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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hello there. Im done

Im done with my papers! :) Finally.But down with a bad sore throat and cough :( Fml And to make matter worse, I took the wrong kind of cough syrup yesterday and it causes my eyes to swollen like a goldfish. But anyway, anyhow, pictures to make my blog more lively. Pictures below were taken before the hardcoring for exams period start. me and bimbo :) :)

me, rene, bimbo the two King A's :P Harris and Jassy :)
Justin and Jassy :)

Harris, me and Jassy :) During the exams period, bimbo, Ned and Jamison drag me out to relif my exam stress :) From chilling at Starbucks to Dessert House for dinner :)
me and bimbo :) :) u have cleanse ur sin :P hahaha

Jay and Jas .
Starting work tmw :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drama Queen is my middle name

I was in a panic and drama queen mode yesterday morning to be precise until at night. The reason so? My msn and hotmail email got hacked ! -_________________- fml *breathe breathe* I was panic, emo, sad, depressed and angry. But fortunately for me, thank you all for helping me :) Cos an angry kat is not a pretty sight :P Jas bimbo came over yesterday to help me with my problem *love* Jay for trying to find all solutions for me :) Babi for helping me with the mandarin settings thingy. (Bugger, when i finally solve my hacked issue, I found out the person that hacked my account its someone that read mandarin. If i ever found out who hacked my account, I will hunt down the person!) *breathe Breathe* LOL Jyushiang for helping me with the feedback and all. (I felt bad cos i woke him up from his sleep * sheepish smile*) Chris for helping me step by step because he knows I'm too lazy and I hate complicated things. It's a brand new day :) Have a good weekend :) Two more to go! :) I smell freedom :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Cramp on exam period suck.Fml. So, please do not disturb me with stupid questions. My mood is going up and down and changes like how the Melbourne weather is. Soooo, do not bother me. Thank you very much !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, June 12, 2009

After effect

I'm touched that those I thought that won't remember but actually did. Thank you for the good luck wishes :) So, I'm down by one. It's so effing hard. Seriously. I came out the paper in the hoping that I will be able to just pass. But I don't want to just pass you know. *Yes,call me kiasu or whatsoever* That's cos with so many people underestimating me, I want to prove myself. I feel like crying after the paper. I had nervous breakdown during the paper and a few hours before the paper. My hands were literally shaking and I feel like throwing up a few times and went to the toilet a few times. This is bad. It's so bad. Fml. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Birthday wish

Happy Birthday Yi Ling :)

To the girl that I met last year and gotten close so fast. :)
Meeting you was a dam good thing. :)
For all the last year, though we didnt hang out that much, but our bond is there.
Siding and standing up for each other no matter what happen or whoever that bullies us.
Having girl's talk with Janice and learning new lesson everyday ;)
We spend New Year Eve together and Christmas.
You suprised me on my birthday this year *loves* :) :)
I feel contented to have you as my friend.
And staying in the same apartment, different floor in Melbourne.
Going everywhere together.
Doing anything together.
Sharing certain things together ;) *wink*
Heading to the beach together :)

Exploring the yummy Melbourne food together :) :D
Partying together :)

with the two sisters in Melbourne :)
Last but not least, you doing silly stuffs with me that I dont feel comfortable doing with others :)
Laughing so unglamly.
Bitching about people.
Lending a shoulder to either one of us that need it.
Getting drunk together :)
And I can list the things on and on for years :)
I hope you have an awesome birthday with the loved ones around you
And enjoy it to the fullest.
Love you babi :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, June 08, 2009

Beach where are you

You know how I wish there's a nearby beach near me So I can go down to the beach whenever I feel a need to think. And at times like this, I really need a thinking place. To reflect back whatever I did all these while is either right or wrong. Because I dont know anymore. I need to head to the beach soon. Real soon.
Frankston beach.
St Kild beach.
Chelsea beach. I prefer Chelsea beach. Perhaps I should go over there and study tmw . !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Im a different person

