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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I try hard not to crumble

I really want to be stronger and have all the words of encouragement incorporated inside me.
But to be honest, I'm really tired of it.
Be optimistic and goes through it and then you will find yourself a rainbow after a heavy rain.
Yeah right. Cliche man.

I dont know what's worse. Knowing you are capable to achieve it and yet your emotions are pulling you down.
Or you just give up on hoping and trying.

All in all, I just simply hate myself for feeling this.

One more week! And I'm still procrastinating. Fml. Fms. Fts.

Some things are better left unsaid,
Some strings are better left undone,
Some hearts are better left unbroken,
Some lives are better left untouched,
Some lies are better off believed,
Some words are better left unspoken"

-Hall & Oates-

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Someday black turn to white..

I never knew how much I miss my Pre-Uni days until I met up with WeiLing.
To be honest, Monash days werent my best memories so far.
I wouldnt trade my high school and pre-uni memories for anything :)

I still havent receive pictures from other half Anne yet on our girls gossip session.
Send to me babe! :D

Alvin picked me up and off we went to meet WeiLing in Pyramid :)
And I finally try Full House.
Been wanting to try this 2009.
The one in Ara Damansara closed down when Babi & I came back from Melbourne

Excuse my terrible skin condition. Exhausted like mad okay ):
And gained weight too.Fml.

moi with Soft shell crab :)

honey :)

THE Alvin Yee. Wtf

Pasta with mushroom sauce

Mushroom soup with added almond.


Soft shell crab (:

Honestly, the food isnt something I would recommend.
But it's a good place for catch-up.
Girls will definitely love this place.Teehee! :)

WeiLing & AlvinYee

with my honey :)
Omg. Look at my chubby face. Fml.
And so, the cam-whore session begins.
With all the props available.


Mirror mirror, who has the chubbiest cheek! :(


im short but I'm loving my height :) hehe!

Honey so effing tall. I'm already short! standing beside her make me look like a midget!
The next time Im out with her, I'll be sure to put on my highest heels :P

And before leaving, I just had to get my Starbucks fix.
Guess what's in store for us girls.

Alan Yun :)

Favorite picture of that day :)
Bad girls are good girls at times :P

Anne, one more week okay! then we will have a bitchfest :D

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Rookie

Remember how last month Nokia is having this contest/campaign that Nokia is looking for 12 dynamic individuals to battle it out for internships at our own Malaysia four high-profile companies!

They are only given with Nokia E72, Nokia Messaging and with their personality, contestants will have to take on a series of challenges.
Contest is closed and now but join in the fun and watch the first episode of Nokia "The Rookie" reality TV show.

Watch how they battle it out and have your predictions for a chance to win attractive prizes!

Check it out here "The Rookie"

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Friday, May 21, 2010

BabyLove :D

One of the Friday when baby is off from work for preparation of her CPA exam. But being her she's done her preparation earlier than all of us expected. She was not showing any sign of stress at all. My other CPA friends stress maximum and babygirl is still enjoying the fact that she don't have to work. Hehe. Had a good gossip session over dinner and coffee.

With babygirl Seow Hui

 Headed to Skewer with Alvin for his friend's opening of bar/pub/bistro.

@ Skewer, Subang Avenue
Then, it's time for baby's fav activity. :D

mahJong! We trade clubbing for mahjong

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

方大同 - singalongsong

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


dark mocha frappucino without whipped cream is still one of my two favs. Coffee talk is still one of my fav thing to do - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Morning with love

#4 of 365

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Friday, May 14, 2010


#3 of three-sixty-five.

D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya 33.
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#2 of 365

Picture #2 of three-sixty-five.

Lunch with WeiLing at Full House, Sunway Pyramid.
Awesome catch up and gossiping with my CPU friend.
And dam, we both miss our CPU days ):

Oh well, we need to grow up one day too!
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 365

So, the hype about Project 365.
And I want to give it a try! :)

#1 of Project 365

Expresso Frappucino Blended Cream

First time trying this drink and it is not something I want to get again ):

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Monday, May 10, 2010

A perfect sunday brunch

The bunch decided a lazy Sunday should be a day where we incorporate the motto,
"Live to Eat" :D
There's a difference between "Eat to live" and "Live to Eat"
We usually eat to live right? or perhaps lately I've not been doing that :(

Jason suggested Little Korea for brunch.
Yinz & I wanted sandwiches all for brunch :(
Korean food for brunch is a little too heavy :S
But, the companion is what matters :)

cute decor on the Menu.

Loves :)
my shoulders to cry on.
When I cried too much on my left shoulder (Yiling!), i goes to my right shoulder (yin!)
Me and Babi spent most of the time alternating between eating and catching up :D

with Jason

As usual, started off with appetizers. All appetizers are refillable.
But of course we did not ask for a refill.
Dont so greedy okay! :P
I like the potato salad, kimchi and a somesort potato pancake thing :)

Kimchi soup and Seafood soup.
I'm not sure what is it refer in Korean okay.
We ordered two soup because us girls are soup lovers! :)
Kimchi soup is much better than the seafood soup.
Order the Kimchi soup when you are there :)

The pork. Pork belly and pork shoulder.
We ordered pork for the Korean BBQ because babi and I cant have beef.
Sorry Jason!

Steamed Egg in Hot Stone Pot.
Not too bad for this dish :)
Taste is not too bland.

Korean pancake! This is awesome.
Korean pancake is a must dish to order if you are having Korean cuisine :)

babi :)

Alvin : Can you keep a secret?
Yinz : yayayaya.
Hahahahah :D

mummy :)

I have... Samurai hairstyle according to them .___.

