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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drunkards comes out to play.

*Edited* I just spilled a bottle of nail polish remover and it leak to my laptop cooler and abit of my laptop. Im most probably the clumsiest girl -.- Fml*
This post gotto be the the post with shitloads of pictures. I compile it since Saturday until now.Omfg. And there's more but too tired to upload it on my post. Last Friday was Aaron Cheong birthday *Age is hidden* Lol. I didnt have enough time to do my makeup and all. And I did my makeup in the car and I wore the outfit that I first pulled out from my wardrobe. I didnt even do my hair T____T Aih, not my birthday, so it's alright. Dont have to look nice *pats self* Picture with lover taken by someone who took photography lesson. hahahaha The joke that night was : "if picture turned out not nice not my fault okay. Cos i never take any photography lesson" David & Jas
Bumped into Clarence :)
The girls. :) :)
Wah alcoholic people. I scared O______o
Praevin and his friends. Sorry I forgot their names T______T
With my Steven :) He dam funny. "Kat, bend down lower abit lar. So i look dam tall." *then push me down* -________- Lol Shyna is so down to earth and bubbly :) :) Melvin, Brian, Ian and a little of Jassy's hair :D Brian & I ... A blurry picture though. -.-
Brian & Steven :)
with Rachael . Steven said, "Next time any of us cannot sleep at 5-6ish am or want to eat, call them both. They sure reply u or say okay want. These two girls sleep at weird hours and awake at weird hours" -________________-
Steam people. Lol ... the girls that I heart in Melbourne :) We love to eat and shop and gossips :) And now all of us are on a strict diet :(
taken by Rachael :) :)
Scandalous picture :D Brian & Rina Wilson *hand gestures* hahahaha. Dont know who's stupid hand spoil this picture. Roar! me, Josh, Melissa, Mark, Jas Wah Mark & mel, you both si beh cute :D

Sarah's friends :) :) *sorry I forgot all of ur names.* :(

Bumped into Jess :) :)

me, Natalie, Yen, Jess

Rina so cute *loves* Kui the pimp :P Marx, Steven, WanXiong, Jas

Truman, me, Mickey :D We called him Mickey because his name is too long and unique -.- lol Charlene & Shyna :) three hot chicks :D
with Wan Xiong that takes nice pictures of me and jassy :D with Andrew :)
Lisa & Jassy ..
me, lina, lisa, jassy :)

Euvin & I
Thank you for dim sum on Sunday and also supper on that day :) :)
Pierre and I
sisterhood forever :)
Thank you you both for understanding me in a way that I never express myself out :)
Meeting you both was the best dam thing this year :)
Bimbo love :) :)
Happy Birthday Aaron Cheong ! :)
Birthday boy never KO -.-
But his friends all KO.. lol
Fail.. Fail...
with birhtday boy :)
wah face so red.. Steam ! :P
Jassy, mel, me
Josh pimp! :P
Desmond & I :)
Rene dropped by after her shift at Bond :)
Amy & I .. She's so dam tall O.o and she's in flats .. omg...
Thank you dear for everythng you did for me :)
omg... the amount of tequilla shots ... *vomit*
And all from
these two drunkards.
Vince & Jyushiang ..
Si beh alcoholic. Wtf .. Lol ...
Marx, me, WanXiong, Jassy
Vince, me, jassy, jyushiang, rene Happy birthday again Aaron Cheong :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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