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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emotion breakdown..

I been having emotional breakdown lately, i think. I only feel like sleeping all the time. I wake up at 1ish to eat breakfast/lunch and then rest awhile, watch a bit of drama and then go back to sleep again and wake up just in time for dinner. After dinner, i feel like sleeping again. I lost my determination to study like seriously. And like what yinz said, "she felt that her life is useless" the same goes for me.. I think watching drama is a waste of my time. I feel bad when i watch drama but then when i tried to study, nothing seems to be going in. And i am having sleepless nights. Been having nightmares everytime i sleep that sometimes i rather stay up and just facebooking or watsoever until I am really really tired. I think at this point, I really need a break. Like away from my books *not that i been touching it* and away from the place I am now. I think that too much pressures been on me. I know in the end of the day, its you yourself that have to make things right But then, i guess at this time around, I am too tired to even think of the, "By the end of the day, i am gona be alright" I cant wait for the holidays planned. And i just want to freaking graduate and get out of Monash. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, i lock my blog .. And if u are able to read it congrats, *pat* haahhahhhahaha........... toodles !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy birthday baby!

20.08.08, Joseph's Birthday @ Lygoon
I went to check out Joe's house before we head off to Lygoon for his birthday dinner .
And all of you guys can stop thinking nonsense/silly/whatever :P
I heard from him that his house has a beautiful view of lake and I wanted to take pictures of his house for my girl Alicia
the lake behind his house.. so pretty : )) you can just sit outside when you are feeling stress..gosh, i want a lake behind my apartment now.. : D a candid shot of me staring at the lake. I think i was looking inside the lake at the alga.. hahhaha oooh.. his house : ) and again thats me looking at the lemon tree =_="" i am always caught doing stupid and lame things.. =_="" Had brunch @ his place...
French toast french toast courtesy by him *slurp*
Headed to dinner at Lygoon.
It was a nice small gathering that consist of people he loved and closed : ))
We ordered three large pizzas, and each of us had a main to ourselves.
*gained weight sial* : ((((((
All the cheese and cream and cheese O_______o
ooh and Vicky specially made him a drink that consist of rasperry drink + carbonara sauce + marinara sauce + seafood + bacon + sprinkle of cheese + sprinkle of chilli + water O________o
homemade drink.. hahaha .... with an added touch of clam shell on it.. :D haha
with birthday boy :)))))))) xoxo : )
group picture : ))))))))
the uhm melbourne people.. hahahaha....
puff and huff and puff.. haha. okay, i know.. lame caption =_="" housemate Janice : ))) Dam young sial ... candid shot of Steve teaching Janice how to play a certain game on his DS, which is with me now :D
full concentration in cutting cake.. hahaha... its dam stressful okay to cut cake... cos i dont know how big a person want the slice of cake to be. If i cut too small, the person not enough and too shy to ask for another piece how? But if i cut too big, the person think i mocking her/him, how?
Steve loves his cake too much..
Vicky is staring at the cake..
Matt is as usual being a poser...
with Janice with Steve that bullies me the first time he knows me =_=""""""""""
omgosh.. this picture is so blardy cute.. omgosh.. hahaha .. look at both of their faces.. hahaha...
revenge for taking ugly pictures of me and janice.. :P

Matt is being mean =_=""""""""""

with the partner in crime... omgosh, my hair looks so shiny.. must be the new shampoo .. hahaha

the three of us took pictures like mad to avoid thinking of the cold weather...
*ya la,... joseph so smart.. made us sat outside =_="""" cold like dont know what already, still sit outside.. you think autumn ar* :P

joe thinks this picture is cute...

say no to FATTENING FOOD .. : P hahahaa

hahahaha... both were bullying her... :P hahahahahah .... fortunately for me, Steve found a new target to be bully :P
Happy birthday once again : )
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Girls in dress and guys in tux

