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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Teys'

Happy 21st Kelly Tey & Aaron Tey!
Same surname, nearly same time of birth. Haha.. Long lost twin ey? ;-)

vain and poser are words to describe you! :D hahah. But on a serious note, loving, caring and an awesome friend are words I would describe you when people ask me what i think of you. You never fail to cheer me up whenever i need a lift :) Never fail to go shopping with me whenever I wants to. Thank you for being a great friend to me :) Eventhough we are millions kms apart, but our friendship will remain strong :) xoxo.
Have a great 21st. Drink an extra shots for me :D hahaha...

A silly guy but nevertheless a great friend. Always hear me rant about stuffs and alwis believe in me .. Although you always used vulgar words on me O_O -_-""" but thank you for being my friend. Study hard la ey :D Ask you to fly here you dont want.. tsk tsk .. A very honest friend indeed hor. "San, you dam fat already" was the first sentence he said to me when he saw me last year end -_-""" !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, April 28, 2008

A&W mascot. Wtf

Anne is becoming an A & W Bear Bear. hahahahaha A & W Bear Bear cute wert right Anne? We still love you eventhough you became A & W Bear Bear :P HAHAHAHHA Test tmw.. *breath in breath out* Dam sleepy now la. Yesterday night never sleep. Sei mo. Tonight gona full focus on it. Jay Chou's songs are on my playlist for the next two hours. Repeating and repeating. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, April 27, 2008

AFW2851. Bring it on!

Panic hits me right now. Underestimate the level of hardness of AFW2851. Im at lecture 1 right now. The test is on this coming tuesday. Someone please kill me or at least nag me. Nevermind. Determination. Thnak god for the dinner i had just now. Fish fillet and anchovies. It seems that fish gives your brain a uhm uhm.. dont know what.. But all i know eating fish can mades your memory better. Lecture 1-7 here I come! Im going to memorize you kao kao! *jasmine green tea on the table preparing to hit the all night* *because coffee is not good for health mar, so now been drinking tea like mad* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Shopping and sales make me happy

Dinner tonight was awesome.Dam! I overeat AGAIN .. Sei mo! And got a freaking headache because i kena the rain. I know! i so weak right. Saw MinJian just now in Freddo's! That fella ar.. Been MIA for so long :D Yesterday... went to city... and saw that Charles & Keith got closing down sale! 60% OFF ! OMGG! I went crazy! :P HAHAHAH Bought 3 pair of shoes for Aud48 only! Omg! *sorry mich babe! Hahha.. i got said i wana teman you dont shop till may. but thennnn.. 60%!* hehehe .. More updates soon. Study time! :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

High school mate!

Happy 21st JoJo Yoong!
From high school mate to classmates to university friends to a part of my housemate.
I truly appreciate the friendship we had. Despite the fact that we dont go out often but the bond and connection is still there. Thank you for being my friend all this years and be there for me with me :)
You made Melbourne a better place for me :)
All the best for your future and dont overstress! :)
Hugs! xoxo! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What you going to do with your future?

Emo and meaningful post ahead. I was talking to Shannie about life and how we feel pressure with how we going to keep everything in place while maintaining our cool. Aaaa.. the pressure of how im going to keep everything in place. As most of my close friends know, I take accounting not for liking but because my dad wants me too. I know. Some might think that im a daddy's girl, immature bla bla.. But to me, because my daddy is paying so much, i should make him happy for once. Furthermore, accounting does have its benefits. Im aiming to enter the big firms :) But..but.. sometimes it's dam hard. Because i gotto studied something that i dont like. And it's just so hard for me. I despise/hate/tak suka/loathe numbers.I cant do numbers. Numbers give me headache :( :( I burst out crying studying company reporting last semester. Yinz would know that because i cried to her *shy* Pressure is high! :( On another note, I read a little something on Jiameei's and it made me think back the conversation I had with Yinz and today with Siu . Does love last?Forever ever after… does it exist ? I do believe in it despite that i had friends that been together for 6 years ending it and finding another girl/guy as fast as you can say cheese! But I believe in faith ! :) Just like how i believe that the first time i lay my eyes on ....... *that would be another story i would go into further details another time* But... then... sometimes it's so dam hard to believe in your principle. Siu said that love and marriage is a forever thing, which is true :) I think that those elderly couple walking or those that sits in the cafe enjoying their coffee are dam sweet. Those that after so many years down the road, they are still so loving to each other. I love seeing them this way :) Aaaa... who knows what is going to happen in future. Step by steps we take to endure or to see what is going to happen in future that no one knows :) And despite that Im scared to see what's going to happen to me 6 years down the road, I do hope that throughout the ups and downs, I would finally learn to become a better person. To be able to make my family happy and proud of me :) To able to keep my girls, my true friends *no matter old frens or new found friends* . To have a successful future and to get married. wtf :P HAHAH People foresee me as the siu lai lai . Hahah.. why? i can be a businesswoman wan k! :D Right housemate? ;) ok la.. back to doing assignment :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, April 21, 2008

