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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2 more days until the year 2009 come to and end.
2010 will be a better year. I hope and will make it a better year.
For the past few weeks, I've been having a rough time with everything.
I guess it's not the end of the world for most people but it sure feels like it for me.
I wouldn't write it out here what I went through because heck it's a public blog, which means everyone will be able to read it and I'm sorry but I'm a secretive person.
I don't trust anyone easily.
But for the past two weeks, I been through the stages of crying non-stop even when I'm looking at my food.
It's not funny :( :(
I smiled because I don't like sympathy from people because I believe everyone will eventually talk about YOU behind you.

But nevertheless, I'm really thankful for some of the friends that I make throughout 2009.
KaiHan for the endless helps.Seriously. Since day one Im having problem, he's been helping me non-stop. Guiding me with step by step process on what to do. Making lame jokes :P and dragging me up when I fall.
Jasmine for the endless laughters you gave me. Everytime I'm sad, angry or moody, you cheer me up with your silly-ness. :)
Jyushiang (you deserve to be mention! :P) for the endless heated convo and for calling me sotong -__- And for so revengeful. Wtf. Hold grudge on me! -___- Nevertheless, you never fail to be a good friend :)
Hans (if you are reading this, dont be too perasan k :P ) you never failed to cheer me up even when you are errr million kms apart. Thank you for the constant callings :)
Last but not least, BryanChin You never fail to be there for me whenever I need you to. And you sound like my dad whenever you lecture me for my mistakes -_- But I was and still am thankful for the downs you be there for me and overcome with me.And giving me rainbow after a bad rain :)

with Kai Han. Whenever I am hungry, in regards of Melbourne or Malaysia, he will fetch me out to eat :)

Side profile of bryan and I. Because bryan too lansi. Dont want to take picture with me.Pffft.

No picture of you lar, jyushiang because you dont want to go out with me in Malaysia.
Never ask me out. -___-
Jas, send me 'those' pictures we took :)

But nevertheless, despite the many downs in 2009, I'm thankful for the ups. It make me appreciate it more :)
Much loves
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Time of the year again ♥

Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year people!
May a 2010 a better year than 2009 :)
Love love :D
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Monday, December 21, 2009


Difficult people are very important, - they teach us tolerance and acceptance.

If all was going your way all the time, you would become a spoiled child, wouldn't everyone?
 Difficult people are just one of the ways that teaches us to expand beyond our egos and accept other perspectives on life.
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Like Finally ♥

Since my girl, Anne is a working woman now, one of the public holidays, we decided to meet up.
Like finally. Since I came back until now, it's either she fall sick or i fall sick or both of us are so busy with our own stuffs.
Headed to Tropicana City Mall to catch Princess & the Frog with Anne, Jeff & Bryan :)

Before the movie, the four of us yumcha at Bad Ass Coffee.
The name tells it all. It really suck big time. Like literally.
Should have went Starbucks lor :( Then can collect my planner also! :(
Stupid Bryan. I hate him! :(
Pictures stolen from Anne...


1. 100% Kana. Bad Ass' freshly brewed coffee

2. Iced Haolen Menebune (White Choc + Rasberry)

3. Iced Jitter Juice (Dark Choc + Irish Cream)
4. Monkey Mocha (Dark Choc + Banana)

All the drinks tasted like omg. What bad coffee. Roar!

The only speciality is the Frozen Coffee Cubes.

The movie was pretty bad. Not the typical Disney movie :( Disappointed but nevertheless still happy ending. *comforts self*
Bryan fell asleep in the cinema -______-
Anne most probably merajuking in the cinema. Lol
Jeff most probably comforting her :D

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gossips. Us. Dinner ♥

The meet up dinner the week I came back was at Frames, TTDI Plaza.
Before dinner because everyone is busy working, Tan Tan came over to my house unexpectedly.
Making the two guys to wait for me an hour plus. Lol.

Mummy and I *loves*
I look like I have super short hair here. Fml

Headed to Old Town Kopitiam nearby my house to have a drink before meeting up with the rest for dinner.

Tan tan and I

Had a great laugh with Shou Ren & Josurf.
They were bullying Yin like mad. Poor thing.
But I bet Yunnie will laughed like mad if she's there :D

Frames, TTDI Plaza

Jeff, Marshy, Yinz

Jeff, marshy, me, yinz...

my two funny ass friends. I can laugh for ages at the things they say.
Peter & Josurf.
Peter forced me to drink so much soju the following Monday -___-

Mr Pua ..hahahaha

Alvin alvin alvin...
Where's my singapore boxing day sale? :(

Awww. My Marshy so dam effing cute.

mummy aku *loves*

my pwetty Jeff ..

After dinner, we headed to SnowFlake for dessert. How not to gain weight T____T
But snowflake dessert is awesome! Despite the long wait.
Dinner at Frames was so-so only.
The food not that good.
But dessert was awesome :)

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I dig expensive stuffs ;D

All I want for Christmas/Birthday (because I'm not greedy) is .....

