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Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Merdeka! My feet hurts! blister :( my hair stink of ciggarettes! :( But ... I had fun tho.. So much dramas! :P Pictures will be upload soon! If im not too lazy! It's 5.50am ... O___________o still awake to talk to Yinz =_="" Rica said my face rounder O________________________o Die.. Shan is amused that I get affected by her words *not eating* =p lol =p !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, August 30, 2007

babe!!! u know wat? i feel like goin to US instead of aussie hehehehe..i can hear u screaming "WHAT?!!!? No way!!!" but no money no talk..hahahha stay in msia..MERDEKA!!! lolz happie MERDEKA babe!!! ROFL ps: see, i wrote something in ur blog u update my blog lar k? *hugS* =P *ahem* i'm wondering who u referring to on ur sat post =D miss ya lots *heartS* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I just got back from watching No Reservations :) pretty good movie :) i love it... i give 4 thumbs up out of 5 :) i miss home... :( another 3 more months i will be back I cant wait! :) Topshop, Cats Whiskers, Mamak etc etc await me =p lol... Rica, stop rolling your eyes.. hahahha =p I finally sign up with Optus.I didnt sign up with 3 because 3 dont offer the phone i like.. hahahah.. yes, i sign up because of the phone :P Hopefully, my bill wont exceed :( Im loving my Nokia 6110 navigator in white :) :) :) Toodles~ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Even though its just plain simple words but you made me smile Your take care with a wink and a talk to you soon mades my day :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
I just got back from the city. Went Chadstone shoppng with Shan, Pearly and Sam. Omg.. For the past one month, the amount of things i bought is scaring me. The amount of paper bags in my room is killing me. I think mummy did set a budget for me? Dam! Mummy will kill me when she sees my bank statement... But it's a good bargain! =) I need clothes. I got no clothes to wear! :( its 6am.. i still cant sleep.. =/ !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dilemma: Should i or should i not go back during september? its' only 253.99 aud... :( but.. but.. i did promised Shan that i will stay here... but..but... never in my life i find so cheap air ticket to malaysia somemore.. how? how? how? how? i miss my darlings at home =) but..but.... i wana go Rica's house in september also.. :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long overdue pictures!
My last few days in Malaysia was spent with my loved ones :)
Pictures below are the days Im still in Malaysia... I went out everyday back then because I had only one week before Im off to Melbourne..

moi*tired face*, lala (inner joke!) and joanne koh ! :)

inside nette dear's car :)

me being silly .... heheh... joanne and mershella group pictures! :-)
group shot 2!
group shot 3!
the girls! shella, nette dear*, moi, jo sweetie*, gigi, vonnieeeee, sabbiee :) moi, meshella, gigi, joanne, nette! :)
the cam-whoring begins.. hahha
with shi yu on my departure ! she's a sweetie... :)
moi and joanne sweetie* :)with kok wee, that came down for a week for holiday and teman me walked around melbounre for a week :)
with my bestie, my advisor, my girl :) *hearts* :)

with the two girls i heart :)

while waiting, i scream, "let's do funny pose!" me and my girl started doing but kok wee dam potong... tak layan... and he said, " i dont know how to act cute wan" O_____________o

silly girls that i heart :)

kok wee, moi, joanne...

with pek ying.... :)
me and yinz... our last time in front of the mirror :-( till end of the year k? :)
silly yinz.... take picture of herself for me to keep =_=""" hehehe
yinz, moi and pek ying... :)
i miss them :( Rica tak layan me also =P =P jk rica... u knw i heart you
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Monday, August 20, 2007

I hate to be sick. Falling sick during winter with no mummy around to pamper me is stupid.. I wana go home... :( I thought it would gets better.. But it's still the same. I teared when mummy and daddy called me just now. I miss them like mad. :-( I'm so emotional nowadays. :-( Time of the month + sick .. Not a good combination. :-( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, August 17, 2007

After four nights of not sleeping..To be more precise, it's staying up until 8+ am.
Shan, Pearly and I are like walking zombies.. Seriously.
Dam tired. Next week onwards I MUST sleep early..
Not good for complexion :-P
Last friday was spent at seven and Debbie's house.
More pictures from Debbie coming soon! :-)
me and debbie in uni lodge.... :-)

me, bernard, hyo sun and debbie at Millano apartment(spelling?)...