The heart has a reason not knowing

"All I can say is expectations will only lead to disappointment. So I just couldn’t give shit anymore. Some ppl are just so wtf. (I can imagine Kat’s expression when she reads this. Yea. And some ppl are really just so wtf.)" "Oh btw assumption is the mother of all fuck ups. I just can’t stand ppl who could see only a certain small angle then assume things and they act as if they get the whole picture. Go get a life!" Above was quotes from Anne. It actually stated what i really felt. Everything. Why do some people just assume? Why do some people think they are above us? Why do some people thinks that they are right all the time? Hiding behind your own mask is the way to protect yourself. The heart has a reason not knowing !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Procrastination is my middle name

Dam procrastinating. Shit man. Had a great day today. Will go into further details soon once i get the pictures from meshel. *send to me!* :-) Feeling dam full. Die. Bloated. Came back... Rest awhile. Shower. Download photoscape. Change my blog header. Bug Alicia. Then come into my room. Supposed to start studying. But..but... watch some series. Then open my book. But.. continue watching series and try to study. Fail.. Tak jadi...Book open though.Right in front of me. Aiyo.. Sei mo.. Everyday so lazy. Class pun tak pergi. How to score? haha ... To be continued... hahah .. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, April 18, 2008

Hello 2008. Bye 2007

"Time is the most valuable thing one can spend." It's probably way outdated but i started off my 2008 with an awesome time with the people i loved. I enjoyed myself very much despite a little something that i wished i didnt encountered at the end of the day. But overall, it was awesome.. :) an obligation pictures of us ;-) we get ready together in my house. Dam! now i wish i have a sister. but oh well. she's the nice girl and im the bitchy and mean one :-P *ask my housemate if you dont believe* :-P but im still a nice girl la... ;-) Dinner/supper at RenJiun's house..
'wai sek' yinz ;-P

............. haha.......... we got nothing else better to do la.. anything in front of us also we cam-whore with ;-p

with my only Anne ;-) if you think i'm mean, she's extra ;-P but it's alright because her bitchy-ness only to those that bully me ;-P me love you!

with adorable Yang *pinch cheek* :-P

new-found crazy ass and noisy people ;-) just like me -_-"" im very noisy !

them girls that's extremely nice and whatsmore Yinz's all time favs .. *im her all time favs as well k!* :-P
because YeeFoong asked us to do this -_-"""

and this as well.. -_-""" with pretty boy RenJiun, adorable Yang & my one and only Anne :-)
with YeeFoong. His words ar.. dam sweet. Honey also not as sweet ar . :-P haha.. He, whom gave me nicknames like, "kit-katz, kitty katz" -_-"""" anddd the first thing he saw me was, " so you are the kathryn" what's that supposed to mean??? you, andy and kokwee talked bad about me ar :-P Awesome fireworks :-)

okay.. back to studying. Housemate most probably going to nag me for blogging when im supposed to be studying :-P hahahha :-P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Classes. Shopping

I slept for 9 hours yesterday till this morning. Was dead tired. Housemate was impressed that i can sleep for so long ;-P I am getting much more lazy as days goes by :-( Been skipping classes. Even tutorial also skip :-( How la like this. I should start studying and doing assignment 2 :-) *determination determination* Busy days ahead: 18th: Ksubi sales! OMG! to-die-for! and meeting Hyo Sun & maybe Seven at night with my ass-spanking Milli ;-) 19th : Meeting up with Me-Shel, Susan & Pris this saturday! Since Me-Shel kenot shop, we are gona accompany her :-) Cant wait to catch up and chill with them girls this saturday! :-) 20th: Study! study! study! or maybe city with Yiling ;-P hehe Andddddd.... most importantly... my girls day out with Erica dear next sunday! me waiting Rica dear*! :-) I have decided to go for my morning lecture tmw after so long. I only attended the lecture once! :-P hahah !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

silly drawing that make me go Awww

Yun sent me this cute little drawing yesterday :) hahaha. dam cute right :) LOL... Dam exhausted. Ugh. So dead :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sohai me