It's 5am. And i can't sleep. Just maybe because I pass my sleeping time. Studying for my first paper and not forgetting the papers after that. I wouldnt said I'm not stress nor I'm dam stress. More like in between. Maybe after years or semesters in Monash, it taught me to manage my studies and handle my stress better. But I'm still a procrastinator. Once a procrastinator, will always be one. LoL. Been having restless night lately. I cant really sleep. Too much thoughts running in my head. Thoughts that only Yinzie & Yunnie understand :) I wish my two sweeties are here with me right now :) No, this is not an emo post. Trust me. :) It's a way of expressing myself :) With all the talks with my future psychologist, Yunnie , I learnt that in life: 1). You have to learn to turn a deaf ear towards certain stuffs. 2). Everyone in this world is judging each other. The question is, "Who are you to judge me?" 3). Everyone is unique in his/her own way. Every single time Im depressed/sad/emo/tired/exhausted, Yunnie & yinzie never ever fail to lift me up and clear my thoughts. I would not consider myself as weak. If I am, you would be suprised how I turned out. Trust me :) Good luck to my love ones for their upcoming exams :) Yinzie, score score for me. Make ur daughter proud, mummy! :) All of sudden, I really miss my family back home especially after daddy dearie called me and said, "study hard but do ur best. If u cant score that good it's okay. Take good care of ur health. Btw, do you have enough cash?And why recently, your msn nick so emo. You okay?" T______________T Yes, I'm still young. Running back to my parents whenever Im down. :) I love mummykins and daddy dearie :) Now, send me more money ;P LOL. Jk :p !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Inspirations from Thia Random pictures of my room. I have problem of keeping my room very neat despite that I'm a clean freak Everytime I packed and arrange it neatly, it will somehow back to the messy state. I blame the size of the room and table *in denial period*LoL
One part of my desk:
Dead and dried up roses.
Burberry perfume & Versace perfume.
Water bottle(S) to keep me hydrated throught the day.
Hand sanitizers, face cream, BB cream.
Gums & sweets
Cup holding my stationeries (scissorts, pens, markets, rulers etc etc).
DVD and my accesories on top on the DVD.
Calculators and house keys.
Magazines, notebooks and notes.
Ipod classic and some flyers underneath.
Another part of my desk: Laptop with IE showing Thia's blog that inspired me to do this post. File with notes. Mouse, HDD. Printer with notes, Coles catalogue, notebooks on top on the printer.
Board: Birthday cards, farewell cards, christmas cards from the loved ones :) Rental payment methods form . LoL. Inspirations quotes from my ex housemate :) Friendship necklace hanging :) Promoters tags. LoL

Shelf: Tissue box. More notes and notes :(
Cupboard that i transform into dressing table: More perfumes and lotions. Makeup bag. Facial products bag. My Logitech Pink speaker with Ipod nano on it :)
On the floor:
Ugly yellow plastic bag containing more notes, books and handbook.
Chair: Half of my bags. *my bags deserve a spot on the chair* :)

Big pink poney. Two containers of clothes *becasue my wardrobe is too small* T_________T
My shopping goods that I'm too lazy too unpacked :( My purple GHD straightener and hairdryer

Wardrobe: Messy and unorganized pjs, jeans, towels, bags, accesories.
Very-packed and tight space containing jackets, tops, dresses.

Overflowing clothes from the drawers T________________T

My trusty heater that last me through all winters :)
And my cute pink slippers from home *loves* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Get a grip will ya

Someone said something to me that made me LMAO, ROFL, LOL and the laughing emoticons go on. It all started last night actually, when a certain person came and heart to heart talk with me. Bullshit-ness man.Like seriously. Telling me don't assume things and don't judge people. Please am I and my bestie so free to judge your group? We have more important things in our mind. No, seriously. And here you saying you are not siding that person you are defending. *names are hidden because i RESPECT that person* Furthermore, you are saying I'm judging their group just because they have different lifestyle than me? Did you personally hear it from me? No, you didnt. And getting the big picture of the situation? Hah, please. Dont make me laugh. Really. It's getting funny because how the two of us can get to your group. And that one reason, or maybe more than one that I will always remember and never fail to make me laugh was: "Don't think that they don't have a life just because they have a different lifestyle than your group have. Everyone has different lifestyle" Omgosh. This is getting funnier as that person keep continue saying it. No seriously. It's not getting to me but yet somehow I feel disappointed. But you know what, I cbf. Because I know that my true friends will always believe in me. Just like I told one of my bestguyfriend today, he said this to me, "You know why people create rumour and dramas? Because it's out of jealousy. If people that are not jealous of you, they wont even bother talking bout you" thank youuuuu :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

It's been awhile brobro

Brobro is coming to Melbourne :) :) :) June 9th to be exact. I'm so dam happy. It's been awhile since I hear his teasing words. And called me FAT -______________- It will be even better if mummykins is coming as well. But oh well. I settle for less :) :) And to make things better, brobro staying with aunt = nice food = im invited :) :) :) :) Just when life is turning bitter, things may look good after all. Can't wait to see brobro :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Monday, June 01, 2009

Bring out the uniform, it's time to head back to school

Last Fri, an early celebration for Harris Tan His birthday was celebrated at Platform 1 Theme of the night : Back to school :)

with the two sweethearts :) :)
bimbo love . haha :) with my babi and babi with babi sis :) :) the sisters in Melbourne :)

with (Isnu), with (Justin), with (Vping, jiawei & Tim)

with the birthday boy! :) :)
Happy birthdayyyyy mr harris ! :)

with Jyushiang & Vincent. I laughed everytime i look at the last picture of them. I dont know why. Maybe it's more like picture for school kinda thing. hahaha
I forgot his name *shy*, me, Jas, YiLing, Harris :)

Rene, uhmmm *shy*, me, Yiling, Jas :)
me, ee teng, yi wei, jas

school girls :) hahaha *loves*
i love this picture. She look so different. So gangster. So tai kar cheh. So tipsy.
Babi, you look so cute la :) :P
Nick & YiLing :) hahaha.. my cute lil sis :) :)
Ee teng & Yi Wei with Nedz

Happpy birthday Harris Hartanto Tan :) :)
A yr older, but wiser :)
King D now ey ? :P
Have an awesome birthday :) :)
I know you will :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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