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Saturday, September 30, 2006

I just got back from Bangsar.. I'm there to work, unfortunately. But, it turns out alright tonight. I splurge most of my cash in Blook after work. hehe. Since Blook closed at 1? I'm not sure because i finish at midnight and it's still open .. hehe ;) I know i should save it for the upcoming trips that i'm counting down to but i can't resist :( oh well, anyone know whether there is any opening for job? i'll be there but im guessing everyone would like to work for the cash as well huh? :) I'm blogging about it now cos certain someone *cough* weng * Cough* said he will be online to talk about the plans.. Bayang pun tak nampak ni.. celaka sial.. I dam kao hate him wan lor u know im joking jason... =p but ur slippers are taking lots of space in my shoe rack! O_o lolz... gosh... im starting to feel a lil emo.... I can feel that an emo post coming up =P So bare with me if for teh next few days my posts are all emo, sad and depressing... Time of the month la .... *smack* jason lim ! make me come online.. lolz toodles !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gosh! It's thursday and only 3 more days of my holidays and im back to uni.. Ughh! And i been lying on my bed since monday because im down with high fever and got a bad sore throat :( The worst part? It's not the usual sore throat I had because this time, it's way deeper, near to my voice box, which explains why the changes in my voice and i cant talk loud and when i talk, my words are not clear. Hopefully by next mon, my voice will be alrite. If not, don't purposely say, "huh, i cant hear u. Talk louder la" -_- I will smack you! =Pp I been sleeping 24/7 this three days. I only leave my bed to eat my meals and of cos to shower la -_- I cant sleep well because I keep having nightmares :( scary nightmares that makes me scared. Upon this, i sms-ed Wee and told him about the nightmares im having and he replied me, hey silly, dream is juz a dream. It may be real but after you wake uo, u'll still c me all d time. The fact that wee is here & will alwis b urs. I encounter such situation b4 too but it doesnt affect me cos in reality, I know that my dear is wif me. Dream happens when you sleep & is alwis changing but reality remains d same. Dun worry bout it, wee will alwis love u :) *grins cheekily* I'm feeling a lil better but still .. my throat is frigging pain... but im feeling good enuff to go out.. hehe....Im going KLCC soon. Hah! Take tat Jason Lim! Go your 1u... im going KLCC! =p oh oh, im working tonight and tomorrow night in Alexis, Bangsar. It's gona be boring *hint* *hint* :) Till then.... Toodles.... xoxo !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My NeW BloG

MY previous blog is being a bitch to me :( Thus, i moved to this new bloggie =D Until, then.. spread my new blog add ! thanxxx ! i <3 u guys! =D !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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