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Friday, February 29, 2008

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On my birthday itself (18.02.87) :) I went to Shangri-La Hotel, KL for dinner with the parents and relatives :)
Before that, head down to Pavillion with the parents :)
I didnt throw a big party for my 21st because of some private reason.
But a big thank yous to the dearies for making my 21 a memorable one as well :)
Anyhow, the dinner with the relatives was awesome :)
8 course dishes :) yummy! :)
It was great to be able to spend my 21st with the parents :)
As i get older, im more happy to enjoy my time with the parents :) *loves* :)
Will upload the pictures when i got them from the cousins.
After dinner, head to Yinz place because we promised each other we would spend our birthdays together :) hahha.. dam lesbo. but what to do. My other half mar :)
And also Alvin is leaving the next day, morning flight! :(
Head to her place with Alvin.
reached her place and saw KokWee there. Parked in front of her house talking on the phone.
Being me, I wanted to disturb him but were stopped by Aaron.
Quoting from him,
"Later he fcuked you ar!"
Watched Wrong Turn 2, which by the way was dam gross and disgusting O_O
Cam-whore a lil :P and KokWee called it a night as he had to work the next day.

inside the car. On the way to Yinz place . Me and Alvin

kokwee, me, yinz, aaron and alvin

with Aaron that dam tak layan me :( i dam 7down lor :P

Then I syok myself :P

while he was busy looking at the pictures and because he dont want to layan me :P

hahaa :P
with my girl :)

with KokWee

Take #2 .. hahah

my two special people :) goodlooking, special and adorable and loves me :) xoxo

yeefoong came after that ...
half of my pressie! thank you sweeties! mummy! daddy! *ahem* :P

new ipod babey ! :)

and meet spongey! hahaha

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason Lim ! :) sorry no picture. laptop abit problem :( Hopefully you have a blast See you real soon ya! xoxo Happy 21st Joanne Koh ! Sorry i couldnt be there for your birthday But i did send my representative (kokwee!) to your dinner ! hehe Have a blast dear! Seeing you real soon? Bangkok! :) love you banyak :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Safely reached Melbie :)
Missing the sweeties at home and also *ahem* ;)
Yinz, i need to updates you on stuffs!! Gossips babyyy! :)
I wana go back home.
Shit. Homesick edi. How?? :(
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Saturday, February 23, 2008

I thought it will be easier. But it seems to be harder everytime :( Leaving once again. Cried a bucket with Yinz just now :(

Every single one of you guys put a smile on my face everytime.

Thank you for being part of my life :) I never thought leaving you guys can be a dread.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

I fcuking hate Monash. Screw up systems. Just when i thought everything goes so smoothly & thanking God for it. Now the world has turned upside down. Flying off this saturday :( :( *tears* !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Genting Trip, 14.11.07 I know it's been months ago. But I'm either too lazy or dont have the time to blog about it. I came back on the 11th november. All of us decided to head to Genting. For the cooling weather :) Supposed to meet up at 9am at Joanne's place. But Yang being the lazy bum and pig, we deicded to meet up at 11am instead. Yang & RenJiun picked me up from my house to head to Subang. I was a lil late thus making them reach late :P I was taking my own sweet time to get ready :P Headed up in one car. *thank you girl for providing a car that can fit 6 of us* :) We had our lunch in Gohtong Jaya.Couldnt remember the name of the restuarant though. We took cable car up. I was scared too death laa . Im not a height person. The weather was so misty that it mades KokWee said, " we are on our way to heaven" -_-"" Cam-whore inside the cable car to distract my attention :) *thanx yinz* Speaking of genting,reminds me of arcade and KokWee said," give Yinz 10 bucks to play in the arcade" because he said she's too short to enter casino. He's such a meanie. *smack him* Im better k Yinz! I give you 30bucks to play! hahahah :P jk jk Wanted to enter theme park, but because it was too late. We reached the entrance at 4pm and it closes at 7pm. So decided to yum char at CoffeeBean. I prefer starbucks but coffeebean has open air seats *Fresh air fresh air* :D Oh, i threw tantrum at Yinz because i couldnt enter theme park :( And Yinz, dont praise me already. Read it here I shy la :P We cam-whore non- stop . hehe. Took like more than hundreds of pictures in two camera! :D Quoting from Yinz's blog: Mr & Ms Supermodel camwhore non-stop man me & others are "ke leh fei" i'm also the pathetic photographer who have to fulfill our supermodels' needS & wants :D where got. You dont want to layan me only! :P Dinner was at Basil Leaf, KL (THE thai restaurant that KokWee promised to bring me before I flew in June 2007) Finally, get to taste the food there :) Love the ambience. Super nice :) Anyone want to try that restuarant, do ask Yinz for direction! :D Pictures banyak ! :D

on the way up :)

lunch :) look at my chubby face O_O

inside the cable car

poser sial ! :P haha. He's ever ready to take pictures! -_-" I'm not inside . See! i dont take alot of pictures k! :P and i dont always ask you to take pictures for me :P act hip-hop konon :P cannot-make-it la :P
toilet break! :P haha
candid! we were not ready, photographer Yinz! later he fired you ! :P with KokWee,
with the girls :)
vain :P
with the BFF. me heart you forever! :) :) and us again :P omgg...... somemore say i poser :P tskt tsk *kokwee's version* another poser :P :Pcaught in the camera~! *pinch Yang's cheek* with Yen Kok Wee with yang, that called me fat O_O the one and only guy that called me fat. WEll, except for Sammy! O_O i wurve the scenery :) Then, the cam-whoring starts :) hhehehe :) The next few pictures are gona be overloaded with me and kokwee. Because we both enjoy taking pictures :D and credit to our photographer Yinz :P
i know.. L-A-M-E :P super love the effects * credit to my photographer! * :P
twisties ad ! :D hehe.
hahah... dam funny :P
me : I see sales & shopping mall. Omg..
Kw: I see casinos.
Yinz: I see beds and pillows.
-_-""" must be he force Yinz to take for him wan :P I pity you, Yinz . I can feel your pain. hahahaha . these two are like cat and dogs. Forever bickering :P i love this picture. Because i look nice. :P too bad kokwee! you dont look nice in it :D inside the hotel :) spot us! spot me ! :D Yanggg, so pat :P dinner at basil leaf :) tired,exhausted and oily face :P with KokWee again. I think Yinz is sick of seeing both of our face already :P her camera that day is full with our faces. Wait, i think whenever there's me and kokwee, her camera is fill with our faces. hahha with hottie and pretty boy :D * i know u r reading lover!* hehe wine ... all of us :) before leaving the restaurant :) omg. the ambience is dam dam nice :) i dam love it :) Toodles~ I had a great time hanging out with you guys! :) Next time, KokWee and Yinz and RenJiun will fly to Melbie! haha !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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