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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go away

It's so tiring. I need a break from everything. I think that everything happens for a reason. And when the time is right, it will fall back in place. But I really need somewhere alone to take a break from everything. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Happy birthday Harvey

A pre-birthday celebration for Harvey on Thursday. Dinner was at Universal Pizza, Lygoon. As usual, me and Yiling were late =p lol with the birthday boy! :) with Jr. Oh no, my face getting fatter! :(
with june :) the three cam-whorers =p people that present minus me and yiling. Yi ling was the photographer and I was too lazy to get up. lol After dinner, decided to take a walk around the park. hahaha! what do you think this picture potrays? ;-) I told Harvey : Yiling and I must be together. So you take me must take her. hahaha Harvey : wah im so lucky. haha
candid. but June is camera sensitive ;-p wae lern, me, yiling, harvey
group picture! :) and a silly cam-whoring picture of us :) Happy early birthday! Hope you had fun with us :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Clumsy me

I have wound on my both knees :'( It all happen when I was walking to the tram stop and I was so engrossed in talking to Yiling with the additional hand movement and the next second *piak* I fell down. It's so painful right now that I can wear jeans, leggings, thights. Bascially anything that is long :( ROAR! I officially po kai :P LoL. :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Seven. VII

So, last friday was fill with dramas and dramas. But that night was awesome. Seven again with the girls :) Thank you jas for picking me up :) Seven was seven. Nothing much to say ;-p jas, me, loris, yee lyn.
me and jas :) I had to post this up. Just cause this candid is a cute version of me ;-p
Usually, candid pictures of me are ugly ! -_- praevin and I
two sobers and one tipsy. Guess who's the tipsy one ? ;-p
with nick and jas. mishio, me, susan, kim, jas
Look at susan's face. hahaha. so red :P and another one :)
I need to stop drinking and partying.
Time to get serious and focus on studies :D
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Just like the wilted flower, things may fall apart but another brand new day is waiting for you.
Wilted flower may seems like things are so black but ....
No matter what , in life, we face ups and downs and depressing moments.
In a way, God is teaching us to be tough. And not to give up easily.
Great changes may not happen right away, but with effort even the difficult may become easy.
Hope this week will be a good one for everyone :)
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Chadstone VIP Sale

On a brighter happy times in my life, And most of it are capture in pictures.
The Chadstone Vip Sale that happens few times a year.
And I'm always there without fail . haha
However, this time around Vip Sale was rather disappointing.
But i did had fun with the close one .
Strongbow was giving out their drinks. And we got a picture snapped as well :)

the four of us . Joe, me, yi ling, harris
Dinner was at Sushi Train.

me . Excuse the red face. I get red pretty fast . A sip of alcohol, my face will be like tomato

harris and yi ling

Aww. The Ho sisters :)

joe and i :)

matt and joe .
Unfortunately, my food at Sushi Train took super long to arrive. And we ended up cancelling it because I was so grumpy.
When Kat is hungry, she is grumpy :P
And end up eating at food court.
We left when Chaddy close, which is 10pm. haha !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy times doesnt last long

Exhausted. Despair. Can someone tell me why there's always a selfish thought in some that thrills them. Weekend ended with unspeakable despair. i just realised certain things don't really matter anymore, at least in someone's perspective. and it's getting harder and harder to grasp the meaning of it. to define it the way i thought the rest of the world thinks it should be. It proved me wrong. the trust and the faith is slowly fading, because things just get harder and harder, to be understanding and to be patient. and importantly, to not question. life gets better when you know someone in love with the same thing as you do. or even things, that gets even more exciting. and then, it turns sour, when you felt it starts to get a little interfering. then you feel disturbed and you felt where is your unique vibe. and you asked yourself, where is the fucking vibe of mine. It;s all About "diversify"- one powerful word i learnt throughout my course. Life is all about risk. i guess in this, is all about the friction and tension. some kinda risk? be everything. be ugly and pretty. be mean and nice. be understanding and demanding. be a sucker and lover. be a best friend and back stabber. be single and attached. starting to sound wrong. but so many, i've known, is doing so. is that their way to diversify? i thought, my freedom was my kingdom. now its acting like a dungeon. the after-effect im referring to. then again, you thought you're in control of everything but friction was piling up at the same time. where did all this rubbish come from. happy things don't last long? to fake it, replicate the "oh-so-good" times? what shit is all these about? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm close to blond..

I'm bored with my hair color and style once again. Haha. I need to find a job.
My classes are only on tuesday,wednesday and thursday.
And the rest of the days I'm free. With alot of time to spare.
That I ebay-ed every single moment.
Greeeeattt. I'm hooked to ebay right now.
Ebay = need more money to buy all those stuffs I saw = i need a job :(
My sentences are not as structured as it used to be.
I lost the will to write and pen down every single thing in detail.
But I'm trying to pen down every single thing that happened so that it can be a journal that i can look back in future :)
How was everyone's Friday? :)
My Friday was spent at 7 :D A what to do on Friday night from catching a movie end up at 7 :D
As usual, our meeting point is at Pelham Street . LOL
Got ready. Had a few drinks and we are ready to head out :)
The long at 7 was as usual long.
Fortunately, Yi ling knew Danny which was the manager at 7 and we didnt have to wait in line with the rest :) *loves * :)
It's been awhile since my blog is flooded with pictures.
So, here it goes :)
me, harris tan, yi ling.
FYI : i was bending down a little. I'm not that short in real life k :P
Bacardi 151 and its effect :P haha..
Yi ling KO-ed after Bacardi 151 :D hahaha
I finally get to see her KO-ed :D
an ugly and unglamorous picture of me but she look hot :)
*so this is posted up for you!* :D

With my pink rose that baby bought me :)
And he HAD to PROVOKED Yi ling with the flower making her chased after the flower.
A very funny sight.
If my camera quality is good enough to record the whole situation, I will. Trust me ;P
Bump into Praevin :) Yi ling and Loris . Two drunkards :P Quoted from Praevin :D Yi ling and Harris :) baby and i *loves*
two mata sepet guys :P
our rose. Fav rose. Fav girl. Awesome :)
the guys that bought us flowers :) Thank you baby! :D i love my pink rose :) And my legs actually look shiny and long here *smile* haha

thank you baby for the rose despite that its 10aud for it . hehe
Alright. Lecture at 2pm tmw.
And its 230am but i cant freaking sleep.
Great. Thanx to the cramp I'm having. Sighs !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, March 13, 2009

Greetings from Melbourne

So, I'm back to Melbourne once again to finish off my degree. Mixed feelings and too much to say. Words can never express every single emotions Recently, I woke up feeling umcomfortable. Too much things running in my mind. Praying hard that it will goes well in the end. Never ever give up because when you reach the end of the road, miracle does exist. Anyhow, I had a great time spending it with the lovelies before class start. Snapshots of pictures of my not so healthy lifestyle ;-P

back to school party :)

had korean food with just the boy <3

Fundraiser for bushfire @ CQ :) XXL @ QBH :)

after eating dim sum, and nelson was too full to drive. hence, we chill at the park

the healthiest activity we ever done :P Woke up bright early to head to Chelsea beach :)

Cam-whoring with our ponies <3

Classes started and it sucks to travel to Berwick.
But overall it was good.
Yi ling and the mum been cooking dinner for me *loved* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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