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Monday, May 28, 2007

Will - 心動心痛

Kok Wee made me addicted to this song... O_________o hahaa... Both of us keep repeating this song =P

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Jay Chou - Stranded (Ge Qian)

I need my dose of sorrow songs to encourage me to study. Been listening to these type of songs recently. Jay is always playing repeatedly on my mp3 :) and not forgetting it mades the emo side of me comes out..

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday Twins! :-) I'm so honour to have a picture taken with the both of you because it seems that you guys would rather be caught dead naked than being in the same picture *rolls eyes* Have a blasting 21st.... ;-) Don't notti notti... hahahaa ........... *big big squishy hugs* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm so tired.. Jus came back from midvalley =D Thanx Kok Wee for picking me up =)

me and smally .. definitely going there to get the pants ;-) Went late lunch in Chillies...

in chillies with smally...

Great atmosphere... laughing like mad = FUN =)

me, ming yang, ren juin and kok wee...

*kok wee, you shopaholic! buy so many stuff for wat* =Pp

Happy belated birthday Kok Wee!

You lie to me.. haha.. lol =P



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babe, hope u'll be alright soon
i know it takes time
juz bear wif it for some time
u'll get over it one day
rem we're always here wif u
u're not alone,
dun feel hesitate to rant, call, ask for therapy..=)
gambateh neh! =)
wat u wrote in my blog is real sweet *heart*
how i wish i'm goin wif u too
hopefully everything goes well then we'll "reunite" in peninsula =p
pls take gd care of urself darling *hugs*
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday Edwin Yap Poh Koon!! 20 years old konon huh?? =P Nvm.. you are still young at heart .... ;) Have a great 21st yea... *birthday hugs*

babyy edwin... hahaahaha .............

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Monday, May 21, 2007

MYOB Sudah Habis ! Woot! Woot! But... sei lo.. finals dam near... Havent finish study =/ Oh well.. ************************************************************ (12:38 AM) s a u c e y: wahlannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (12:38 AM) s a u c e y: why ur pictureeeeeeeeeeee (12:39 AM) **~l-BaBy KâThRÿ: ha ha (12:39 AM) **~l-BaBy KâThRÿ: cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee anottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt (12:39 AM) **~l-BaBy KâThRÿ: (12:39 AM) s a u c e y: O_o (12:39 AM) s a u c e y: you tie all your hair or tie 2 sides like chun li like that? (12:39 AM) s a u c e y: ahahahah (4:10 AM) Jazzy Jason @ QU: wtf wtf (4:10 AM) Jazzy Jason @ QU: china doll wannabe?

where got look like china doll and chun li ?????

O_o O_o

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It's nearly 5 in the morning. Dammit! I had 4 cups of coffee and 2 cups of milo to keep me awake. Why? Because havent finish assignment la O___________o Kok Wee 'mo yee hei'. Went to sleep 2 hours ago. =_=" Now, me, Joanne, Smally and Ming yang are the only one awake trying to finish up our Accounting assignment. My eyes r burning. *rawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* Someone please save me! ya la... everytime procrastinate.... how not to stay up till early in the morning to do assignment.. =/ =/ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, May 19, 2007

babeee yeah i'm in deep shit now, no kidding haihz.. anyway we'll try our best to "conquer" myob first k? i'm goin to ur hse in another 7 hrs? =p but then i guess i'm not in da mood to shop =(( let us be more hardworking & succeed in studies plsssss *fingers crossed* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The internet connection in Kota Kemuning is dam gooooodddddd ... Hence, the update on my blog with banyak pictures! =) 12 May 2007: Girls Day out and Girls Night Out
Me and smally went IM replacement lecture on a saturday morning. So rajin hor. Wtf .
But thank god we went lecture, cos he gave tips for finals =)
Guess who so silly made us take picture of our feet? you laaa, smallyyy ! hehe. me and michelle.... I think I look fat.. but nvm la.. I tak tahu how to photoshop myself to look slim and this is the only picture with mich ... *shrugs*mwa, mich, yinz ...... After lecture, because I'm craving for Kim Gary, we head to Pyramid

me with my yummy-licious ice-blended milo.. my new favourite drink in Kim Gary ... *slurps*
Yinz sibuk. Wana have a taste of it as well.. =P
This picture is especially for you Rica because I know how much you miss Malaysia food and *ahem* us =D =D At night, I went over to Yinz place for girly girly night . =) Partly, because the girl complain that she's home alone that night. SEE! I'm so nice to youuuu! =D
We decided to paint our nails..... =)
Yinz took picture of me while I busily painting my toenails *piack u ar*

tootsies.. tootsies... hehe ... =) guess mine....

