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Monday, August 31, 2009

My head is spinning

Hangover... sucks : ( My head is dizzy and my two legs have bruises all on it. This feelings sucks. But from yesterday, I know my friends are awesome. They love me like a little sister :) :) :) They are those that gonna make leaving Melbourne hard :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Color me bright

The outdated Friday night post. Babi is out on a date *happy smile* and I am staying at home just catching up with myself and doing some thinking (Not like I didnt did that for the past few days but...) My skin is not in somewhat very good condition but nothing a mask can't do :) And rearranging my wardrobe again. Too much of shopping is bad sometimes. I got the same top in different colours -________- This is what I called shopaholic O______o LoL. I don't know how am I going to bring everything back O_______o I foresee I will be layering alot of it and just die of heat stroke when I touched down :P Last Friday I attended the ZOMG Party :) Theme of the night was trendsetter. Dressed to be as creative as you can be and go crazy with your dressing! Make it fun and colourful :) As long as it's not some boring colours :) Pictures credited to Jasmine :)
Clad in colorful colors :)
The two seven promoters and the friend :D
* my legs are getting fatter* O___________o
Obligatory picture with her :)
With Sarah :)
We love colorful things :)
We met up with the Steam gang and while the rest of the guys drank , the girls cam-whore :)
I still stick to my no alcohol rules at that time.
moi, Rina, Jassy
I love this picture of us three girls :) :) Rina is the friendliest girl that I ever meet.
Okay not ever but you get the drift. :)
And I was quite bored that night.
The age is getting to me :S
Steven took so long to come Seven. *stomps feet* LOL
And we were accompanying Rina in the RnB room
Omg I was literally bored but fortunately Steven came and the three of us were talking shit.
:D :D :D
Sisterhood :) :)
Someone got love bite huh. Hohohohohohooh :P
Naught naughty :P
*and a reminder to myself to ask him what he meant that day at chilli padi!* -_________-
Headed back to the Side Room because Im too old for RnB Room .
Look who I bumped into? :) :) *big happy smile*
my high school mates :) :)
Sheryl : project muff-stit owner, jas, dixynn, moi
I love my Wern :)
I remembered back in high school especially Form 4 & 5, our class is the most rebellious class ever.
The whole class minus a few *ahem* nerds were punished to stand outside the headmaster office for one period. Shy/
And our class rock because our class was well known for our noise, sleeping in class, fighting back with teacher and ignoring the teacher.
Gosh. The old days :)
I would say my high school time rocks :)
moi, David, jas & a donkey toy .
A supposingly candid shot of David but it turned out to be posing for the camera shot.
And i looked like im kissing the back of David's head O__________o
Which Im not -_________- Lol.
Sheryl & David & a donkey toy. lol
Classic. Classic :D
David whacking Pierre's face was caught in the camera :D :D

Jassy, moi, Vanessa
Vannesa was obviously the best trendsetter that night.
With outfit like hers, who can beat that? :)
with the Steam Gang . LoL.
And because we got nothing better to do...
SS picture #1 :)
SS picture #2 :)
And when Jassy went to the smoking area, we bumped into YeeLyn :)
The camera man insisted that we posed three poses -________-

#1 : normal smiley pose :)

#2 : sexy pose.
#3 : Candid pose.
That camera man is so demanding -________-
And i love this picture of us.
So candid. So natural. So happy.
I wish one day I can smile as happy as them again :)

Wilson & Jas
Jas, moi, Lisa :)
Eve, moi, Jassy

Happy Birthday Mark :) :) Guess who i bumped into... :) :)
Kelvin, moi, Gan, Jassy.

Moi, Gan, Jassy.
I bumped into Gan :)
Look at Gan trying to act cute :P
Jassy & pierre.

And we found someone KO....... :D :D
Me trying to disturb Kui but he didnt even realized. Lol.
Brien showing the he's dead sign :P lol
The guys trying to disturb him.
If looks can kill, Kui's look will kill everyone :P :P
Jassy & Mishiao :)
I love her hair now :) :)
moi, james, jassy.
jassy, moi, wilson.
When they started playing YMCA, all of us got so hyped out.
You know you are aging when you starting to love all these songs. lol
Caught on camera :D :D
Y-M-C-A :D :D
moi, praevin, jassy.

