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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Food makes me happy.

Everything is alright again :)
Arguments were settled. Solutions are made.
Took a trip down the beach and drinking lemon lime bitter staring at the sea, listening to music.
These feelings are awesome. I really think being near the beach calm me down and cheer me up.
Arguments at 730am on a supposingly bright and cheerful day. Awesome. I hate arguments and fights. The migraine Im having is not helping me to think straight :( :( I'm such a bitch at times. *shrugs* My judgements and instincts are going haywire. That I dont even know what's right or wrong anymore. Hmmmm.. :( I think I need to head out for a day of lying down on beach :)
Outdated breakfast pictures weeks ago.
The only time I can manage to eat breakfast is either I dont sleep at all and head out for breakfast and only sleep when I come back.
So more food pictures, less pictures of me because the lack of sleep is so cant make it.
Hello sunshine :)
Head up to the mountain for pies :)
The famous Pie in The Skies .

Beef Burgundy with salads and chips.
Curry beef pie with mash potato. Mine look pathethic :(
Hello mountain :)
One of the Wednesday.
The VIP Sale day, I had one hour of sleep and woke up for breakfast at Cumulus
No pictures of who was there or me because I dont look nice in the pictures :P
Salmon with poached eggs.
I love anything with salmon. Feed me with salmon when Im angry, I will be jumping like a small kid :D
Feed me with salmon when Im sad, I will be smiling in no time :)
Yum char time :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, September 28, 2009

Fresh air does wonder..

A mini break and escape from the city and the world where all stress comes from. Jas &I went to HotSprings for a pamper me day :) It was approximately an hour plus drive to Mornington Peninsula Hello Hot Springs :) Me and jassy hot water is love :) my girl ... Toga dress ah ? :P *inner joke* I nearly tripped while stepping on the stones to go over the railing -.- and jas just stood there and laughed her ass off -_- *whack* lol After few hours of hot springs, and when our skins are wrinkly enough (LOL), we decided to reluctantly come out from the blissful hot water :( And off we went for breakfast :) our healthy breakfast :) :) Because the weather was awesome, the two of us, being adventorous (Jas) and me being the sleepy one, we decided to drive to Sorento for the awesome beach and massage :) So cold already still want to pose -_- lol I was freezing and complained cold and was sleepy but for my girl, I tahan :P Us @ sorento Beach. "ey go pose near the table, Kat" "har.. table? what so nice???" "dont know. Fasterrrr!" lol.. The waves... :) hahahahaha.. So cute :D :D I was dam cold okay -.-
hello calm beach and girly time :)
Like a postcard picture :)
So calm. Peaceful. I like :)
Frankston beach :)
That day was awesome. I had fun. I need a clearer mind. I need to be somewhere far from city.
And it's back to reality :(
One more time before I head back :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Bow and Tie.. not

One of the Friday where it ended up being dam dramatic. Or rather how we perceived things. Anyway, because Euvin was trying to bring and help 30 people to enter 7 , in the end the two of us lost the mood to enter 7. We dropped by Bond awhile to wait for steven to finish his drinking/dancing/hyper-ing in 7 Not much pictures because all of us were already pissed off at the whole dam thing. -.- Euvin & a mysterious person :D

with my darling :) my two darlings. :) *loves*
my girl :D We both were in a little formal wear because 7 theme was bow & tie . I had a bow on my hair and i wore a tie but because Bond doesnt have bow & tie theme, i had to take out my tie. with Elaine ... Trying to kill time while waiting for ..... Them. Lol. Cos they both were thinking what pose to pose -.- Jassy & jyushiang
Had supper at China Bar that made me diarrhea the next day -.-
I will never eat there anymore -.-
The feeling of going toilet every half an hour is not something I want to repeat.
It's monday again. And its 9am and im still awake . omgosh.
Bryan went to bed after bullying me :(
Dim sum soon. Yay.
Have a good week :)
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pink and us

I want to have a garden full of flowers. Lillies,tulips, roses and especially sunflowers :) I love sunflowers :) The calming effect a garden full of flowers have on you is awesome. Pictures from last week Chaddy VIP Sale Bumped into Shyna & Charlene And all of us started to cam-whore with our pretty pink sunflower :) :)
me, Charlene, shyna, jassy

We love our pretty flowers :)
Happy happy smile :)
Happy smiley pictures made me happy :) I'm not out clubbing on a Friday night :) Babi said, "bertaubat ah?" :P -____________- Home on a Friday night and Bryan was supposed to msn me until I feel like sleeping but... That guy break promise :( *hmph* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

These conversation makes me laugh..

