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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Im abnormal

My body clock is back to my normal period *which is abnormal for normal humans* I sleep when everyone wakes up. I wake up just in time for dinner. -_______________________- Save me. Hardcoring period begins. And i felt down last Friday. Bruises on both knees :( Wish me luck for the hardcording duration. :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The exhausted weekend

Last weekend was a tiring and exhausted week. Assignments due on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent with the bimbos, girlfriends and friends. Thursday night:
Dinner with Cheryl Lam, Kai Han, Jazzy, and one of Cheryl's friend.
Im never good at remembering name. So sorry for forgetting yours :( A filling and fattening dinner.
Thank youu Kai Han for picking me and dropping me home :)
Friday night :
None other than 7 and Bond.
Went to Bond to sign in, then headed to 7 after that to meet up with the rest :)
Theme at 7 that night was Jersey Night.
Yes, Im not in jersey because Im supposed to be the cheerleader :p

with Jazzy, Uzam, Praevin, Edwin

( Me, Jazzy, Cj), ( Mishiao, me, Jazzy, Amy), ( with david eng huat), ( with Azlan ) Saturday night:
Met up with Dixon and Bart for drinks at Cha Gao :)

the three girls i heart :) *loves* :) Then, the two of us headed to Ken's Apartment @ Docklands :) Omg. The dog is so so so so cute! I miss the dog so much :(

Pictures taken at Ken's :) We watched a freaking scary thai horror movie. -__________________- And scared the shit out of me. Till now, Im still scared and haunted by it -______________________________- We went back home around 4ish-5ish in the morning and decided not to sleep so we can wake up for Camberwell. Bad thing to do.

Sunday :
This is what happen when you dont have sleep for one whole day and still recovering from Friday night and Saturday night .
Exhausted. Cranky. Grumpy. Raging.
We both dranked two mochas that day but yet cant keep us awake.
But we still managed to take time to meet with Millicent that is here from Malaysia :)
*loves* :)
Breakfast @ TRAM/MART

Not much pictures that day because I look like shit.
Literally like shit -______________________-
Tomorrow night.
Take #2 :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Don't ask me

Lately, my anger and my emotions seem to be getting worse. I can't really control my anger. And gets irritated easily. So, please do not try to iritate me with all small stuffs and asking me stupid questions. How can you not be pissed when someone came to you on MSN and asked, "Why this whole week Melbourne will be raining"? -_________________________________________________________- How stupid okay! *breath in breath out* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Her 22nd..

An early birthday celebration for my babi, last friday :) With much planning and excitement, however, the night before so much dramas happened and it causes so much unhappiness(she) and anger(me). However, there's a saying, "When there's a will, there's a way" And indeed we make it happen :) Theme : Black & Red
Location : Bond Lounge
Event: Babi Yi Ling 22nd :)
That night started off badly but end great despite in the middle *ahem* scene * ahem* LoL
Thank you Nick Wong for fetching us :)
Reached Bond before 11 or nearly 11 to settle the table and also because I need to sign in :)
Let picture do the talking shall we.
A must everytime we are at anywhere :)

with Zoe & Jeanie

group pictures :)

the sisters that i love so much :)
As mentioned in Facebook, im the bitchy one, YiWei is the innocent and cute one & YiLing is the looks can be deceivng :p

with WaeLern, Zoe, Jeanie & June

With June :)
Clayton boys : Nick Wong, Vincent, Praevin
:) :) This is what i called family love :)

Being silly and posing before alcohol takes control of us :p
YiLing & Harris, me & Praevin.

with Chris, Tez & Jas.

with Melissa & Zoe.
Melissa is so hyper .. :)

those that worked at Bond
Candid shot of the birthday girl .
Look at the last picture, so cuteee :)
Samuel and us :)
Thank you Samuel for giving the biggest table to us and for everything.
Thank you :)
Omg. Yi Wei is so cute. Cute until can die can. *hugs* :)

love them :) the three bimbos and SS girls :p
We can laugh at anything even if there's no one saying anything, we will still laugh . LOL
with jazzy/JGZ/Jas/Princess. hahahaha :p *loves*
Family in Melbourne :) *loves*

