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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's so dam disappointed.. It's so dam unexpected... What I need now? 1. Lots of junk foods. 2. Lots of sappy movies. 3. Hide in my room. 4. Lots of moolah to do some retail therapy. It's just so fcuk up. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, November 24, 2006

It's 21st on tuesday. Yeah, i know. It's way past. But i just don't have the time to update. So anyway, Happy 5th month anniversary! We have our ups and downs like most relationship but like you said, "we can always settle it and we learn from the mistakes we make" Time is passing so fast. It seems like it's only yesterday or so we had our 4th month. =) 'Its just a blink of an eye'

Absence makes the heart go fonder =) I'm glad to have you baby :) i know you know that :)

the things you do to make me happy even how silly or dumb it is.. *beams happily* :) i loveeee you, Kian Wee ! :) big squishy hugs + lots of luv + kisses = reward =P

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm so tired. Not only about my current job. Everything. Every single thing reminds me of something. Memories play a big part of everyone's life. There are times when I walked past a certain place and it remind me of different thing. It's like a chronological thing. In reality, you supposed to shut the door once it had ended but mentally, everything remind you of something. Something that trigger your brain and at times it brought you back to that period. Someone said, "relationship is like everything else, it needs nurture" Dam right! but waht if only one party did the nurturing? How would it turns out to be? Everytime i thought, "oh, this could be different" but every single time, it turns out to be the same. It's so disappointed that sometimes i just want to let it go. It's better to have it once, then not having it at all. It's like raining.. Whenever rain stops, we can see the sunshine.but the rain is the challenges that everyone takes in order to see the sunshine. Just like relationship.Whenever things got bitter, if the relationship cant stand a little challenges, then it's useless to keep it going.. I believe that the sun will rise once the rain stops. The brightness of the sunlight is so binding that it puts a smile on my face This is what i like. But now, i find it hard to be patient.. I find it hard to wait for that sunlight.. My patience is running thin.Im afraid that at times my emotion will takes over my actions and i will regret it. Gosh, i hope that one day i cant just forget about everything. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
I didnt go for work today..because i lost my voice! So, now i'm still thinking whether should i go for work tomorrow.. wee is such a jerk! force kao me to go work! u think everyone like him so like this kinda job meh..and the money now dun even freaking motivate me! this shows how much i loathe this job.. if u know bout this job, i bet u will hate it too! trust me, u will ! anyway, im gona upload some pics... I havent been updating my blog for quite some time.. So yea, a lil outdated... =P Maison on 9th of November 2006

me and wee inside the car.. on our way to maison... that night, four cars went down... all of them were trying to out-do each other.. imagine the feeling i had inside the car... =Pp

lummy and me ... She got great assets and she's single now :) me and jason :) He pa pe wan... =Pp

lummy and khai yeing.. my darlings: kelly, me and vonnie :) i luv them so much... cant wait to go singapore with them! :)

a candid shot of vonnie and juz ..

i heart them :) vonnie, justin, cheetah, kelly and me =) me and khai yeing :) a down to earth and awesome girl :) definitely a guy's dream girl ;)

vui peng, ben, su lynn.. i cant remember the girl name =P pei sze, jess, serene and me :)

dont ask me what and why we did this...i jus lurve this picture because i look nice =Pp

......................... me and wee inside maison.......... hah! my face was not red! they assume that i will get tipsy and my face will become as red as a lobster.. but they are wrong! =Pp

me and sonia the hottie :) she's HOT

ju nn and mua.... she's one hell hot chiq but dam nice :)

me, sonia and ju.. look! someone *cough* sonia is drunk ! =Pp hehe

me and aaron.. i look sweaty here... cause the podium is so stuffy... that it makes me sweat like a pig when i dance on the podium.. because wee dont let me drink ! so i dance and dance.. grind and grind.. hehe

cheryl and me.... we both look sweaty because maison is so dam stuffy ...

Me and wee.... a combination of four different posts.. Unique and awesome.. haha.. *syok sendiri* i got nothing to do inside the car.. so i keep cam-whoring... i think wee was amused by this =Pp ........

Ughh... another working day tmw....

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I quit Italianies last saturday.HEHE.. I started working in an advertising companies but it's not what i expected it to be. fcuk.. I wana quit already.. i know.. i know... fickle minded ... but seriously... i realyl really cant stand it anymore... ughhh.. fcuk.. anyone wana offer me a job ? !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I start working today in Italiannies, Curve. One word: BORING ! I almost fall asleep.. And my legs hurt like mad.. Being a hostess is no fun at all. Standing OUTSIDE all the time = hot + tiring.. Wee is the waiter and he get to sit in some air-con room... Bugger.. *smack* and he complains too cold.. celaka.. mocking me.. :( Gosh,i got so many pictures to upload.. but i sleepy like hell now.. Another long day tmw; 12-10pm :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A cousin of mine recently asked me about love I thought.. ' gosh, you couldn't have asked a person more unsuitable than me. ' I have such a made up utopian version of love that sometimes I think I will never experience love the way I want to. I thought... and thought.... and thought..... and thought............ and thought somemore.... but I couldn't come up with an analogy good enough. Every example I wanted to use just fell short. Then it came to me. I have been keeping the flowers that Kah Choon sent me for my 18th birthday. They wilted long time and as I stared at it.... I realized something! Love is like a blooming flower!