I was talking to an old friend of mine just now about getting a job in Melbourne .
And yes it's dam hard to find a job in Melbourne.
Not those part time job. But a professional job. And he said this to me :

alvinyeechinmun says: U don't worry la. No job u come back Do what u best at Sit there and be pretty. Rofl.


alvinyeechinmun says: Ur special skill. Lol hahahahahaha :D

He knows me best ! I'm coming home to leech on him soon :P Be prepared Mr Yee :D
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

exhausted.. like literally

I can't bothered about it anymore. Because I stop trying. I just dont bother anymore. I found my true self. I stop pleasing people. I have the courage to do my own things. I have awesome people that love me. So, why do I care? :) Sounded like a bitch but I am so tired of pleasing people and making effort. Good things I did will never be appreciated but one small bad things I did will always be remembered I dont care. I stop caring. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, September 18, 2009

Go away if you dont understand.

我告诉她,有些氧化剂难以忘记 有时候,我dont甚至不知道什么是我错了 或许是因为我太固执的times.I dont不愿面对的真相 我不知道我为什么有时麻烦。 或许是因为我真的相信,在所有这些 我觉得现在我应该放弃这一友谊 10年来在路上,我可能会回头想想这一切发生的原因 但现在,我应该告诉myelf停止正努力使之完善 然后,我可能也不会感到太痛心和悲哀 时间会冲淡一切,不久的将来,你会发现原来你最在乎和在意的,是什么 :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zebra. Lion. Everything.

I am feeling better. :) :) The whole emo day is gone. Of course there are still problems that I have yet solved. But at least one problem is solve :) :) Bryan, you still suck. But it's okay. Since im such a nice girl. I forgive you :P
Zoo day! :) :)
I been wanting to go zoo since like ages ago. But none of my friends are interested :(
Why? Zoo is such a nice place. :D :D
Let's go to the zoo where all the poo is. hahahahahhahaha.
One of the day where all of us went to the zoo.
I overslept, as usual *shy* and I took half an hour to shower and get ready.
Champion! :D
But I didnt have the time to do my hair. Hence, my shades were on top of my head most of the time. To keep my hair from looking like mop -.-
The weather prediction was wrong that day! Roar!
I was freezing my ass off. -___________-
Until I dont have the mood to look at the animals.
So cold still look at the animals? -_________-
But Jassy was super excited about the animals. Like a small kid *pinch*
When she sees an animal, she will be like, "Wahhhh look at how fat the animal is. WAhhhh wtf is that animal?? why so ugly??"
Pictures of animals. Not much because I only like these few.

Camel, dont-know what, dont-know-what also, rhinoceros.
I think the rhinoceros dam effing cute.
Giraffe, monkey, lion, hippopotamus :D

The monkey si beh cute :) :)
Wah PDA much :P
Wilson dam mean -___-
"ey kat, jas. Both of your scarves like the leopard print. Maybe you both should wave your scarf in front of them. Then see whether they will attack you both anot" -_________-
Wilson cannot take it. Need to take a puff without waiting for anyone.
Dam smoker la :P

Samantha & Wilson ...
the group minus one..
Gan, Da Ching, Pei Huan, WuiKeen, Sam, Cn, Jassy, me, Wilson & zam...
So long to type out ..

WuiKeen on the highest hippo.
At first, the girls were debating which girls should head up to take a picture.
But all of us scared that we will fall down and embarrased ourselves. lol
Ended up WuiKeen on the top :P
We all settle for the lowest hippo lar.
To avoid embarrasing ourselves :(
Picture #1 ...

Picture #2 :)

They scared me and Zam with this !!! -___________-
In the souvenir shop, Jas & Wilson took turn to scared the shit out of me with the freaking rubber snakes that looked so real. Roar! Okay. They scared Zam as well. hahahaha. I yelled like mad when Wilson drop the snake on my shoulder! -_________-

The man that scared me with the stupid snake :(
And a picture with my girl :) :)
She si beh mean -_____-
"Why your hand so short. Not like my hand. Dam long" -____-
"aihh cos i lazy to stretch my hands lar. My arms and hand fat. Cannot move"

me, jassy, sam :)
Proper group picture :) :)
Zoo was awesome despite I was freezing my ass off.
And I only had 4 hours of sleep. Or less than that.
And minimum makeup and bad hair day.
I love zoo because it brings back childhood memories :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Emo nemo..