I was talking to my yun yesterday night. Miss that silly girl man. She alwis got a way to make me cry :( With all her encouraging words and not forgetting always believing in me despite that I know I made mistakes all the time. She still and does encourage me to believe in myself and find a way to forgive myself of making silly mistakes. Awwww baby yun, you alwis know the right thing to say. Not seeing you when i come back end of the year is gona be heartbreaking. No more syok sendiri anymore! :( how can.. sighs. And smally yinz.. where have you been ?!??!?!!?!?!?? Having a small little talk with you yesterday was awesome. Miss you like mad my smally ! :D Remember double S's?? :P :P hahaha... And me super vain commenting myself adorable :D AHAHHAHAHA.... *pushing the blame on mr pape* :D :D HAHAHA Talking to smally alwis made me laugh like mad because she dam layan me wan :D And .... I finally managed to went to my 9am lecture today *proud* *proud* Been one half late since week 1 till before easter break. Then, after easter break totally never go at all :D :D hahahha *proud also* wtf :P But because CinVin made me promised her that I will meet her at Caufield train station at 830. If not, I conderfirm will off my alarm and go back to sleep =P HAHAHA.. Omg.. I did a silly mistakes today -_-"""" I happily validate (and wasted!) my 2x10 tickets believing that Berwick is in Zone 1.. Happily told CinVin that I bought 2x10 ticket and validated it somemore *double -_-"""" * Turned out I gotto get the zone 2 ticket .. and I made her ran like mad in order to not miss the train :P :P HAHAHAHAAH .. *dam shy* Omg... I want to confess a sin that i did today. I skipped lecture to go shopping .. And Siu gave in to shopping as well :P *naughty girl* :P We went Fountain Gate. Bought a pair of shoes and a belt but Sam made me so freaking guilty of spending it O_O Giving me reasons like opportunity costs -_-" "since now you spend on shopping today, you cant buy coffee or eat out for a weak in order for you to save money" Siuuuuu, I tell you ! i seriously feel dam guilty man O_O Omg. Seriously. But nvm la. I love my new ballet pumps at such bargain price. It's worth it Sam! I dont care how bad you made me feel for shopping :D :D Gona wear it to show MeShel this saturday! :P :P HAHAHAHAHAHHA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anne, everything will be alright again.Well, you gotto learn that in life that are fcuk people and there are people that are this way. Like i said and been told, looks can be deceiving hun. Whatever is it that happens will made you a stronger person. I know you are most probably going thru a hell shit time. But despite the kms apart, im here for you to rant. Despite that i cant do much. And please.. sometimes its better to let go and see how it goes. If it is meant for you and its urs, it will come back to you. You feel so confused and piss, i understand. But showing those people out there how you feel is going to make them feel that they win and you are weaker than what they think you are. You are stronger than what those people think about you. Show them babe! I believe in you.. No more tears from you okay! ;) ok. back to studying. *full focus* *full focus* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, April 14, 2008

day out with the housemates

11th April 2008, Girly Day Out with the housemates

I decided to check out Melbourne uni night market with the housemates :) We reached there quite late thus no food left :( Alicia gave up on food hunting after awhile because too many people = suffocating =P After much complains of our tummy , we decided to try Rice Bar... Wanted to head to Big Mama but thinking of how long it takes for the food to come put us off. After dinner, Jo is craving for dessert and off we go to TeaTimeRen or something like that .
me, housemates, Jo (part of housemate la :D )
Jo with her black tea with milk and pearls..
alicia trying to take a sip of jo's drink.. wai sek :P :P
me and housemate .. *love*

with jo jo :D

uhmmm.... uhmm *shy*
me me me with my new found fav drink.. jasmine green tea with milk.. no pearls! because its fattening :P hahha
alicia with her taro milk tea with pearls ... :)
time for a nap :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fuck. my phone bill. ugh

It's just so not my day today. Feeling fuck up. Phone bill exceeded. How nice *sarcastic* Seeing unexpected people. Craving for junk foods. Ugh.. Been procrastinating alot lately. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Anne love

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People changed so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they're right, you believe less so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together -Marilyn Monroe- This quote is for you, Anne! :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, April 07, 2008

It's just so unbelievable...

I heard and read the news about Andrew, my junior. The news really shocked me. And it really hits me that life is really unpredictable. One second everything is fine and another second everything fall. It gets me thinking whats the use of being so hard on yourself and whats the point of not live life to the fullest. Of course in moderation. Notice the date of this post is few day back.Well, it's been save as draft for quite awhile while i draft out what i would want to say and also because I been busy completing my assignment. The hectic week for me has come to and end. I foresee more of these to come in future. I teared when i watched the vidoes that both Sonia and Natalia made for him. I was talking to Alicia a few days back and we both were thinking what happen if we were in their positions/shoes. I think i would cry like mad. To me, friends are my most important assets besides family :) I found my comfort friends and I am dam right happy with them. You girls know who you girls are. And definitely my new found friends :) you guys made me laugh like mad most of the times :) Bear in mind this is not an emo post :) I am not emo mind you :) Rica darling said I've grown up. Not so baby anymore :P In a way,i think i have. I know what should i do and what should i not. but i am still being pampered by her :) me love! Living alone for half a year and now had put me through a challenge. Things happen for a reason dont they? :) Yun dear sent me an email. It shocked me. I thought something happen. But once i read it, I felt dam touched. Thank you for the emailed. That emailed cheer me up. You never failed to put words of wisdoms into my head :) Youngest among us but definitely always cheer us up :) I heart you babe.. "Forgiveness is not a matter of right and wrong,should or shouldn't,it's about choosing to be a stronger party to love and move on.". And yes Yun, I am so dam sticking this mantra on my wall :) I miss you girls back home :( Everyone of you! !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Freaking hell game.

