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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Summer Result!

I nearly had panic attack when Julz msged me late afternoon. "hey ppl, results are out!" I was on the phone with Wee and I think I screamed ! *blush* Wee helped me check my results because I'm too chicken to do so. I was dam scared okay!! Dr. Ting and Mr. Gan scared me somemore. Said I will retake the subject! =_=" But it was good! I got Distinction! Woohoo! Congratz to Julz, Aaron, Jess, Siu, Caryn! We finally get through it ! Woot! Woot! =D And I'm so proud of you Wee dear! You did a good job! Im proud of u Oh Edwin.. congratz to u as well ! And those that take summer la.... =) But..but.... Wee had to scare kao me at first. He checked my results and then quietly said, "Dearr, you pass only" ...................................... "Don't so sad okayyy? you did your best!" "Fcukkkkk laaaaaaaaaaaaaa... chi baiiiii !!" (sobbing...) " eyy.. u dere? nolaa... u got Distinction!! " =_=" " I can be Hollywood actor mannn!" =_="" Imagine. I dam kao scared d. He had to scare me somemore! Niceee of uuuu, weee !! =_= smack 7 you ar! =P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New Year Routine

I know it's like what day of Chinese New Year and I'm only talking about Chinese New Year now? But I been busy. Eating. Gambling. Going out. What's Chinese New Year without visiting friends house. 22 February 2007 I only remember this date because we took lots of pictures. I went to Kel's hse. Zhi picked me and Yin up from Kel's house. Jason Lim picked KeL, Vonnie and Juz. Two cars went down Klang. First house we went to was Wee's and Hoong's house. Wee gave me lots of cookies to eat gave the others alot of cookies to eat while he stop me from eating When we reached Wee's house, Edwin and Shaun were already in Wee's house. When we felt that we had enough cookies, we left for lunch in Secret Receipe, Tesco After a late lunch, we went Edwin's house. They started gambling while I happily munched on the cookies in front of the idiot box See! That's why how not to put on weight? Oh not forgetting, I watched Shutter in Edwin's house *and I dam kao scared since that day until now =_=* Oh OH.. I saw Julia and KeL. L there! We left Klang about 6+. Went Subang for dinner with Jason, Wee, Hoong, Zhi and KeL. The rest went back home for dinner first. KeL went back home after dinner while the rest of us went AC. After a few rounds of pools, we went Vonnie house to gamble again and I munched on cookies again. LOL.
small yin and baby kat in big Wee's house. What a great combo huh?
Small yin and kel *whom i secretly called lyly* PEH~
me with my fat cheek *yea, i put on weight okayyy* and Wee inside the car. Excuse the date AGAIN ! I think I need to send my camera to repair me and yin in secret receipe...
me with KeL.

me with the two darlings* the picture is a lil blur. Wee not good in taking picture la! BOO!

a candid shot of those people gambling in Edwin's house.
Julz and KeL. L ..... so cute rite?
me, Julz, KeL. L. I'm the shortest. BOO!
the girls
with JJLim ..... *sticks tongue out and run* Lol.
Chinese New Year this was awesome. I spent time with those I loved. Mwah!
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Monday, February 26, 2007

I think my time of the month is coming soon. Im feeling cranky most of the time. I gets piss easily. I want things my way. Im feeling down because class starts tomorrow. And stupidd Wee is no where in sight. LJ~~!! KNNCB! ~ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hot Day Again...

Oh uni gona start d~ at last... its been a long holiday, fuhhh! so tiring but yet fun... cant wait for monday to come, means tomorrow lo lolxxx... gona start studying hard for this following semester coz things will be much tougher now and i gotta start earning my good grades already... my dog kinda sprain its left leg... Dearrrr, milli sprain her leg lu... now she walks as if she has a broken left leg... funny but feel sad oso ler... who ask to be so excited when saw me, ah hoong and dad at grandmother's house lolxx.. run here n there and bang the motorcycle's steel stand... haihzz stupid doggy... tonite... dinner time with my sweetie... MMmmm chaozz...
Come And Suck My Konek~!!!
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My Chinese New Year