Yinz so busy that night... So many phone calls.. You notti ar .. =P

Because she's so busy... I layan myself.... hehe ... In case you miss me, Rica... lolx... =P

Then...... it started.....

wanted to take 16 shots of different faces but tak jadi.. cause that silly made me laugh like mad =_="" *doing Ming Yang's sarcastic laugh* =P

Andy came to her house after that. I left 5 mins after he came. You la, andyyy... come so lateee... =P

Andy and Yinz...

Andy is vain. He made Yinz take picture of him posing like that O_o

Going sauna now... byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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this is specially dedicated to my darling babe =) Whitney Houston & Cece Winans ~ Count on me Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never end When you are weak, I will be strong Helping you to carry on Call on me, I will be there Don't be afraid Please believe me when I say Count on I can see it's hurting you I can feel the pain It's hard to see the sunshine through the rain, oh I know sometimes it seems as if It's never gonna end But you'll get through it Just don't give in 'cause you can Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never end When you are weak, I will be strong Helping you to carry on Call on me, I will be there Don't be afraid Please believe me when I say Count on, you can count on me(Oh yes you can) I know sometimes it seems as if We're standing all alone But we'll get through it 'Cause love won't let us fall Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never end When you are weak, I will be strong Helping you to carry on Call on me, I will be there Don't be afraid Please believe me when I say Count on There's a place inside of all of us Where our faith in love begins You should reach to find the truth in love The answers there within, oh I know that life can make you feel It's much harder than it really is But we'll get through it Just don't give in Count on me through thick and thin A friendship that will never end When you are weak, I will be strong Helping you to carry on Call on me, I will be there Don't be afraid Please believe me when I say Count on Count on, count on, count on, count on, count on, count on me smally *hugs & heart* skinny lots =) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kathryn!! You never learn huh.. Once bitten twice shy.. ya rite* Once bitten never shy... I repeatedly made the same mistake over and over again. Dumb ol' me. Lesson of the day: Never let anything hold you back. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jason Foo!!! You evil evil fella.... made me crave for the ipoh hor fun in lou wong! I hate youuu laa... hahaa Faster come back and we go there makan okayyyy !! Lolxx !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, May 14, 2007

"In life, you will obtain the best thing after a few falls. How many falls, you asked? No one knows. Only HE knows. It couls be 5 times or it could be more than that." " But I dont want to fall a few times. Falling one time is bad enough. And now we had to fall few times in order to get the next best thing? What kind of arrangement is that!" " Life is about learning after you fell. I learnt that in life, you will never be given second chance" Why do we have to fall few times? I know it's pretty selfish of me to say this but... I DONT WANT TO FALL FEW TIMES! If falling few times causes so much pain and tears, I rather not fall. Dammit... You know the saying, its all about balance.. It's all about equity.. Ya right... Whoever said this, go screw yourself okay. Untill today, I never know that not knowing how to play the right card can be harmful. So now I know. I didnt play my cards right. The next time I will play and deal my cards correctly *ya right* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I'm currently blogging in Starbucks, Hartamas.
Because someone wana go yum char AGAIN..SWT~
So yea.. starbuck =)
Ice-blended yum yum..
And omg, I spend *ahem* quite alot today..
Shoppingggggg!! =) Dam long never go shopping.
I bought 2 pair of shoes, 1 Levi's jean, 2 bag, tops from Topshop and Forever 21 :) :)
I got dam alot of pictures belum upload....
Stupid Monash.. So many assignments =(
Anyway..... One of the day....*cos i cant remember the date!*
Me and Yinz were supposed to discuss assignment when I was in her house.
And we did! At least we managed to find answers for one part! *beams proudly* haha. wtf
After that, attention span gone!
"Yinzzz, lets take pictures!"
" okayyy.. wait.. wait.. let me do my hair first"
Because we took too many pictures.... ^^
The first few is alwiz nicely smile... The next few..... Macam macam pose ada...
Then, I spotted a packet of chocolate...
and Yinz compile it and made into, "Say no to chocolates" campaign =Pp
I spotted a fan beside us and... yea, you guess it right... =D
#1: stand in front of the fair so that our hair flying like those in hair commercial..

Tak berapa jadi... =_=

#2: Doesnt turn out as well ....

