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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The thoughts that couts ;D

I was reading the other half, Anne blog and I remembered once she asked me opinions on what to give to her boyfriend. I guess babe you end up giving this ey? hahaha :) So cuteee :D

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


PMS last Friday was awesome. *thumbs up* I was quite punctual because Wern emphasized on punctuality :D But as usual, Malaysian timing, it started late. That day my eyes were swollen. Fml. Every single time when I want to go out, my eyes will be swollen. -______-
In my room before heading out :)
Was skyping with Bryan while getting ready :)
I was complaining that I look fat in everything I wear and poor thing he had to keep saying No lar... no lar.. hahahah :D Grabbed MacD burgers for dinner while on the way to pick Jassy up :)
While waiting for the rest and for the door to open....
Jassy, yiling, Rene :)

They don't need any introduction :) I happily took Vince's jacket to wear because all of us act yeng, never bring down our jacket.
Complimentary drink :)
*loves* :) Because jassy cam-whoring skill is awesome :D
Whoaaa... glowingggg :D
VII Sins this coming Friday :D
Gear up your outfit :D

with yeff ...
with dixyn :)
with Vin .... The only picture with her and I look weirdly funny -.- Vin can be broke even when she's at home. Because she spent her time online shopping until the bf has to snatch her bank card away. HAHAHA.
Fashion Junkies :) :)
with Vince ..
Some of the outfits.. Vicye ...

Van Mae



The only guy model... If im not mistaken his name is Wayne .
All the models that night....

Congrats Mich & Wern :)
favourite picture of that night :) :)

A not-so-nice picture of me. But only nicest picture with her :)
with Wern :)
with Jassy, Steven, Hong yee, Euvin..
I scolded Steven that night because he told us he's not going and turned out he was there -.-
Jassy, Sam, Alina, me

Alina was super high that night.
Amused all of us :D
bumped into Marie :)
Mark & Jassy

wilson, me, jassy "ey why you wear turtle neck top? you very cold meh? or u sick?"
"ya lar. Sick wert"
"har. why sick??"
"Wah lau. Sick means sick lar. Sick cos i weak lar."
*giving me wtf look*
Vincent whom MIA for awhile.
Apparently he's debt collector now. Lol
Bumped into Liss that I havent been seeing since my monash malaysia years :)

Celina, SiewLi, me, Jassy
with Aaron & Kui

Melissa, me, Lisa, Jassy ..
Lisa was so cute that night.
"Jon, jon, jon, help us take picture"
*that guy, which btw his name is Josh looked around and we all looked around as well*
"Jon, why you ignore me? Jon Jon"
Jassy & I told her, " his name is Josh"
"ohhhhh... errr... same thing. J also what. I drunk lar"
so cute :D

Great minds think alike.
Tutu skirts :)
candid ...
Jyushiang, jassy, Vince .

Kai Han, me, Jyushiang ... That night was awesome.
Jassy, Alina, Mel and I were on the podium in the side room. Hahahah.
It's been awhile since wse on the podium -.- lol.
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When you can't sleep

I found my outfit for this Friday :) *happy smile*
The miracle of Google :) I was google-ing Halloween costumes for this Friday at VII and I am still deciding what should I go as. All these are just too common -____-
I always want to be angel. Because I'm angel on the outer and on the inner as well *heh* :P
But I think I will most probably be seeing god knows how many angels that night :S

Cupid :D Me like. Pink pink pink :D
But I think it's abit too bimbo-ish. Heels in pink as well? O____o
Jassy will most probably get the shocked because too pink. Fml LOL
Nurse :D :D Because it's sexy :D But the boy said it's too common :( French maid :D Pimp/gangster... Ftw :) But I cant' pull of fedora :S School girl.. :S
I dressed up as school girl once and I dont intend to do it again.
I told Bryan worst comes to worst I wear sexy lingerie/pjs to go only and he said this,
"And when people ask what are u. You going to say, Im a sleeping monster"
But I got to give credit to him as well. Because I was being dam difficult today *at all times lar* and he still give in to me :D :D
Staying home for me *I hope* :P
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My other half ..

To the person that make me laugh like mad when I saw the comment..
"Jo Anne: what disappointed? Give me the address I go pek yao now!"
I love her. She obey the girls rule :D :D !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Melbourne-rian rock your socks!

PMS x ZOMG last night was awesome. Thumbs up to their successful event. They rock the house :) *click* for the Finale Video !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, October 23, 2009

you know it..

"Out of sight. Out of mind" Someone tells me that and elaborate the meaning of this quote. It's when you don't think, it'll be out of your mind. As long as you are somewhere far away, you will be alright.
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Nearly got killed..

Today, for the first time ever after god knows how long, I went to the gym.
The last time I went to the gym was uhm most probably Form 5 and college days.
Now, after all these years, I'm back to the gym and I nearly died. Lol.
Why the sudden gym? Been talking about going to gym for ages and for the first time ever Im awake at the right time to head to gym.
First ever thing I did was treadmill. 120km/3.5 speed. And trust me, it's pretty slow. But I was out of breath after 15 minutes. -______- I was afraid that the guy beside me will start laughing at me -_____-
I done 1 hour and 30 minutes of treadmill, cross trainer, abs crunch and weight trainer. And I felt my legs were floating. Wtf. Now my whole body aching like mad and when I came back after shower, I slept like a baby. Supposed to be a short nap but I ended up sleeping for god knows how long. I'm not destined to do cardio. :( But I'm training myself for the jog and 40km marathon in KL -____- It's 6am and im still awake skype-ing with the boy playing guessing what's the song game. hahahahaha.. wtf !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, October 19, 2009

Give me a moment of silence

We decided to head to the beach for a chilling time. Spending the evening with Babi because she needs me :) I'm glad that she stands up stronger than she appears to be. Never afraid to fall as long as you pick yourself up :) And indeed im proud of this babi of mine :) I can't wait to play with Storm :) and eating with you back home. We head to the beach just because we feel like it and because that day was a good weather :) Babi love :)

love :)

The beautiful sunset :)

Because I want to act cool.. -_- Time is running out :(
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