The long awaited ball. Haha. I was on a strict diet for two weeks just for the ball :P hahaha.... and stupid Sam had to discourage me by saying, "you diet or not also still fat" =_="""
Thank you for your words of encouragement Sam : P
15.08.08 MISB Ball @ hilton on the park + After party @ Seven
The night before the ball was a drama one. =_=" you know how people said the night before prom/wedding/ball girls were supposed to sleep early and do mask and such, yea thats what i did until something drama happen. Stupid like shit like that. Made me cried like mad until eyes swollen. Greatttttttttt.. Thank god its not my wedding. hahahaha : P And the day itself, i woke up early =_=" Because some people woke me up =_=" *yea, you joe* :P Everything went good though :)) So it's all smiles : ) But we went late though *shy* hhHahaha on the way to Hilton on the park.. Love my french manicure : ) Sam, the big boss ! : P There's a story behind why he's doing that.. and trust me it's a silly story.. trust sam to do such thing :P with my pretty Seow Hui. I love hanging out with her... because she amused me like mad.. haha... oooo .. i met Brenda .. :))))) i look like giant beside her =_="" our own snow white.. hahah : P the girlies : )))))))))))))) spot me : ) with the boyfriend : ) xoxo : ) ooooh i love this picture.. because i look glowing : P hahaha oh notice the tiara on my head..? Richard said i self-proclaimed prom queen =_=""""""""""""""""""" Proceeded to Seven after that. Guess who i bumped into?
Jun Chin that came down for visit and Wern that i have not been seeing for quite awhile.. ey woman, faster do korean with me : )
with partner in crime ...
with sam the man yo! hahaha The ball was great despite that the food suck. How can they serve two dishers with RICE , you tell me? MAT 7 ! First dish, rice. Second dish, risotto.. =_="""""""""""""" I was throwing tantrum like shit man.. What happen to those ppl that dont eat rice then *me* ??? That night I full cos of the free flow of alcohol, not cos of food =_=""""""""" And seven that night was horrible.. People stepping on my feet. Gosh, CANT U FREAKING SEE ME? OR WERE U TOO DRUNK TOO REALIZE? =_=""""" AND ITS SAYING SORRY SO HARD? =_="""""""""""""" okay.. more pictures of facebook : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, August 22, 2008


So, its now 1 down, 2 to go. Freaking hard ass Performance assignment is down. 1 more presentation and 1 more test to go. Two at the same time on monday :(((((( Is it possible to cram 8 chapters in two days? Oh gosh. Great. Procrastinate summore. Hardcore mode on this weekend until finals !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday post

Happy Birthday Mr Lee! Mr Lee turned a year older.. Old cow! :D :D May your birthday be an awesome one and it was never regret knowing you :)))) And why do you buy chocolate cake?? I dont eat chocolate cake okay! :(((((((( But nevertheless, knowing you and becoming your friend was a fate :) -xoxo- !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, August 17, 2008

lazy people deserves hunger

I am hungry like fck right now. Results of not doing grocery for the past few days. Snack on biscuits for dinner only la. Sighs.. I wish to be at home right now because even if my parents are not at home,my girls will buy me food or mr supermodel Kok Wee will bring me out to eat T_T !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

my winter break with the housemate

One last post of my winter break... when Alicia were still here One last post and i cant post anymore pictures of me and her.,. Sighs! it seems like as if it's only yesterday that she cooked me my fav fried fish.. or i barged into her room to disturb her.. sighs.... I hate departures!
15.07.08 Wei Chiang's departure and his last day in Melbourne
Initially, me, Alicia, Wei Chiang were supposed to head to the zoo with Joseph but in the end because i woke up late and took a little longer to get ready, we couldnt head to the zoo
*sorry people* =( i had reasons.. Alicia would know =(
We had our brunch at Your Thai and it''s also cos of me :(
That day was really Kat's Day. *thanx alicia and wei chiang* =) hugs*
We decided to head to uhm Fitzroy Park again because we didnt have enough time to head to the zoo and me and Alicia were pretty bored of shopping already.
me and my fei mui : P and if you realized, yes, we are carrying the same bag and wearing the same jeans : D wei chiang and joseph .... me, joseph and alicia =) why my face looks so round? T_T since i hardly post pictures of sceney.. hence, one picture for it : D
nahhhh, pictures of flowers : D
me me me with flowers ... : D
us with some fairies tree... love love her lots =) super lovely couple... they make LDR works, they make relationship a whole new meaning :)
anddddd wei chiang, faster come melbourne and make coffee for me : D
We headed back home to get Wei Chiang's luggage and headed back to city to meet the rest..
night view ... gosh.. this picture made me think back that time... my feelings at that moment..
Dinner was at some Greek Fine Dining Restaurant ..
When i said fine dining, its really fine dining .. O_________o
me, alicia, sandi ..
Sandi is super hot ...
*Joe, shes hot alright!*

uhmmmm... silly TB, wei chiang, Joe, Dan, Rob ...
After dinner, we headed to the airport to send Wei Chiang off T_T
lovely people : )
The next day my fei mui left...
no pictures because we wer too busy crying our heart out ....
seriously.. we cried when we walking on the street at swanston..
we cried when we were packing..
we cried when we were sleeping..
You get the drift..
im coming homeee soon ! wheeeeee :)
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

So tell me..