We tried again for the third time and..........
The best we can do already.. Can see a bit hair fly fly.... =)
Oh did you notice the cute bear in front of us?
Meet MR. Bear Bear!=)


Yinz dam layan me wan... :) *hugs*


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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I wish I could turn back time. If I ever get to turn back time, would i act and made decision differently? I ask myself this many times. I know I wont but part of me hoping that I can and I will. The whole purpose of growing up is to fall, learn, fall, learn and finally you are so used to falling that it doesnt affect you anymore. But don't you all have that moment where you wish you could turn back time? Life isnt fair. Welcome to the world. It is never fair! It will always be like a rollercoaster. I was out yum char-ing last night with Wai Keong, Kiat Fun, & Kc. I was emo-ing. Hence, they pull me out to yum char. And I did felt better after that until Jason said something to me =_=" *thanx ar Jason* =_= But oh well, it's not his fault. It's the fact. I'm just ignoring the fact, hoping that everything will be alright again. Deep down I AM HOPING IT WILL BUT will it? After a long talk with them last night, I feel a glimpse of hope. And I will hold on to that hope. You guys rock my floppies! =D Would have go yum char again tonight if not because of assignments. BOO! *Im addicted to ice-blended drinks*! =) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm depressed.
Because my stylist punished me for not doing treatments and taking care of my hair.
He chop off my hair banyak-banyak. I wanted trim only.
I wanted a trim only. Trim trim until so short.
So now i got short hair and banyak volume O______________________o
Wenz will know that I cant stand volume hair!
Volume and Kath don't go along.
But nvm la... Split ends sudah tak ada.
Oh can someone please scold me the next time I tell you I want to color my hair???
My stylist dam kao funny.
" Ohmigod! What happen to your hair? See! you been notti. Never do treatment"
"Shhh.. dont so loud la. My hair is not tat bad yet right?"
So dramatic. =P
Hello short and volume hair ... Bye bye long shiny hair!

Front view.

Side view. Side view don't look that short but it's actually dam short. Cos it's dam layer :(

Dam volume right? Wenz will be proud of my volume hair. Teeheehehe..
Can't wait to show Meng kwan and Sean!! Lolxxxx :P
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Saturday, May 05, 2007

My internet connection had gone haywire for a week and assignments dam kao stress. Hence, the MIA from blogging.. First of all, a VERY Happy Belated Birthday to Kelly Tey Hui Fang! You finally turned 20! Welcome to the club to join me and Vonnie.. Jk girl.. You know I love youuuu and You know you are still young.. Always giving me sensible advice.. =) And.... Hapy Belated Birthday to Aaron Tey ! You know what he said to me? " San, I hope you fail this sem, so you can stay back here" =_=""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" 30th April 2007, Suprise Birthday for Kelly Tey: organised by Vonnie Before going to Kel's place to suprise her.
I went to Yinz place to chill chill while waiting for the boy to pick me up.
Chill chill until it leads us to cam-whoring...
with Yinz on her comfy sofa that nearly mades me fall asleep. hehee
"Let's go playground, kat!!!! "
" WAT.?I'm in long jeans okayyy"
"Aiyaaa.. nvm laaaa.... "
So, i had to squeeze into her size 4 floppies(im size 6 or 7) to accompany her to the playground...
on the ermm i-duno-what with an adorable girl... I got headache after that because that small girl keep bouncing that thing =_="
andddd... yinz with the small girl.. She make a good mother someday. Trust me on this ;)
At night after dinner, while waiting for the time to come.... we went to the playground again...

Ah hoong made the guys line up to get ciggies... and when it's my turn, ah hoong said to me, " You smoke what. You smoke my 'lampa' la" =____________________="""""""""""" *no, i dont smoke. I jus wana take the ciggies for fun*

The suprise look on Kel's face was priceless... =) =) =) "Supriseeeeeeee kellllll "

Birthday girl and Vonnie... The planner of her suprise tingy =)

Those that went..ey, yinz, y it seems like u r taller than me in this picture? O_o

The girls (l-r): mwa, yinz, julz, kelz. tey, kelz p.p. =P, yeingz, vonz, tracyz =) =) =)

(l-r): zhi, hoong, kelz, jasonnnnnnn, mwa, wee, alex, edwin...

with the birthday girl and the one that left me in monash... :( and the one that alwis gives me good advice ................ i lovee youuuu and i know you love me also.. hahahaa
yinz, yeing and kel. p p .. hehe... *i got tis idea frm julz blog, kel!* so dont kill me.. hehe
Hope you had a great time kel darling*! =)
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