Obligatory picture of them :)
The guys were high on alcohol.
Bumped into Jessie :) :)
But i think she was a little gone. Lol.
Because I took his vest, he took my bag. Lol.
He dam maintain. Lol.
Another layan picture of him.
Every single time. Without fail :P

My eyes were not in a very good states because of the no sleep day.
If outer personality shines better, why not show it to the world? :)
CQ tonight! :)
A pre-try out for LapSap was awesome.
And I cant wait for tonight :)
Butttt.... I'm falling sick :( :(
Please recover by tonight :(
Love !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->


I can't freaking sleep at 7am -.- Something funny and stupid happened -.- I was at the UV Party and Lisa was saying this to me, "Kenny Sia is here" I answered her back, " Who? Where?" And i think he was just a few steps from me. -.- Fml. So embarrasing -.- !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I love her

Hellogoodbye *Edited* Yes I was taking a break from the world of internet. From the world for a few days :) Lately, I been having sleepless nights since Sunday night. I can't sleep. I can't take short power nap. I literally can't sleep despite my mind is so effing tired and my eyes are so heavy. If this go on, I don't know how much my mind and body can take it :( :( I tried every single method from drinking warm milk, counting sheep, listening to songs, finding a good position to sleep, lavender scented candle to whatever that helps. Oh well, let's hope that the doctor will prescribed me sleeping pills . A random note, I found this on Yunnie's facebook status and my heart goes all melt. It's nothing big but that little something she did make me feel appreciated :)

I don't know whether is it readable but it stated,
" Baby Kat, 'Im strong when I'm weak' :) with you *loves*
Yes I'm feeling better. Thanx to my awesome friends. And it's different now because I started to catch up with my high school mate and it is awesome. They love me to the fullest. :) :) When Im sad, they just know it without me saying anything. When I'm happy, they know it as well. This is what I call awesome friends. And Jas despite the whole world judge us, I will still believe in you :) Zam texted me and said, "smile cos all your troubles never happened" I felt so touched. Thank youuuuuu Zam :) And last night because I was emotionally unstable, Zam & Jas brought me out for a night full of fun :) I appreciate it :) :)
Have a good day people. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, August 23, 2009

They have my backs

I have enough. I decided what should I do. I can't be bothered anymore. Even when no one understand and are so selfish of themselves only, good for you. Because then I will know I can't be bothered about it anymore. I do things my way. I don't need anyone to help me or trying to help me. Because I believe in achieving things my own way. Don't think you/them/they know me so well because there are more than what you can see. I closed the door to it. :) Why is it everytime people keep running to me when they have problems and when I need a shoulder to cry on, they only rant about their own problems? I give up. I had a long talk with yunnie dearie and seriously after talking to her, I feel a little better. She knows how to do miracle. (R) yun said: baby kat,you're a stronger person than who you think you possess.i know can make it,its just a matter of time. u know,everyone has a talent. a talent of music,a talent of science and technical stuff,a talent of comfort and care,a talent of strength..a talent of love..the list goes on and on. you have the natural born talent to let people feel comfortable and confident.because of you,alot of us put a smile on our faces even when the time is tough and the road is bumpy. look at how wonderful of a person you are der.i treausure you alot.regardless how long we never meet but ive always been thankful that yin introduced you to me.dont give up easily okie.look at all the beautiful qualities you possess honey.we are all here.REMEMBER.i wish you're now in msia or us okie.or that we are all there Thank you for believing in me. When everyone has doubts and judge me, I know you all never will do such things. My Fourth-ish S and rice family. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Just like rice is staple to Asians.