  1. Longchamp bag :)
  2. Gucci Floral
  3. A new Tiffany & Co necklace. I lost mine on my last Fri in melbourne :( :( :( I don't mind Return to Tiffany, Heart Lock Pendant, Tiffany Notes Charm, or this baby
  4. MAC Mineralize EyeShadow Gift by Association
  5. Dior Eclat Satin Foundation. Here
  6. A job :( :(
  7. Chanel CC Necklace Here
  8. Thomas Sabo Bracelet *Click*
A compulsory list so I can achieve it one by one :)
Hopefull before my birthday I can get all of it :)
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I can't nor I can

How do you know you had make the right decision?
When you tried everything, it still hurts.
It still doesnt makes you happy.
I guess it's time to walk away.
I hope I have the guts to do so because you know what hurts more than walking away is being taken for granted and being unhappy.
Heavy-hearted but I guess it's time..

To all my Melbourne friends and my wifey Jasmine.. I'm changing my Msia number :)
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Time to get wet and drunk ;D

The last weekend of November, Stefanie celebrated her birthday in one on the apartments in Bangsar.
We rented the whole apartment and party there. :)
Spent some time with the parents before heading to Bangsar.
Need to spend time with parents before they merajuk :P

The pool :)
Which some of us make full use of it :P

Stefanie's birthday card :)

The heart shape decor.

Alcohol and junk foods.
The best combination.

Happy Birthday Stef! :D

Yum sennnng!

Outside the place.
Silly mummy making a sad face because I told her I want hide behind her so I can look skinnier. :D

Silly girls so happy jumping in the trampoline.
I was laughing like mad!
And because Marshy wanted to pump petrol before drinking session start, we accompanied her and she drop by Starbucks for me :)
Me love youuuu! :)

Silly girls cam-whore without me =( hahaha

Kimberly, me, Stef, yinz, Tasha.

The girlies :)
The girls were in maxi dress or dresses that are knee length or longer because birthday girl request the theme to be this way.
For guys, single in white and taken in grey.

Girlies again with the two poor guys that are stuck behind.
Because all the girls are blocking them. Becoming wallpapers =P

Candid shot. So happppyyy :)

My chicas with Zan & Yan Wei..

mich yip, jasmine, yinz, me, stef, marshy, meimei

Hahahahahaah. LOL.
Silly mummy :D
Im gonna make her use this for her new dp :D
yunnie, nice?? :D

me, eevon, yinz.
I love her tattoo!
Would want to get one if the process is not so painful T________T

Love her.
Enough said :)
This picture would be picture perfect if my the other two Fourth-ish S's are inside.
Yunnie & sze! Make sure we have a picture like this with heart shape behind ASAP okay!

with Mich yip..

with Bryan...

yin, zan, marshy, bryan, von, me..
We found our secluded spot to drink and talk shit :)
More like Bryan found it but who cares :P
Im giving credit to the girls.

Happy birthday Stef Aw! :)

Singing birthday song. :)

Hahaha. Sexayy! :D

After a round of birthday song and a round of eating, that's when the hardcore drinking session starts.
I'm still traumatised by it. Wtf.

Birthday girl forcing everyone to down minimun 3 seconds. Maximum 10 seconds also got.
I have alcoholic friends.
Jas, faster come back la, my alcoholic friend :P

Wah.. He dont even need birthday girl to force. Automatically volunteer himself.
*thumbs up* :D

Yan Wei ... So errr scary. Lol.
The way he drink. Wah O____o

and he forced his own girlfriend to drink. Wah. Lol.

Yinz forced to down 3 seconds just for the birthday girl.
My birthday, 6 seconds okay? :D to prove how much you love me :P

I love this black and white picture edited by Yinz.
I look good la that's why I love this picture.
I have no idea what am i doing though -___-
I think trying to get across the other side to find Marshy or trying to talk to Yinz but kena blocked by him...

Once enough alcohol, it's time to get wet.
Kok wee : kat, 130 u go inside the pool. 2 my turn. And yin 1am okay. Deal?
Me : Hahahah. Onz!

Havent reach that time, Yinz was already being pushed in. LOL.
Then after that me -______-
I was happily standing there talking to Yinz and suddenly I was pushed by Marshy.
Fortunately, the pool wasnt too deep. If not, Im dead. Being the only one that dont know how to swim :(

kok wee climbing up from the pool. Poor thing. He was wearing long pants and his socks havent even take off but already pushed in. LOL.
And behind there were me, Kimberly & Yinz.

Thank god all of us brought a change of clothes. If not, I think Bryan will kill me :P

3 different groups. Wtf.
*inner joke*

Fun fun fun people.
Too lazy to type out the names.

My favourite picture of the night.
Marshy : Lets do something funny.
And all of us did this without even telling each other. Hahaha.

With the birthday girl :)

That night, I had more than my usual alcohol content but of course didnt drink until drunk.
Just tipsy. Too tipsy. Kena scold by Bryan because he said I dont know how to control my alcohol consumptions :(
Effing fun night with the gang :)

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