When you first get them they are wound up tight. The petals huddle close together as though united they will be safe from anything. You look at them and you can't help but get distracted by the smaller flowers around them. The tiny flowers are as perky as they'll ever be.... ready to be admired. Yet you are still drawn to the roses, you just know that there can only be something good hidden within that bulb. Sadly at times this knowledge of 'better things to come' isn't enough to keep you from wondering if you should have just bought the tiny flowers instead of the roses. They, after all last longer than the roses.. and you don't have to sit around and wait for them to bloom. Looking at that vase... you see tiny thorns sticking out of the stem. Thorns ready to prick and hurt those who try to hurt their beloved roses.

That express me

People say that I am a cold-hearted bitch. That I play with people's emotions and that I don't ever feel for them what I make them feel for me. I am like a new bulb... I will not bloom until I am ready to; no matter how much you water me and care for me... I will not bloom until I really want to. I feel that when I am huddled up I can protect myself better. These walls around me will protect me from any hurt you may produce. Yet I know that there are many other pretty.. fun girls around at all times. Girls who may not have as many hang-ups as I do. Girls that will be open way before I will ever be... and girls who will stay open whilst I might decide to close again. Yet most of the time; the moment I choose to bloom is the moment I choose to give it my all. When I decide to open that is when you should know that I will never choose to close.. I will only close if you make me... if I feel that there is nothing left for me to be open for.Yet though I might not show much emotion as a closed bulb; the claws are there just like the thorns. The sharpened claws are always there, ready to hurt those who even show the tiniest inclination of hurting me.

Then the flower blooms.

The beauty is indescribable. The joy is unfathomable. The wait couldn't have been more worthwhile.You look at the flower and you realize that; everything hidden within those tight petals had been necessarry of time and patience. I wish that all these patience are worth it. And it's not something that i mistaken myself for it.

Like i said, 'Love is like flowers, it will wilt but the wilted flowers are still pretty if the person choose to see the pretty side of the wilted flowers"

I do hope that one day my man will be able to see the pretty side of the wilted flowers.

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Maison was alright :) I didnt get tipsy like what stupiddd Jason Lim predict .. *beams proudly* Pictures will be up as soon as i receive frm wee :) Happy Birthday Kailash !!!!! :) Hope u have a wonderful night !! And dont get too wild k ? =p Glad to know you in Cpu :) enjoy all d times :) *hugs* :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I cant wait ! Thursday maison with my darlings; KeL, Vonnie, Jason Lim and Wee ! :) OF cos, not forgettin my long lost darlin Su Lin :) Thia! u better finish up ur rehersal early !! :) I wana take lots of pictures with my babes and my boy :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Some random pictures during our *ahem* study period in library and the breaks we have :)

me and jason. He's my personal fashion consultant, my brother, i bug him whenver i want and of cos a super uber caring fren! ;)

wee and mua... He let me merajuk + throw tantrum on him :) I >3 him :)

shou ren and me :) me and yin yin :) i wurve her! she help me bully jason ...

Wee and mua in Khai Yeing hse :) me, edwin, lum, and yin in khai yeing hse :)

jason and me :) me, yin and jason.. we r special in our own way :)

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Finals are finally over !! technically it ended on thurs, 2 nov! Law was alrite.. but fcuk, i think im gona fail my money and capital paper.... oh well, no point crying over spill milk ey? Cant wait for Maison this coming thurs ! :) Yesterday i went to Starhill with my babes and her guy and his friends.. The dinner there was awesome! super delicious! there goes my dieting plan =P I went to Cats Whiskers, Baci, Gossips, Blook, Shoes Shoes Shoes, Shopholic to pamper myself ;) And i wore a red satin top with jeans with my pumps... It was courtesy of Jason Lim's advice... He's my personal fashion consultant ! and free of charge !! =) *hugs* After dinner in Starhill, we went for a drink in Luna. The view was awesome.. Too bad Jason lim couldnt be there ! =P well, faster finish up ur exams and we shop ! shop! and shakey! shakey! =) i dam kao hate him wan lor.Forever fcuking mean wan! wtf pictures will be upload soon. Rushing out for a dinner in Shogun =) yummy =) toodles !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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