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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

** Edit ** Some things never change. I wonder who am I trying to kid more, thinking it could be different somewhat.You or me? Silly me! You will always be this way no matter what! and you know what ?What you think or say it's not important to me anymore! Continue... Episode II 3th March 2007, Birthday Celebration in TGIF, Curve Jason Lim, Joanne Chua, Kelly Loh and mua celebrated our birthday together. It's just a dinner with my close friends. Wait til my 21st birthday, I will throw a celebration...

moi and yinz sweetie*! before entering..........

siu and yinz...

moi, joey, joanne, siu... and look! spongebobs behind us!!! so adorableeee right? the boy and the mum said spongebob is UGLY!

Edwin and Hoong... Uhm, im not sure what they are doing tho?but so cuteeeee

me and wee dear..

birthday girl; joanne and birthday boy; jason... and birthday girl; half of kelly loh.. jason and edwin..

zhi and jess.. *thanx for the pei min!* LoL. I know Jess is craving for pancakes! sori babe!

norm! toilet! I was hiding behind yinz cos i dont wana look Fat... haha

finally! a picture with von and kel inside! kel, mwa, joanne, vonnie, jess

with my hot chiq Siu... My summer kaki yo!! We nailed it for summer! woot! woot! haha yinz, kel.loh, jess......... hottie alerts! me and darlin* vonnie... with the girly girly...

mwa, jason, joanne.

mwa, melissa, joanne, joey, jason, siu ... my cheesecake .......

me wth my cheesecake, which I personally thinks its too cheesy! uhm.. ycuk? i never knew they order this drink! Boo! it looks so nice! i never get to try because I wasnt aware of this yummy-licious drink!

the birthday people! woot! woot! lolx

with Ju Nn.... (:

Group picture! But im not inside because me and nette went to laundry ... I demand a new group picture. wtf.. In Laundry with baby Nette... :) :) In Laundry with Kah Choon [ for old time sake ;) ], Jason Lee, mwa! *thanx for everyting that night*

Cant wait for April break!

Dam! I need a holiday and in need to catch up with my beauty sleep during the holiday!

And spend time with my chiqas... and they boy


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I need miracle to make things better. I don't like how it turns out! *stamps feet*! Fcukkkk.............. Wenz, I need youuuuuuuuu....................... Why are you workinggg nowwwwww ?? :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, March 26, 2007

Im supposed to be doing my International Marketing research, which is due this wednesday but my brain cant absorb anymore information about GOLD & India. Stress gila. They boy is dam kao stress. Thrice more stress than me. I never thought second year in university is so dam stress! Stress made my hair drop more than usual *no thanx to the chemicals on my hair! dye, rebonding, dye,rebonding* My face is breaking out. Pimples popping out! Not forgetting eating like a pig. Foods keep me awake at night while doing assignment! BOO! By the time april break comes, I will be one hell fugly person; scales going up, eye bags, pimples, hair damaged (the twisting,pulling my hair when thinking!) I demand a therapy from my fellow girlfrends. Vonnie, KeL?? Anyway, Erica tag me long time ago. *sorry girl!* She wants to know 6 weird facts about me! hmm~
  1. I tug and pull my hair when I'm studying or doing assignment! shhhhh~ hehe Which explains why my room is full with my hair.
  2. I drink H20 like a fish. Comes to think of it; I drink any type of liquid like a fish.Give me a cup of water, I will finish it within seconds! The boy quote, "Wah, you really like fish" I dont know why but I enjoy having liquid food than solid food. Give me liquid food over solid food, baby! haha!
  3. My mood swings! My mood seriously swing dam kao teruk! LoL. I can be crying one second, another second laughing. I can be DAM ANGRY at you for a minute and the next minute i can be loving towards you! So now you know! I think KeL. Tey is used to it haha. The boyfriend is adapting to it.
  4. I sleeps while holding on to my hair. So i can wake up with nice hair! Also, Im a straight hair freak! If my hair is not straight, I will try to make my hair as straight as possible!
  5. I throw tantrum when things fall apart by stamping my feet or kicking things! *the boyfriend is used to this. Whenever Im stress, I start stamping my feet or kicking things or merajuk kao-kao!*
  6. I memorized things. " Understand what you are studying and not memorizing!" that's what everyone is saying to me. Me is "memorize the whole textbook" hehe. So, if you ever see me staring into space and mumbling, with papers and books in front of me. You know what Im doing

I tag: Vonnie, Kelly Tey or Loh, Yinz, Sherve, Wenz, Lummy or anyone that's interested in doing it

Wait.. How many Im supposed to tag? ish... who cares!

Oh btw, can please someone tell me where I can find information on current Issues in India like terrorist attack, bombing or whatever. Or just tell me whats the latest issues in India.

My general knowledge not that good okayyyy....

Thanx !!

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