It was the longest sleeep ever I had in god knows how long. Sleep is always the best medication to any pain. Last night was awesome with the seven crew yelling to the *Woo Hoo Woo Hoo* (in that tune). But nevertheless, there are some complications. Stupid things will always be there. I miss home. Finally, I'm homesick. I miss them :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, August 21, 2009

Let me go back to being a kid

*Edited* In life we have to go through a certain amount of pain in order to be label as adult :) And I believe so :) With such pain, it's either you show the world you are in pain or you hide it well enough. I choose the latter. Because why show the world how you feel when you can't even handle your own emotions? Mia-ing for awhile because of some stuffs * At times Im so dam weak that it scares me because I always let my emotions take control over me. I know pretty stupid of me* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who are they. My true friends

A somesort last post before I :) Flashbacks of my awesome friends :) I miss the memories I had with them :) With them, when it's time to study, we hardcore like mad until we all look so haggard and tired. And when it's time to play, trust me, we play it hard :) :) Lol. Sherman, whom I called Shermieeeeeee *with the exaggerated Eeeee* :) lol. Jason, which i always Jo-wennnnnnnnngggg or korrr :) These two guys never fail to amuse me kao kao with all their lame jokes and lame conversations. I really miss these two guys at times like this. I miss my kor that never fail to give me good advice :) :) My second last night in Malaysia was spent with them. One word : Awesome! :) :) Marshy so cute. She said, " kat you cannot go first. You never sing with me" I miss her. Pangky. Bear. My minnie mouse. My smally. Everyone there :)
Jo-Weng kor suprise 21st :)
These group of people are the one that made leaving Monash Malaysia hard :( :(

my rice gang :) :) *dont ask why we are called the rice gang. It's our secret* :D :D
Big Rice is back in Malaysia T____________T eating all the yummy food and forget about me already :(((((( Lol.
Last but not least...

My two pillars of strengths :)
These two are my left and right. :)
With them, my troubles seem so far away .
I love youu girlies. Always will :)
A flashback post of those that leave a mark in my life.
Always will :) :)
I can't wait to see all of you all soon.
The part where I cant decide is whether should I do it silently or not.
Maybe I should :) Saves the trouble. The tears. The hatred. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things you don't learn in school

Somethings in life you can't just learn in school.
Disappointment after disappointment. I never know that disappointment could be this hard and these helpless.
Why doesnt any school taught us that?
Or is it they think it's something not important to learn?
Well, pardon me then.
I think it is what every child should learn because every steps they take in their life, they face so much disappointment that at times they might be helpless.
I know I am.
Heading to somewhere for a cooling down period as Yun & Yin suggested.
A random picture that my darlings sent to me last time.

Love is not just about the love between a guy and a girl.
It's about family and friendship as well.
And someone told me this,
"Why bother to love when you can't even love yourself first?"
Much love :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Family means the world

I just had a long talk with mummy on the phone just now. I pao-ed capped like mad -_- And apparently Bro Bro is on his way back to Malaysia. T_____________________________________T I'm so so so sad. I want to go back for holidays too :( And when I complained to mummy about this, she just laughed :( :( :( I want a clearer mind to think. To think where am I heading next. Because I dont want to disappoint them :( Disappointed is a strong word and I really don't want to because they have such high hopes on me. Aihhh. I hate it when people pressure me and have such high hopes on me. Even when friends said, " I know you will help me make it better" Like shit like that -.- !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cry a bucket

Sister's keepers is the awesome movie ever. All of us girls cried a bucket in the cinema. I believe the guys as well but they were too macho to admit. -.- Would want to get my hand on the book now :) Family love is the best thing ever. Don't ever give up on your family because when you do, you lost a purpose in your life.

By the way, bear with me these few days because I will be very emotional :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, August 17, 2009

Translate it if you are so busybody

我真的想阻止这些眼泪出来,但我不能找到一种办法。 我知道尹给了我一个解决办法,但尹,你知道我不能这样做的方式你问我。 我有一个大responsibilites ,有时这是杀害我。 也许这是真正的时间来看看外面的箱子里吗?但所有这些,而我没有看外面的框,并没有找到答案。 其中一个问题又不断涌现出来,我要如何解决它? 我怎样停止自己从哭泣每天晚上睡觉和起床的眼泪在我的脸? 有人告诉我。 因为我不知道多久,我可以借此。 我心里感到非常繁忙,所有这些问题。 我从来不知道我是弱者。 我从来不知道,我可以哭那么容易。 这些眼泪刚刚可以停止落下。 !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Dont let this facade shows

Sometimes I wish I could be a different person, maybe it would be easier, but instead I need to embrace who I am and trust that everything around me won't crumble. Sometimes it makes my living harder, but other times it makes me depressed. I pretend to be happy when I'm really aren't and I try to be something for everyone in order to feel loved. But underneath it all I just want to be loved for who am I. I sometimes fear myself and who I am and I don't want to waste a second of my life, but I don't know where to go or where to turn. No wonder my plan of a drastic change ended up sticking back to the same old me. And I don't want to go yetttt :( Why is it when the time you don't want it, you will end up getting it but when you are so determined to have it, you will end up losing it? This question been running in my mind for weeks :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big black hole..

