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Sunday, July 27, 2008


So, I am finally feeling much better after like a week maybe? And finally watched Dark Knight on Friday at Hoyts, Melbourne Central. And finally got what each and most of the people in my msn list were talking about in their personal messages, 'Why So Serious' =_=" I know Im dam slow la... but..but you cant blame me... Cos I was uhm sick :P And finally had a decent meal after living on breads and oats for a week. Torture sial... And Mamma Mia.. What kind of movie is that you tell me?=_="" Watched it with Sam, Shannie, Chin & Millicent last night at chadstone but.. We 'switched' cinema after like 20mins of the movie.. I bored and pei until can die okay inside the cinema showing mamma mia. And ended up watching X-Files something something.. It's better but still not good la.. Dam disgusting okay and dam gruesome. You tell me la, they ended up cutting people's head off.. What's this man.. I just ate my steamboat dinner only okay... And let me share with you something funny?amusing?stupid?lame till wana cry? You see after like 20minutes of Mamma Mia, Sam,Milli & I couldnt take the movie anymore. So we decided to go into other cinema 'illegally la' to watch another movie. We found a cinema showing Dark Knight and we dont want to watch that la.. Cos seen before already and the movie is draggy.. And when we found a cinema showing Get Smart we dam happy. We happily sat in the seats thinking, Yay, can watch Get Smart. But champion us, we sat there for like less than 2 mins, the lights were brighten and credits were showing. Omg, I tell you. Embarrasing man. The three of us were so shy la... Everyone must be wondering what the hell are these 3 people doing.. haha But seriously Mamma Mia is not a good movie. I never once watch musical movie until I pei at the first few minutes. hahaa !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, July 25, 2008

Friends from home

06.07.08, Brunch at St Kilda
It was meant to be breakfast at 11am. Thia text me saying she will be a little late, hence i slowly take my time to get ready :P hehehe
And ended up being really late. So, breakfast became lunch. hahaha *shy* Took a tram down and off we hunt for nice looking cafe : )
the girls at one of the cafe at St Kilda : ) Finally met up with Thia : ) and finally drag Evelyn, the hermit out from her shell .. lol twins, mua, alicia, wei chiang .. housemate and I with the twins : ) Girlies girls : ) wah, my face look so round la T_T
Walking towards Luna Theme Park, Eve Eve decided to capture candid pictures *ahem*
How you can take candid pictures with me around ?? :P outside luna theme park : ) Inside luna theme park with Eve Eve & Thia Thia : )
uhmmmm.... cool right the tram.. haha.. im lost with words and captions already...
Thia left us : ( Boo! :P

Yea... Twins ... Our DJ pair of twins.. hahaha. I can spot the difference already! : ) :) Can you? hahah
There's nothing much to do in luna theme park... The rides are not exciting at all : (
St kilda is not complete if we never go to the beach..
with my dam 7 tall Eve.. Her caption in facebook is, " i think i should consider getting taller friends" =_=""""
You very tall mehhh =p Im short but adorable wert :P hahahaa

Us minus Wei Chiang... I was so scared that i will drop something inside the sea water =_="
Because we both are vain :P hahaha .... Notice i was holding the scarf so tight ? because its not mine and the wind that day was so windy.... Everyone want a piece of the twin :P hahahah .... Group picture : )
Bye Bye St Kilda.. I will be back in october with 2+2 : ) Alicia, Wei Chiang & I headed to church after that with Alicia's hot cousin, Matt :P hahaha.. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wine is love

