, ur friendship means alot to me :) Have a safe trip in Adelaide :) I hope to see you in Melbourne soon k? Im waiting to cam-whore with you! hahah :D Because only you layan me with my silly moments :P heart you! Have a great 21st babe! i know you will :)

the latest picture with you! *please ignore me and the girl in black!lol, and focus on the girl in yellow!* hehe

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy 21st Jess Au! Finally, turning 21.. Officially an adult now :) Last summer we took Marketing together, this year we took E-Business together, what's next?;-) Anyway, hope you had a great day :) Lots of love :-) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
Because of all the difficulties, I finally understand that the most beautiful flower is already blooming for me !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I had so much downs recently that it made me feel uneasy. Made me feel bleak. Gosh. Sometimes i dont know is it me or the fact that some people are just like that or am i too sensitive? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, January 11, 2008

Waving to something that it's not meant to be is always not easy. Saying goodbye to those sweet memories you had is always hard. So much emotions that i had over the past few days, weeks. Who knows what lays ahead of me? I should MIA awhile :) To think what I want to do, what i am feeling and how Im gona handle it. To let someone knows how you are feeling is good, but then sometimes what you dont know is that no one can ever feel how you are feeling .Because at times you yourself don't know how to explain how you are feeling or whats the situation is about. To admit that I’m wrong and then change my mind. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What happens when you accidentally found out something you wish you didn't know. And so its true when one says, Some things are better left unsaid or unknown. I wish I practice that concept into my life. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, January 07, 2008

Yinz 20th Suprise Birthday dinner, 26th December 2007 @ Sushi Zanmai, Pyramid The suprise dinner for my smally was supposed to be on the 28th. But then I think my sap ngong girl suspected a little. The night before, sent that girl a sms saying that I will treat her for dinner since it's her birthday and it's gona be two of us because I wana have candlelight dinner with her :P :P Suprising her is most probably the hardest thing to do =P
Whats with the failure of suprising them on the date im coming home.
Thus, a few last minute calls changed the suprise thing to her actual real birthday instead :)
We skipped lecture the next day because I said, "we deserve a break because it's her birthday"
hahah.... excuses to be lazy lah.
* i skipped my boxing day sales in Singapore just for you k* =P hahah... im jus joking babe :)
No pun intended :)
She had lunch with her sisters while JoAnne, Alvin, YeeFoong and I catched AVP2 :)
YeeFoong was cracking lame jokes inside the cinema and THE JoAnne was being restless.
I was totally engrossed in that movie. haha :P
After movie, decided to yumchar at KimGary :)
It was superb rushing for me because Im such a smart girl =P *sarcastic*
Anyone would know the horrible jam on LDP at 5ish-7ish. Furthermore, it was raining heavily!
Being the slowpoke, I took my own sweet time to get ready.
Making me stuck in a jam.haha.
We were SUPERB LATE =P well, i deserved to be late because im the planner. And she deserved to be late because it's her day =P hahah
The reaction on her face was priceless when she walked in and saw everyone there! :) :)
Andy nearly made my hardwork worthless.
Thank god i managed to snatch the phone from her in time to stop him from saying things that are not supposed to be said. hahah
Im glad you enjoy my quite hard work :P
A big thank you to ShiYun and SzeSze for helping me :)
And those that able to make it eventhough I changed the plan quite last minute :)
with my girl :) *big squishy hugs* :) xoxo. My girl looks absolutely gorgeous that night :)
KokWee that had been MIA for quite some time actually came! :P Dam give face to us :) haha :) and YeeFoong, that i met not long but can instantly crack jokes with us :)

with KokWee that is willing to take gazillion pictures with me and not forgetting super layan different type of pose with me. haha :D

Because he merajuk cos he i took his better profile :P haha... another picture of us again. i had to pose like this. If not, my face look FAT :P and i think im trying to act demure. haah. wtf

The BFF. When I mentioned this to YeeFoong, he asked, "BFF as in Boyfriend Forever?" ROFL

sui lou and sui poh =P ROFL *inner joke* hahah. My mummy and daddy :Dwith my pwetty JulJul :) I had a great time talking to her :) with ThooMingYang :D :D Dont let his looks deceived you! He might look shy and quiet but he's actually not. His laughter i tell you. Super evil! :P and it seems he's a ahem cutie back in TBF and in Monash now as well? haha *pinch ming yang cheek* hahah! with birthday girl and the guys .RenJiun was actually on his way back to his seat but because we were able to take picture, we pull him in :D

with KokWee and YeeFoong. Had this little conversation with them:

" ey, I quite short whey"
" Haha. You seriously dam short lor. In quite high heels edi whey still shorter than KoKwee"
" omg KokWee, You taller than me ar"
" of course Im taller than you!"
Fine. I know im quite short.

me love this picture because these people made me laugh all the time =)

because i love candid shot =)

awwwwww.. hehe ... Yun suprised her with two cakes. Her fav cakes =)

me, SzeSze that sleep no later than 11 most of the day, and birthday girl :) because i like to take pictures.. hahaha..
kel and jul... :)
with yeefoong
group picture taken by ME! :) Yin said, " wah, first time you are not inside the picture" O___O
heheheehe.. me =)

kel, jul, moi :)

with the saucey :)

Im glad you had fun KING K**** RICE! :)

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A snippets of conversation with KokWee that mades me laughed like mad until Yinz asked me not to syok sendiri. Mind you, I was on the phone with Yinz that time. haha (1:13 AM) VICARDON: shit..i can;t sleep..tomorrow got to wake up (1:17 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: why you cant sleep ? drank coffee ar ... (1:17 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: (1:17 AM) VICARDON: yeah lo (1:18 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: haha... smart lor .... why so smart go drink coffee (1:18 AM) VICARDON: LOL.. (1:18 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: you working 5 days a week ? (1:18 AM) VICARDON: yes (1:19 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: awww ...... then you kenot enjoy your holidays lo ? (1:19 AM) VICARDON: its ok la.. (1:20 AM) VICARDON: wanna earn more money..cos im going HK in march (1:23 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: reallllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? wahhh so niceeeeeeeee (1:24 AM) VICARDON: wanna go there crazy shopping (1:24 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: u arrr..... shopaholic sial (1:24 AM) VICARDON: lol.. (1:24 AM) VICARDON: i damn long didn;t shop already (1:24 AM) VICARDON: wanna go there buy t&co and LV.. (1:24 AM) VICARDON: there much cheaper (1:26 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: u trying to make me jealous is it ??? (1:26 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*:=_= (1:26 AM) VICARDON: hahahaha (1:26 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: i hate you at times you know (1:27 AM) VICARDON: hahahaha!! (1:27 AM) VICARDON: but im adorable most of the time (1:28 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: =_= (1:28 AM) *l-BaBy Rice-l*: perasan !!!!! So the next time im being modest, thank him for influencing me =P hahah Now even Yang is a little perasan edi.. =P hahah.. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
Christmas Eve,25th December at Curve and RenJiun's House I went shopping with Vonnie and Kel at Curve and Cinneleisure before settling down for dinner :) It was lovely to spend some girls time with the lovelies :) :) * A big thanx to Alvin for picking me and my girls up. Thank you* =) with the two lovelies at Cinneleisure :) Shoe shopping. I adore the shoes there. Super gorgeous pumps in affordable price :) *spot Vonnie* hehe

Had light refreshment before dinner at KimGary

* i adore KimGary alot* =)

with Vonnie that looked like barbie doll =) *pinch pinch* haha

After our refreshment at KimGary, we walked around. In Kat's words, cam-whore time! :)

nice background. nice companion. Purrrfect. It would have been better if my arms are skinnier O____O =(

Then, we girls went to shop more while the guys get table at Fridays.

At Fridays,

the two charming *ahem* guys. A candid shot of me sulking because yang bullied me. *the shape of my face* =( Vonnie, Yang and I. *Yang was super hyper that night* =P Wilson, moi and RenJiun AaronTey finally grace us with his presence. The separate at birth twin reunite =) the girls =) not forgetting Yinz WAS LATE ! =P Aaron looks so cute =P with Yang and Alvin

with smally yinz. me heart you =)

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday Sze Sze! Welcome to the club :D haha.. I dont have any individual picture of you and the one i have with you, i dont look nice. So no picture =P Hope you had a great one :) Hugs hugs :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

A brand new year: 2008

Happy New Year! I had lots of fun on new year eve. Spending it at Curve with everyone. A mixture of here and there made it purrrrfecttt ... Fireworks was awesome. Perfect companion. Had on some cute dress. haha. Yinz said it was cute anyway :D :D 2007 is the year where I learnt a lot. Not a very good year but nevertheless I had tons of fun. Meeting new people. Enjoying my life to the max. Found my true friends. Break-ups. New found crush :P I have been pondering over the events that had happened in 2007; the many endings of my life. 2007 resolutions? did some of it :P I don't bother making any resolutions for 2008. I'm holding on to the sentence, "Everything happen for a reason" :) A brand new year, a brand new beginning. May everyone had an awesome 2008. My big 2-1 is coming up. *excited* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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