I suppose what I'm really trying to say is that I'm slowly starting to lose myself in this big, black hole of nothing. It's not that I dont want to share but sometimes I wish it was easier for me to share with you all my problems. I think I want to head home :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

This is where it starts and ends.

I'm still up at 730am. Great. No wonder my skin condition is not at its peak right now -.- I got home at 4ish am and stone and clean my room and is bright awake right now -.- Fml. Anyhow, last Friday was an awesome celebration for my youngest sister, Yi Wei :) The suprise turned out to be good :) Her friends did a suprise dinner for her at Ying Thai Yiling & I were supposed to be at the dinner but as usual, we took too long to get ready and ended up missing dinner. Not forgetting the cut cake session. -_- But our little sister left us with one big piece of the cake :) *loves* The cake that look like birthday girl's favourite dog back home :) Accompanying Yiling to have dinner at RiceBar because it was the nearest. my forever babi. *Finally that night I come clean with you with my problems* :)
As we had time to kill after dinner, we headed to Milano to watch our Raymond Lam concert.LoL.
And as what girls do best....
Hohohohho. because babi was on the phone. I layan myself :) :D
Babi and I.
*my hair color is so dark now. -.- It makes me look more mature -.- *

And again :) :) Yi Wei's second celebration that night was at Bond :) :)
And yet again her friends suprise her :)
Melb family *loves*
And again :) :)
Yet another one. Lol.

Birthday girl and her friends. *im bad with names. So sorry*
birthday girl Yi Wei, Aeon, YiLing, me :) my sisters in Melbourne :)
Bumped into Praevin :)
*All the best for your paper on Wed* :)
Elsie, uhm uhm, Ee Teng, birthday girl & Im-sorry-i-cant-remember

One of my girls, Erica :)
Whom I havent been catching up with for ages. :(

Her smiley face before her tequilla shots.
With my babi :) :)
On the dance floor :) Headed to Rhine's table because it was her farewell celebration that night.
Everyone is heading back home T___________T
with Rhine

And her brother Way..
Picture with her because we were too tired to dance and because we wanted to drink more alcohol :P :P
I love her :)
Birthday girl :) :)
With JyuShiang ...
My hair so nice in this picture. :D :D
Straight and curl at the right places. :D :D
Marco & I
Yi wei & Jyushiang
After a few-down-everything-in-one-go & not forgetting mixing it with champagne, I cant remember much what happened in between.
Hence, I dont even remember taking some of the pictures below.
Ziying, me, Eeteng.

Happpy birthhhdayyyyy lil sister :) :)

Babi that has the most outrageous imaginations ever :P
Bumped into John Pau ...
I have no idea why my face expression was in this way.
Maybe the drink is too disgusting.
with Tracy ..
Okay. I have no idea who is her. I was sitting down and randomly taking pictures with whoever that enter the VIP room -.-

with Aeon

EeTeng & I :)
*but i dont remember taking this picture* -.-
I have no idea when this picture was taken -.-
Never ever drink champage -.-
And yet again I dont remember taking this picture -.-
with Rene .. YiLing, me, Vincent

*ahem* *ahem* *ahem* :D :D

sweetest thing ever :) :)
That night, the birthday girl wasnt drunk but me and YiLing were super high -.-
Dam super :P
But overall everything that night was awesome. :)
And thank you Zam for making sure I was alright and all :)
I was feeling abit emotional that night and Zam, Gan & all were trying to make me laugh. :)
Btw Jas, no one to do running man with okay! :( :(
They played Riverside and Bonkers but I got no one to do running man with! Why?? -.-
Breakfast tmw? :) :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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