mwa and Hyo sun.... it was her birthday that night! Happy 20th babe! MWahs! That girl is dam crazy... *like me* :-p hahha..... me a

mwa, Soo Ching and a lil of Debbie... Sorry babes! this is the only picture i have with SooChing

mwa and debbie ! *thanx for everything girl* :-)

soo ching and debbie.. Debbie was super high.... :-p

mwa, zhi zhi and debbie :-) I had 3 tequilla shots, 2 jager bombs, 2 long island tea, Im still fine.. until Zhi mixed me one drink.. Then, I totally gone =_="" me and bernard, the hong kong guy! :-P

mwa(i look dam fat ere!), edwin and silly zhi... but its the only picture i have with edwin... dont focus on my fat-ness okay!! :-(

mwa and shan! :-) On Sunday, I met up with my sweetie Rica and Cheryl... that Rica dam cute... she actually asked me, where's Kok Wee... heheheh.. sorry dear! didnt meant to con you... hehe I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 in 1 meals) at House of Dessert or is it Dessert House... I sort of forget the name of the place After lunch, we went to Collins Street.. I saw this gorgeous LV bag that I so want... But since Pearly said she's able to get it cheaper, Im counting on her! :-) *thanx Pearl!* mwas! I didnt managed to get anything.. :-( Anyway, cant wait for the next meet up with Rica again! :-)

mwa and Rica sweetie! :-) sayang her alot! :-)

with Cheryl... Im gona take cooking lesson from her soon! :-) i wil go back malaysia to be a better cook ! :-) and then poison yang and kok wee... hahahha.. joking! :-P

It's 5.46am... I'm still awake... Well, me and Pearly are.... Accompanying Shan to finish her assignment :-)


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I dam emo. I feel as if the world is turning against me. I want something so badly but it's not working out. I should have tell you how I feel when I have the chance to. I should have never let it fade away. Something so precious to me and it still is. If only things are different between us. I would give anything for the way things begin between us. I wish we didnt start of this way. Does the beginning has anything to do with how things end? Walking away is most probably the best dam thing to do. The thing between us is so beautiful but I had to let go... I'm dam lost and confused and feeling so down It's not as easy as it is seems to be. I'm sorry I can't be the person you want me to be. I do wake up every day wishing that I hope that all these are just a bad dream But it's not.... Reality hurts but sometimes you cant avoid it... I cant stop the mixed feelings I constantly having..... Someone help me........ Despite that life is full with obstacles, I still cant help feeling the pain of all these obstacles im facing now... I feel like crying ... cry my heart out but I cant... because no matter how hard I sad I feel, Im just sick of letting you know how deep you impacted me... !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Ricaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... I want that bag! How? I keep thinking about it........ How? How? And i didnt get anything :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
baby kat, sorry ya i couldnt wake up earlier today but why u juz slept for few hrs? u need to rest more k? dun push urself too hard juz try ur best everything will be fine soon there's always rainbow after the rain *hugs* :) and please please please listen to my advice no more shopping & procrastinating k? study smart ~ our motto* btw, i saw the patrick i gave u in ur pic!! u muz take gd care of him ya oh yeah, i think i know Tee/Teen i was wondering why he looks so familiar we get to know each other thru pingpong, last sem perhaps he rem me :D me miss u :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, August 11, 2007

7 August 2007, Teen's 21st Birthday!
Before head to town with Pearly and Shan, I helped Pearly whipped up something for her lunch as she was hungry. And it taste yummy-licious okay ! Cheers to us! haha!.. And I made Pearly take a picture of me cooking! :P
me cooking in Pearly's place. It'sblack pepper beef with mushroom! The lunch! silly pearly cam--whore! :p
Went to town to get Teen's present..
Teen celebrated his birthday at Davey.
All of us had dinner there. It seems that kitchen closes at 8pm! O_________o
When there's Shan, Pearly and I, conderfirm will be late want =p

A group picture before leaving the house! How not to be late? :P

pearly, moi and shan.. They complained that i only that picture in one angle. There! different angle ! happy? :P

With Zhi !

zhi, moi, wee and edwin... my kakis! :P The birthday boy! it seems that the cake show," Happy 21 birthday Jeff" and his name is not even Jeff. No, not even his nickname ! I will defintely make a big fuss out of it if the cake does not have my name on it.. =p This shows that he had a good sense of humour? :) the girls and birthday boy! mwa, teen, shan, pearly and and adam! adam lost weight! and i put on weight! :( group picture! :) Then, they proceed to my house for drinking session! Before that, Shan, Pearly, Zhi and Zahirah were chilling in my room... Leads us to cam-whore kao kao =p zhi and I .. poser sial =p shan ande pearly.. both cam-whore kao kao in my room.... :P they torture my elephant and patrick! :( hehe... me, shan, pearly.... Then, the laughter begins... Everyone seems to be laughing uncontrolably.. ... hahaha After a few rounds of drinks..... silly pearly and I and elmo *Khai's elmo* =p i didnt brighten the picture because my face is red =p hahahha ... pearly dam layan me.. hahaaha moi and ben... the birthday boy.. and mwa! ignore the acting cute pose! :P mwa, stephen, ben.... pulling a sherve! :) mwa, stephen and pearly... mwa, choke and birthday boy, teen That night was the confused night... why are you doing this to me? whyyy ? :( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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