Jason even said this, "Kat i show u a picture of Chun Li, then you can tie ur hair into two samurai buns"

Alvin: hahaha samurai. Haiyakkkkk

Complimentary desserts are given.
We were given a bowl of Korean Sweet Rice Punch and a slice of watermelon.
A refreshing drink.

Sorry. it's been awhile since we last seen each other :P

Little Korea food was pretty good with excellent service.
The price was a little expensive but if you are looking for a little indulge in Korean food, give Little Korea a try.

Yinz left us after lunch for badminton. She's dam healthy.
I am impressed. Unlike the two babis, after a heavy lunch still want to go dessert :P

Found a cute little dog/bear in Alvin's car!
Notice the dog/bear? Because we said it is a dog but Alvin claimed it is a bear.

Dessert was at Schokolart, Soho KL
I love the decor in Schokolart because it's in pink! :)
The menu, paper bags, chair(i think) are in pink :)

Green tea opera cake.
They are having promotion on cakes every Sunday.
30% off between 3pm-6pm. and it will be going on until 30/04/2010

We ordered Chocolate fondue as well.
The dipping is dark chocolate. The way I like it.
Most places served milk chocolate for the dipping.
But here, they serve dark chocolate.
So if you want to have chocolate fondue that the dipping is dark chocolate, give here a go.
Check out the website here

we just had to :D

No picture with Alvin because he just doesnt want to take picture with us :P

I love chilling Sunday like this.
So, when is our girls brunch Anne? :)
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Monday, May 03, 2010

Food Escapade

Impromptu road trip to Malacca on 15 April, Thursday.
Babi Ho was emo. Jason was free *jobless* :P
Left Petaling Jaya at 10ish and reached Malacca 11ish.
The last time I went Malacca was i think 2009.
This time around; with different people but nevertheless it was awesome :D

First stop : Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball.

Jason ordered too much! He ordered portions for three person.
Enough said for the portions. Ended up he was stuffed. Dai sei :P

Merely posing with the rice ball.

The eaters:


Babi Ho

Jason asked whether we both mind walking. Seeing that we both are puteri lilin :P But of course, what's the point of heading to Malacca if we don't indulge in a little sun + dirty air + the historic place. ;)

Hahaha. One of the statute that was featured in Babi's tvb shows. ;)

The next stop : Jongker Dessert 88
We were supposed to have nyonya food first, seeing that I was starving like mad ):
But the weather was too hot and we were dying in the heat. Literally melting.
So, a nice bowl of cold ice kacang cured our problems.

Sago Ice Kacang.

Jongker's signature Ice Kacang :)

We walked round and round asking for directions for this famous nyonya food and it turned out it was just around the corner .___.

Nyonya Kitchen :)
A must try if you guys are in Malacca :)
However, we only ordered two dishes. The two eaters were kinda stuffed from the two meals they had earlier.

Decor :)
The first thing the three of us exclaimed was, "Omg, thank god got air con" .__. hehee

Otak otak! :D

Four angle bean fried with sambal belacan :D
Dam onz! :D

Babi love :)

Lansi Jason.

After three rounds of happy eating, and we still have time to kill before searching for our next food, we decided to explore Malacca.
Explore places of Malacca that is indoor and has air con :D O:-)
Hahahaha. Puteri and putera lilin we are ;)


We checked out Maritime Musuems

Upon entering, Jason told us that we must read the objective of this musuem visit .____.


Moi :D

Jason trying to escape.


Babi Soo & babi Ho.

Uhm Hang Lakasama @ Hang Jason. :D

Three musketeers that I tagged Steven & Jassy on fb and the first thing Jassy commented was,
"Why am i the ugly crocodile?!?!?!"
.___________. Lol

Meriam and us.

The three of us were the noisiest visitors.
Cam-whoring at every single thing.
Acting scared. Posing with the statute.

Then it was off to dessert time.
No matter how full we are, we always have room for dessert dont we? ;)

This Japanese crepe is orgasmic! I swear if they open a shop in KL, the two Babis' will be a regular customer in this shop!
oh why oh why they dont have it here :(

I found somewhat similar crepe at Dessert Bar but lo and behold it tasted worst than any dessert I ever had.
Soggy and soggy and tasteless! Roar
Dessert stop  : Nadeje Patisserie Cafe

Original Japanese crepe :)


Chocolate crepe.

Don't let the pictures do you any justice. It is tastier real life :D


Japanese tea : Rose and hibiscus tea :D
The speciality of this tea is that it has a keep warm mitten to keep your tea warm :)

The damaged crepe as quoted by Jason
He said I damaged the crepe .___. Pffft!

We are food lover :D
We eat and eat until we are stuffed only we are contented :D

Jason is so greedy! hehe.
Look how happy he is with his dessert :)
We spent 2 hours plus sitting down in Nadeje Patisserie Cafe.
One word : Air con :D and free wifi hahahah.

And it's on our feet again to burn off what we ate! :D

The famous Christ Church

Babi Ho's fav picture of the day.


I've always wanted to ride on this ever since the last time i sat on this was when I was little?
And now Babis' make it happened! :D

Two bad one beca cant fit three people.
Sorry Jason! :(


Self take picture :D
Love babi :)

The three food lovers that search for cheap food :P

My favourite picture of the day ;)

Dinner time! :D
What else but satay celup.
I've been waiting to eat satay celup since the beginning of this trip :P

Final stop :Restaurant Capitol Satay

We only took these amount of food but we couldnt finish it :S


Kat's favourite dish. .____.
*inner joke* wtf.

Satay celup! :D
Why dont we have it in KL? :(


Greedy look! :P

the after effect ...

Left Malacca at 8ish and we reached home at around 10ish.
A well spent day :)

Next trip will be Ipoh! :)

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