So i've been sick for the past few days and still am = ( Down with bad sorethroat, bad cold, bad cough and fever that goes off and on =( My voice changes and been coughing like nobody's business =( Die la.. at this rate, i will skip plenty of tutorials and lectures. Been skipping my monday lecture and two tutorial and tuesday lecture. I finally dragged my ass up to head to tutorial today. Though I left early for lecture =( Thank god for no class this weekend ... Taking this time while waiting for my hair to dry so i can head to bed ... Oh and not forgetting phone call with him : ) Updates for my winter break : )
 5.07.08, SkyHigh Point and Wineries
The day... that we headed to "Mount Dandenong" .. Housemate and I were cranky that morning :P Lack of sleep and no food = cranky + bitchy :P hahaha. All of us met up at 9am and we headed to Mount Dandenong. Breakfast was at Hungry Jack at Rowelle(Spelling?). First stop was SkyHigh Point @ SkyHigh Point... i love this picture. Beautiful scenery. Perfect friend : )
with Tze Yeen and Zhong Loon .. Those that went : ) moi moi moi : ) Alicia said i look like datin here with the shawl and everything : D haha.. I dont mind being one ey :P
Picture perfect : ) Two shameless cam-whorers :P
Lunch was at Pie in the sky : )
While waiting for our fooooooddd ,
We shamelessly named ourselves The Slurp Gang because we three are pigs :P hahaa uhm.. candid ? lol the menu : ) yuummmyy scones : )
kathryn the domestic goddess :P Next stop : wineries .. plenty of it .
me me with wineyard behind me .. because Im bored.. and because i demand a shadow picture ... : P : ) so demure *ahem* hehe .. dont i look demure and ladylike here? Stop laughing sam! im trying to be ladylike and demure okay :P where they uhm plant the grapes .. ? picture perfect : ) i missed u alreadyyyyy T_T T_T come backkk ! i got much to gossips with you! : ( where we had our cheese platter : ) group picture : ) my face look dam round : (

us with some tress that Alicia think is beautiful .. bye bye wineries .. We went to Kota Raya for dinner @ Clayton. Had yummy dinner and soon after that kong : P Will be away for awhile... Till i recover from my sick = ( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, July 21, 2008

Catch up

So, yesterday night was pretty emotional and challenging and nerve wrecking and energy draining for me. Started off with a call lead to texting lead to calling lead to texting lead to call lead to msn. Yeah, you get the drift. But everything ends well i hope. Im so freaking confused right now. My girls, please buzz me when you guys are online :)
Anne, thank you for talking to me :) and yea, freaking concentrate yea? :) cant wait for our honeymoon love! :)
 Dam! it's raining heavily.. say bye bye to going to class! hahaha :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->


2.07.08, A Day Out in The city.
Title said it all. Alicia and I and Wei Chiang went to the city to "explore". Alicia wanted to take more pictures because she's heading back home T____________T So yea. This post is going to be a post with pictures of random places. We had our brunch at Dessert House, Swanston.
Caufield campus view from the train station.
Cam-whoring while waiting for the train .. Nice weather for sitting on the grass : )

Outside state library. Clockwise from left: Me, Wei Chiang, Alicia and housemate love : )

At Federal Square and Yarra River : )
Love this picture. So candid : ) Candid shot of them ..
We always got each other back : )
Got home and Wei Chiang and I cooked dinner. HAHAHa.. We experiment with different kinda sauces : ) hahaha : )
4.07.08, Breakfast at Victoria Market and Chilling at Ben's House.
The three of us woke up a little earlier to head to Victoria Market for breakfast :) Dam happy i can eat my yummy bread : ) hahaha : ) We walked around city *shopping* *cough* and then took a train down to Glen for dinner with Alicia's cousin, Matt and his friends. Her cousin is drool-licious :P hahaha ... Matt picked us up from the station and we head to Ben's house for dinner and movie :) Ben cooked dinner for 10people meanwhile the rest play uhm Sing A Star or something like that.

Candid shot of the guys .. Yours truly and Alicia being domestic goddess :P hahaha.. Passport picture! :P
Ben dont like his dinner.. haha And, Ben dare Matt to eat something that consist of uncooked easy mac + granola bar. If he eat it, Ben will pay him 50. And yea, he actually ate it =_=""" hahahahahahaha ...
I was forced to be the mike stand for the rock band : P hahahaah moi, Sandi, Alicia, Nikki

our all time favourite snack : ) gona stock up when its time for assignment and finals :) hehe
Next update, SkyHigh Point : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Peking duck is fattening

28th June 2008 : Zhong Loon's 20th Birthday @ Little Peking Duck

Zhong Loon celebrated his 20th birthday in Little Peking Duck, where every dishes have duck as ingredients =_=" First dish : Soups with ducks slices Second : Duck wrap with popiah skin Third dish: Fried taugeh with duck Fourth dish : Fried noodle with duck And we ordered, fish with five spicies and lemon chicken : ) obligatory picture before dinner is served : D with birthday boy : ) with the girls : ) group picture! : ) birthday cake from brunetti : ) silly birthday boy.. And birthday boy decided that he wants to feed each of us cake ... me me me .. : ) KC ...
My camera has only two of these cake feeding picture ... : (
And last but not least,

meeeeeee! : )
Headed home soon after that : ) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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