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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Frankston people catch up :D

Easter break is ending ! I had a great easter/mid semester break! Exhausted but nevertheless fun :) However, been rotting everyday. Havent been studying :( Class is starting tomorrow : ( Assignments halfway done, half a chapter a day is bad ! :( Determination all gone! :( Need to build up my determination once more! Random pictures updates! :)
Dinner with the Frankston people @ Big Mama, 16 Mac 2008 moi, pearlyz, carolyn... shannie, pearlyz, me :) housemate, which is part of Frankston people la. :) she gotto made me mad by saying, "my hair is straighter than your rebonded hair" -_-""" when she knows how much i adore stick straight hair :( hahah.. but i still heart you! :) Choke/Ben/Steven's Housewarming, 21 Mac 2008 The girls with Holmer :) Khai's expression is priceless! hahah :P The guys! in a funny pose!
Holmer is ...

candid shot... but pearlyz is ever ready for the cammie :P
22nd Mac 2008, Lunch @ Chadstone & Job Hunting
The next day, pearlyz and I went to Chadstone to hunt for job.. but but.. we reached there around 4.. hahha :P how to hunt :P Met up with Alvin that flew from Brisbane for visit . Had lunch at one of the cafes.

orange peel cake, which is effing sweet
Tiramisu ..
hot chocolate :) met up with Alvin that came down from Brisbane.. Went to Steph's apartment at South Yarra, which is awesome! Freshen up and had dinner at Big Mama again. Noticed the word Again? Had our dinner there thrice or twice in a row? Will never go back there anytime soon because our meals took an hour to arrive O_O All of us went to karoake after that at K-Box @ La TRobe. Pics will be upload when I got it from Sam/Pearlyz. Great Ocean Road, 26.03.08 our snacks :) The ride was awesome (because me and pearlyz were sleeping throughout the whole journey. heh! :P pity sam! lol) But at least Sam didnt complained! :) *thanx SAm* Had so much fun inside the car with these two crazy ass people. From amazing race to *ahem* :) loving this picture! :) lunch :) *ahem* Passerby sial !:P cold till can die expression :P minus alicia and jo. They both dam potong :P

group pics! :) a big thank you to William for leading us and Sam for driving me and pearlyz up and not complaining despite that we both sleep throughout the whole journey :P
i bump into my dear siu :) xoxo. i look like shit here.. but the only pic with my sweetie :)
with pearlyz and millicent and a squashed me ..
housemate ! *love* gona miss the bitching and gossiping and pampering from you :( ughhh.. i wish i could stop the time :( loving the scenery and the company :)
The trip was awesome. Despite the superb cold weather. ya la. I so smart go wear short pants. hahah. plus a cardigan only. Dam Yeng :P
Had dinner at our fav place, StarEast @ Glen :) Well, its mine and Alicia's fav :)
Back to studies : ( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hardcoring .. ugh

*EDITED* I had enough. Its time to get my priorities right. Knowing whats right for me. Hardcore studying mode on :) I hope so :) Missing my girls back home :( Easter break without you girls suck! :( Anne, how i wish we could swap places right now! :( What happens when you decided to go for it but your mind tells you otherwise? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Everything happens for a reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they go right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together. -Marilyn Monroe Read this in Melissa's blog !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, March 14, 2008

St kilda for dinner

Siu's 21st Birthday Dinner @ St. Kilda, 14.03.08

Siu celebrated her 21st in St Kilda. I cant remember the name of the restaurent though. Im lousy at remebering places name and directions :-p asked me to give directions are the worst thing anyone can do :P hahah That day was dam HOT. It is still DAM HOT now O_O wat the hell is wrong with the weather! omg! obligatory picture before i go :P hahahha in Yao's place while waiting for the girls to get ready. Alicia and I :) with Yao.. Yao and Alicia... Inside the train ... Yao and Eva... Alicia, me, JiaYi Inside the gorgeous restaurant/bistro/cafe... with my housemate *heart* :)

me, Xiang Yi, Mili.... The guys -_-"
*ahem* i have no idea what's going on... hahah with Ghee June... me, Ghee June, Milicent Marc and moi the guys with the birthday girl :) with pweettyyy Eva :)

me, Hari & CK .. I look fair here! :) but in reality im much darker now :( i hate u melbie sun! :(
me and my long lost friend, Ming Yang .... :P
me, Ghee June, YC , Yanggg

me and Joanne...

with sweeettt Melissa
with birthday girl, Siu & Joey John and I the ornament on the table... this is really ornament, Anne! hahahah..
with JiaYi with Praevin ( spelling?)

Glen, William, Aaron Yao, William, Millicent
candid shot of Yang... If i send this out to his *ahem* fans in Msia, i think they will thank me! hahah :P

Yang & Yao
with Yao & a tomato :P hahaha

silly girls doing silly thins :P

with Millicent, that enjoys spanking my butt :P hahha ...omg.... i think i look dam fat in this picture.. shit shit... :(
JiaYi & Alicia

with the birthday girl, Siu .... *heart heart*

Joanne, Joey, Siu, moi

with Serene :)

candid shot of birthday girl :) Last but not least.....

Siu with her birthday cake :)
Siu : im truly thankful for knowing you. You brings frenship another meaning. STudying with u, gossiping with u, shopping with u and researching dieting recepi with u :) totally fun. Love you lots girly ! :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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