What do you do when you cant stop the tears from falling?
yunnie, i miss u like mad whenever i think of u =( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

my baby girl left us :(

One of my girl, Yunnie left for States this morning. I cant describe how i feel right now. All i can think of is, I cant stand departure anymore Why does people closed to me have to leave? T_T *Me-shel, you too okay!* =( From the time I've known you, you never fail to be by my side no matter how wrong or right i am... And never fail to do silly things with me no matter how silly the things i want to do.. Always have trust in me when there are rumours or gossips about me .. Picture of you in straight hair : P cos i dont have pictures of you in your curls =( You always pose with me despite that Yinz always give us the =_="" face...

And not forgetting you being there for me for my departure despite that my flight its in the morning.
Im blaming myself for not able to send you off this time around when you are leaving for the states : ( At time like that, I really realy hate Melbourne right now because I wish i was in Malaysia to send you off and be there to hug you one timebefore you leave.. =(
I wish someone would just fly me back to Malaysia to see you babe!
You quote this to me,
Parting is part of life, just have to learn to deal with it; sad but true
But i dont want to part with you and the rest of my girls.
I want to keep you girls closed to me : (
So, i can be the baby one and keep running back to you girls whenever I face a problem.
Dear Yun,
You made me believe that sometimes life is not perfect but i can pull it through : )
You never fail to put a smile on ur face despite any downfall.
Take good care of yourself in States but nevertheless, have fun there : )
I wana web-cam with you okay.. you better webcam with me.

*my tears are falling when im typing this* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hello there

My other half, Anne been complaining that I never upload pictures on my blog. But that's cos im not happening .. I dont go out so much and if i do, it's only going to Coles to get my grocery : P hahahahaha Since my other half misses my pretty *ahem* face.. Pictures for you! Appreciate it ! And i am waiting for my ring as well okay : P I want Cartier want okay : D *big cheeky smile* hahaha

After a filling dinner at Little Lamb, Boxhill. My ass spanking Millicent. She says im a bimbo. Am i ? : ( after a long debate with Joseph, he said I am not. So i conclude that I am not a bimbo : P hahahaha Ey, where have you been? you mia on me? i emo one okay =p Steamboat on a rainy night = perfect : ) at Glen.. Being childish. Sam was like saying, " Ey Kat, go in and sit and i help you take picture" I think he just cant wait for me to say, "I kenot find in okay. My ass not that small" =_="""""""""""" Why la you so mean to me Sam? : ( The girlies : ) Tze Xian, Yi Ling, meeee I love the scarf im wearing *wink* hahahah And i know sometimes you do read my blog okay : P The famous mirror .. lol me and my partner in crime : D been hanging out with her much lately and I am so glad because she's on the same channel as me.. Yess babe, your scrapbook is on its way :D *inner joke* hahaha 8/10 hur *wink*
yum char on a saturday morning : D Im having bad hair day, hence the cap : D One of the sunday night, where janice's bro came down for a visit : ) Dinner at Russel St : ) two most funniest guys ever and us two girls : ) Minni is dam pretty O_O her skin is so flawless. haha, me , janice looks dam young O_O, i jealous, and uhmmmmmm sorry i cant remember her name .. *Shy* hehehe pimp =p but a nice pimp : ) lovely couple *ahem* hahaha
i love this picture : ) hehehe .. because i look radiant : ) my face glowing okay! despite that my face look abit FAT and ROUND la : ( but nvm, still glowing. hahaha ... The boyfriend better not see this picture. lol =p That night, i told janice's bro that I onz him and i wana seduce him that night.. hahaha in a joking way okay ! : D And he dam layan me, he played along with me and said, Kenot, later ur boyfriend scold me and whack me how" hahahahaha Okay. Thats it.. Back to assignment and tutorial work. Ugh Ball this friday! wheee! Milli, 7 mou this friday : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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