Happy early birthday love :) *hugs* After much alcohol and ahem scenes, all of us headed back :) Nedz dropped Harris home and came and picked me and Jas up from Bond :) While waiting for YiLing, we three girls decided to do what girls love to do most:

#1 . #2
There's more of course but too many to post up. :p
Hope u have an awesome time babi :)
You know you love that night :p
Take two soon. Probably :)
Loves :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 18, 2009

Steamboat is my favorite

So for the past two weeks, I've been MIA-ing and hardcoring for assignments and not forgetting chilling with the girlfriends and friends :) :) This is what i called blissful :) Steamboat @ Susan's & Pris's :) :) Omg steamboat was yummy ! Let's do steamboat again :) :) On the same week on Sunday, head out to city to do a lil shopping but end up never buy anything. Jas was an angry girl that day. hahaha
Tea time/ lunch at Kopitiam in Chinatown .
Dinner was at Little Lamb.
Dam kenot make it.
The hotpot is not spicy anymore :( :(

us at Little Lamb =)

Last weekend was a drama weekend.
Started off with too much dramas and backstabbing but it all ends well.
The truthful ones always win in the end, dont they? :)
have a good weekend !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Melbourne and the weather

Another week has come and go. The last whole week, I been on and off sick. :( It sucks to be sick when you have a mid term test and you get so drowsy after medicine :( Haggard like shit, i tell you. The funniest thing is that both me and Yi Ling fell sick at the same time. We both took turns to take care of each other. At times she bought food for me and at times i boiled her herbal drinks. Love her to the max :) *kisses* :)
with her that tolerate whatever shit i said and whenever im pissed off, she gave me lots of happy food.. hahaha..
and our laughter are really loud. When we both are together, it's best not to make us laugh because when we laugh we really laugh. lol.
Btw, financial management test on fri was bad. Like really bad :'( I didnt sleep the night before and I went to do the test. One word: Disaster -__________-
Alright. Sleeping time. And its 1.10 am.
Finally, an early night for once.
Have a good week ahead. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 04, 2009

Read this and be grateful

Let me share a story with you :) A story that inspire me and touched my heart :) One time when I was a graduate student, sad about some stupid grade, I was moping my way into the subway on my way home. An old, unkempt street fellow was standing by the entrance to the subway. As any good, perpetually defensive New Yorker learns to do, I averted my eyes to avoid contact. But he managed to get my attention by saying, "You're such a beautiful young lady -- you should be smiling". I was thunderstruck He didn't ask for anything; he gave me a gift. I imagine he'll never find out the impact he had on me that day and in the almost three decades since then. But he reminded me of two important things: one, that everybody has something to give, and two, no matter what you're feeling or experiencing at the moment, you also have many blessings." Yes, this story might not make sense to some people but it does. It really touched my heart :) Thank you for sharing this story with me yunnie. Test on Friday :( Save me:( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, May 03, 2009

New look

So Friday night was spent at library. Yes the suprised look from everyone. But indeed I did. And i feel good after that :) A picture in the library because YiLing said, "Ey Kat in lib on Friday nite. Let me take a picture" LoL. She's so cute :P I was studying that day alright. ;) I did a little makeover with the togetherness and the sis. We choose the same hair color but the result came out differently for the three of us. Mine turned out to be the darkest and YiWei hair color turned out to be the lightest. Im sad :( I want my hair color to be like Yi Wei :( :( A chilling session with the girl at Starbucks. My all time favourite chilling place :)
see how dark my hair is now.
Yi ling said, " goood, good girl image okay!"

and with Yi Wei :) :)
It looks the same but her hair color is actually way lighter than mine.
Omg. Test this friday and im blogging.
Kill me. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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