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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Im back in action :) Been lacking on updates. I have been busy working .... Anyhow, might be quiting the current one and apply for E&Y with KokWee, RenJiun and Yinz Sweets!* :) Will have lunch together gether! :) :) Thinking of getting iPhone or PDA :) Which would be better? :) Suggestions people :) So fast, it's already end of November. Been back home for 2weeks plus. Time do fly :( :( :( Soon I will have to fly back to Melbourne :( Think of the bright side, Christmas and New Year are fast approaching. Vonnieee, cant wait to go trip with you! Christmas is approaching babe! Plans plans! :) Not forgetting Chinese New Year and of cos my big 2-1 :) :) :) Still thinking on how to celebrate it :) :) Suggestions people? :) :) Omg... Turning 21 soon O_o Scary feelings. It seems that my big 2-0 just past. Had a great 19th and 20th birthday! Hopefully, my 2-1 will be a BLAST as well :) A few months after my darling Yinz turn 20, I will be turning 21 :( So far, for the past 2 weeks, I had accomplished my to do list back home :)
  1. Visited mamak (Murni and Kayu!)
  2. Had my ice-blended milo in KimGary :) :) * i LOVE the ice-blended MILO there*
  3. Starbucks! Starbucks! and STarbucks! haha
  4. Seafood with the parents. Spending more time with the 'rents :) :)
  5. Shopping with the sweethearts :) :) Netteeeeeeeeeeeeee.. WHERE ARE YOU? :(
  6. Movie marathon with Yang, KokWee, RenJiun, Yinz and Joanne
  7. Getting to know him better :) :) :) :) :) *smiles*

I had late night phone call with Yinz almost every night :) :) Despite that we have mindless conversations :P :P We do have deep and meaningful conversations okay! :P

And have been working almost everyday. Notice the almost? Because I have been taking day off pretty often. Letting the 'mummy' of the group nag me :P :P *you know I am talking about you, Yinz!*

Omg.. Summer class :( :( BOO! Results releasing this Thursday! All the best to everyone in Monash :) :)

Definitely have to call the two sweeties back in Melbie soon! *sorry Pearly and Shan. Caught up with things :( SOon! Soon! *

It's 6am.. Work starts at 9am :( :( omg.. die la .... :P

Btw btw, gona do reflexology on Tuesday perhaps? Forcing Yang and the rest to do :P Too bad he will be leaving for holiday soon :( If not, definitely will FORCE him to go as well :P

Birthday Shoutouts! :)

21 Nov : Happy Birthday Jeff! Still young la :P

23 Nov: Happy birthday Jason Bear! :)

25 Nov : Happy birthday Michelle McGeehan! :) Love you! :)

26 Nov : Happy birthday Melissa Liau! Seeing you real soon babe! love you! :)

Till then, toodles...

I think my the sentences are not linked. Gosh... Oh well.. need to head to bed for an hour sleep .

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

to my beloved fatty *ahem* sorry skinny i'm ere to write a random post, as requested :P bz bz huh, meet ups & interns (nah,i'm sure u're yawning most of the time, lolz) hahahhaha i dun mean to sabotage ur suprise plan :D our Ms Supermodel is bz wif photoshoot too and she's lazy to upload all da picS (muz show show mah) all thanks to this pro photographer who captured her beautiful momentS, lolz aiks, i'm lazy lar my brain needs some rest i'll write more random or silly stuff other time ps: i miss ratie :P muahahahhahah ur beloved, chubby smally :) (no, i'm not self-proclaimed like someone :D) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The initial plan was to suprise my darlings*!
But smally yinz had to unintentionally spoilt my plan.
Not forgetting Mr. Kok Wee *rolls eyes*
So yea... the plan to suprise them failed.
Aaron was frustrated :( hahha.. sorry Ren!! =(
The first thing KokWee said to me is, " You look different. I know. You gained weight!"
Anyhow, the steamboat at Yuen's was awesome! =]
Despite that Yang asked me not to eat so much, Ren told me to eat more because it doesnt make a difference and kok wee laugh at me.
Took too much food and in the end we had to pass the plate around making everyone take something from the plate to avoid wastage :-P Thank god, Andy came at the right time. He finished all the food =] =] And kok wee, STOP MOCKING ME! =p hahahaah...
Didnt know you were such joker huh? your first impression deceives your personality!hahaa.
Before heading out for dinner, was in Yinz Sweetie house..... and we self-entertain =p
with my smally and sweetie.... Ricaaaaaaaa, where are youuuuuu ? =( we are back in action! :-)
At Yuen's Steamboat,
me and mr kok wee.. He's that guy that said i gained weight ... O___o Everyone rushing to get the chicken wings that is supposingly yummylicious.. with the girls i heart =]
candid shot of the two vain guys =p candid shot..... i love candid shot !
aaron and yinz ...
joanne and yinz =]
Steamboat was awesome...But let's not have steamboat anytime soon okay?=p
The next day we went Genting.. Pictures will be up soon.. Took too many... =p
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Friday, November 16, 2007

It's good to be back.. =] Thanx darlingSSSS for everything =] Exhausted but nevertheless fun! =] Thanx for all the memories you guys gave me... =] Heart you guys: the supermodel, the photographer, the manager, fatty bom bom and the saint! *heart heart* hahaha... !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
Happy birthday Sammy!!!! :) Eventhough you ALWIS TEASE ME... but never regret knowing you... Aiyo.... your birthday post la! =p !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->
Happy Birthday Kailash !!!! A belated post dedicated to you.... =] sorry couldnt make it to your thing =( Hope u had a blast... Had a picture with you but then i dont look nice... so you know =p hugs hugs hugs =] !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Friday, November 09, 2007

Happy 20th Birthday Erica Sweetie*! :) :) Love you much much :) :) Counting down to the days until I see you!! They said, " True friends never go apart and dont need everyday conversations" This applies to us :) Hugs and kisses! :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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