I am not a person who is good at expressing sadness or letting others know when my life is not perfect. Maybe I am too proud. Maybe I don’t want them to worry. Maybe the scar is still there. Or maybe I don’t want people to get bored of me. I am sick of feeling this way, and I am hoping that it will make me feel better. I am tired of making it right and trying to get people to see the better side of me. I am disappointed that people don't take the time to understand me. All I ask is give me time for me to slowly learn again. Like how a baby start learning how to walk her first step. If people can't wait, then I'm sad & disappointed to say maybe Im not worth it. Those that understand me will know that Im a secretive person in a way of protecting myself. I had too much betrayals and lost to start believing again. I start to believe that if people can't accept the imperfections of you, then they are not here to stay. That is why I love those that finally understand the other side of me. Thank you for all the calls from around the world when you sense that I needed the call. Mummy, can I run back to your arms now? :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Drunkards comes out to play.

*Edited* I just spilled a bottle of nail polish remover and it leak to my laptop cooler and abit of my laptop. Im most probably the clumsiest girl -.- Fml*
This post gotto be the the post with shitloads of pictures. I compile it since Saturday until now.Omfg. And there's more but too tired to upload it on my post. Last Friday was Aaron Cheong birthday *Age is hidden* Lol. I didnt have enough time to do my makeup and all. And I did my makeup in the car and I wore the outfit that I first pulled out from my wardrobe. I didnt even do my hair T____T Aih, not my birthday, so it's alright. Dont have to look nice *pats self* Picture with lover taken by someone who took photography lesson. hahahaha The joke that night was : "if picture turned out not nice not my fault okay. Cos i never take any photography lesson" David & Jas
Bumped into Clarence :)
The girls. :) :)
Wah alcoholic people. I scared O______o
Praevin and his friends. Sorry I forgot their names T______T
With my Steven :) He dam funny. "Kat, bend down lower abit lar. So i look dam tall." *then push me down* -________- Lol Shyna is so down to earth and bubbly :) :) Melvin, Brian, Ian and a little of Jassy's hair :D Brian & I ... A blurry picture though. -.-
Brian & Steven :)
with Rachael . Steven said, "Next time any of us cannot sleep at 5-6ish am or want to eat, call them both. They sure reply u or say okay want. These two girls sleep at weird hours and awake at weird hours" -________________-
Steam people. Lol ... the girls that I heart in Melbourne :) We love to eat and shop and gossips :) And now all of us are on a strict diet :(
taken by Rachael :) :)
Scandalous picture :D Brian & Rina Wilson *hand gestures* hahahaha. Dont know who's stupid hand spoil this picture. Roar! me, Josh, Melissa, Mark, Jas Wah Mark & mel, you both si beh cute :D

Sarah's friends :) :) *sorry I forgot all of ur names.* :(

Bumped into Jess :) :)

me, Natalie, Yen, Jess

Rina so cute *loves* Kui the pimp :P Marx, Steven, WanXiong, Jas

Truman, me, Mickey :D We called him Mickey because his name is too long and unique -.- lol Charlene & Shyna :) three hot chicks :D
with Wan Xiong that takes nice pictures of me and jassy :D with Andrew :)
Lisa & Jassy ..
me, lina, lisa, jassy :)

Euvin & I
Thank you for dim sum on Sunday and also supper on that day :) :)
Pierre and I
sisterhood forever :)
Thank you you both for understanding me in a way that I never express myself out :)
Meeting you both was the best dam thing this year :)
Bimbo love :) :)
Happy Birthday Aaron Cheong ! :)
Birthday boy never KO -.-
But his friends all KO.. lol
Fail.. Fail...
with birhtday boy :)
wah face so red.. Steam ! :P
Jassy, mel, me
Josh pimp! :P
Desmond & I :)
Rene dropped by after her shift at Bond :)
Amy & I .. She's so dam tall O.o and she's in flats .. omg...
Thank you dear for everythng you did for me :)
omg... the amount of tequilla shots ... *vomit*
And all from
these two drunkards.
Vince & Jyushiang ..
Si beh alcoholic. Wtf .. Lol ...
Marx, me, WanXiong, Jassy
Vince, me, jassy, jyushiang, rene Happy birthday again Aaron Cheong :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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