Went to Atlantic housewarming on friday. Nearly go crazy with the, "if this is tea and this is coffee, what is this" game and "Did the lady die today" game. Freaking mind twisting sial .. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can hear William and Hari voices with the tea, coffee sentences. OMG.. hahahahahha.. But it's fun once u get it *ahem* hahahaa.. Crazy week ahead. will be happy once this week is over ! :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A birthday post for my baby yun

 I recalled the first time i met you, which was the day Im leaving for Melbie. You came to send me off despite that we only know each other existence through Yinz. Nevertheless, that time our friendship begins
At airport 2007 ...
Then, when i came back for summer holiday, we bonded . No doubt, there's an undeniable connection between us haha. We cam-whore like crazy, we tease Yinz like mad, we laugh very loudly at the silliest things, we syok sendiri to the max and we can even burst out laughing by looking at each other faces
Whenever I go out, I will asked Yinz to bring you along because you made me laugh like mad everytime withut fail. And never fail to give me endless advice and being there for me.
At Joanne's 21st .. Being part of my girls and making my 21st memorable Going through the same thing but yet you tell yourself to be strong and I admired you for that.

Doing silly things with me ... Not forgetting Yinz for introducing you to me. If its not because of her, I wouldnt have gain such wonderful friend . You girls are my precious

I heart you because you are you. Because you are Shi Yun Hope you are having a blast for your 20th. I wish I was there with you to see how you being torture and being suprised .. Nevertheless, all the best in life alrighty sweetie. xoxo.. *pulling you in a tight tight hugs* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Taking a break from assignment.

1. Do you know the way to heaven?
Uhm...... no ?

2. what is your dream career?
Having my own restaurant/cafe :) and siu lai lai (housewife) :P hahah.. I foresee Anne & Yinz rolling their eyes . lol

3. if you were granted a ability, what will it be?
 the ability to read minds.. (same as Mich)

4. where is the place that you want to go the most?
Paris and Japan :)

5. if you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
to able to support my parents financially already. I dont want to burden them so much :(

6. what do you like in your other half?
 TO be someone that is ambitious and knows what he wants in his life (has plans for his future) and also mature :)

7. what are you afraid to lose the most now?
those that i cherish around me ( friends, my girls, my parents, my bro bro)

 8. if you win $1 million, what would you do?
Take half of it and treat my parents for a holiday :) and save quarter of it. Another quarter invest it :)

9. if you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
it depends on the situation

10. list out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Michelle : fashionable, sweet, sociable

11. what are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
 be who he is and accept me for who i am :)

12. which type of person do you hate the most?
 liars and those that hurt my friends and fickle minded people

13. what is your ambition?
 able to support myself financially and support my parents as well :)

14. Confess your sins for today.
 I ate unhealthy food :( and i ordered Thomas Sabo charm bracelet online this morning :(

15. what do you think is the most important thing in your life?
 to get the hell out of uni and start working!

16. are you a shopaholic or not?
 uhm..... no la where got *denying* haha

 17. state one of your desire.
To lose weight so Sam wont called me FAT anymore :( * i hate you Sam* The more realistic ones is to able to graduate on time :(

18. if you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
 Able to behave more independently :) and more mature! :P

 19. whats the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
 uhm..... i cant tell it here

20. what do you need answers to?
 the truth about 'it'. Because sometimes when there's too many stories about the one thing, it tend to make u confused on which is the truth. :(

i tag : Alicia Erica Joanne :) Sze Sze Shi Yun Sherve Vonnie Yi Ling !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

youuu :)

Decided not to go for my morning lecture because I dont see a point of doing so. Whats the point of entering an hour late. Made a point to stay at home and revise :) Partly, you made a point to cheer me up and made me miss my shuttle bus O_O But i forgive you! Had our webcam session! :) Finally! :) "i want to go back and suprise everyone. hahah" " how is that a suprise when you told me about it?" "well, because you always see through me anyway. and u need to be the culprit in it. So of course i gotto tell you right" "hahaha!" It warms me up :) I wish I were back home now :( *cluthing Spongey tightly* :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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