A short update on my chinese new year. How's my Chinese New Year? One word to describe it. Fattening. I'm not that fond of gambling because everytime I gamble I confirm lose money! So whenever I go visiting, I sit in front of the idiot box and munch on cookies! Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat. Sei lo. I think I put on super alot of kgs already. How?How? *wails* Ish.. nevermind la. Once a year ma rite? *comforting myself* More pictures and updates on my chinese new year soon! Hope everyone will be as fat as me when Chinese New Year end! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
Happy 21st Birthday Jason Lim Jo-Weng!! Oh my! You are 21 now! So dam old! Old man! *evils laugh* I'm glad that I know you in Monash because you make Monash a better place with all the lame jokes, the phrases and the gossips! We dam 'ong' this year cause our birthdays on the chinese new year duration! Hope you had a great 21 birthday okay? Mwah! Mwah! Big big squishy hugs! Poser like usual! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's been months...

I've been spending everyday most of my time with my prince charming. It's good! But because of that, I'm definitely getting fatter! Cause he's feeding me with foods! Chi bai! How to diet? LoL He's like my duo now! =_=" Sees me? sees him as well ! LoL. Anyway............ Happy 8th Month Anniversary! It's been 8 months down the road... But we r still hanging there.. And of cos I'm ur princess! LoL.. *dont kill me for being so childish* LoL. I loveeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu... Wait.. I'm still angry at uuuuuuu !! *angry look* *big squishy hugs and kisses* Mwah! Mwah! -------------------------------------------------------- Last night on the phone (way past midnight) "Guess how long we together d" " 7 months la.." " You sure? Count again" " July, August ......... 7 months la aiyooo" " You sureee?" " yesss laaa... *getting piss* " Now it's February d u know" " yea.. so? havent 21st also!" " go look at ur dumb calendar and check d date!" " my calendar all smart wan.. no dumb calendar....Oh wait, its 21st now! OMG! 8 months d!" " ya laaa.. 8 months d" " iyerrr, 8 months d ar? so longgg d ar... y so long wan" " u getting boring isit.. smack 7 u ar" =_=" !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
CNY has been quite sucky... Dad's car broke down and couldnt start on 1st day of CNY... Have to push car, me n ah hoong and seriously can die ar... So freaking tired and exhausted... Ok, it's not something to complain that dad's car suddenly got problem but its cny wei... So sueh wan meh... On the next day, 2nd day of cny, my mom told me that my cousin brother's car got stolen... A Satria 1.3 which is probably 15 years old still got ppl wana steal it... jesus christ~ Go steal la Benz or something... Sueh man... And my dog is at my grandmother's house... Why? becoz we took an express bus back thats why... No dogs allowed... So yeah, the family's little daughter is missing for the moment... And in the bus, freaking stuck in jam (biasa la)... And, i wonder why are Malay's feet so freaking smelly??! Wahlan eh... There's this lady sitting 5 o'clock from my position, put her leg up and eventually the whole back area of the bus stinks! The smell, mother pukeri ar, like cibai lidat man... Kaninabo cibai bastard... I pushed the air-con to other direction at the beginning becoz its too cold but now its full blast on my head... I rather freeze to death than inhale the rotten fish armpit-dint-wash-for-1 week foot smell... Today's the 21th... Happy 8th month anniversary sweetie~!! It seems so long already... Alot of ppl thought we were together for longer than 8 month, yeah coz we are so loving and so into each other :) and not becoz we're old already k lolxx... U shown me many things that i dint know before... And now im slowly being a much better person... Becoz of u... Im so happy and glad that a lady like u exist in this world... N owned by me of coz ;P which makes me happier and gladder (got such word huh lol)... U are my princess dear... And im ur prince charming :) Ah fuck, why cannot upload pics? Probably Internet connection too slow d... Damn u streamyx~! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Big 2-0!

I turned 20 on the 18th of February! So old now. I'm getting old and wiser (jason's words!) Unfortunately, my birthday this year falls on the first day of chinese new year. But I had a great time. Will blog about it soon. Gotto go out. $$$$ Thanx for the wishes, smses, testimonials, road trips, cakes, foods. I LOVEEEEE YOU GUYSSSSSS !! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!

20 years old but still acting so childish

20 years old but still so greedy. Enjoys food like a small girl

Toodles people...

I lovedddd uuuuuuuu guysss!

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

Lots of $$$$$ ya!

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