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Friday, April 30, 2010

The new trend so far.

What's in trend now?
No, I am not talking about fashion or beauty or latest gadget.
But perhaps a new laptop and camera will make me happy too :o

I'm talking about the infamous "Unofficial relationship"
So, what would YOU define unofficial relationship?

Girls define as, "Doing what a  couple will do but then still you dont have the right to complain anything if anything goes wrong"

Guys define it as, "Unofficial means not official lor. Means i dont have to ask THAT question"
Wtf answer is that (-.-)

Jassy & I were talking about this term yesterday and we both were wandering where and how this term came about?
Why must it be unofficial?
Why cant it just be a yes or no answer?

Not only unofficial is in trend now.
Now even there's term like,
"Dating, Seeing each other, probation period"

You dont just go ask someone, "are you guys together?"
You ask this instead, "So, what are you guys know?"

So, what exactly is the difference in Unofficial, seeing each other or dating ? :O

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Don't Judge

I don't know why but there's something in this picture that brings a warm fuzzy feeling.
Maybe it's the same regrowth of our brown hair .___.
Or the same color top and conservative outfit.
Or the smile on our face :)
Or perhaps we both PMS-ing that day. Lol.
We called each other Babi (pig in english!).
And self-praise ourselves in alot of ways :P hehe.
But once a Babi, will always be a Babi :)

Picture taken on St Patrick's Day in New York Deli, 1u :)

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Life is ironic

Three words. Three simple words.
I am sorry.
How many of us can actually said it and mean it?

It's easy to say it to friends or close friends.
But to family or other half?
It is not easy ey?

Perhaps sometimes saying these three words can change a situation.
Learn to say it. and mean it.

In order to receive back something, you gotto learn to give it first without expectation.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Farewell lunch.

Farewell lunch with Kai Han was a tad little sad for me.
What to do. Have to separate from my bestie.
One bestie leaving after one another. :/

Picked Yinz up from her office for lunch. :)
It was sort of a farewell lunch with Kai Han and we decide on Japanese cuisine since that fella only love expensive food (-.-) and only prefer Japanese food.

Tomoe, SS15

with Mr Pua... the high maintanence guy. wtf

KaiHan & Yinz

Our faces T.T Too exhausted lead to this unglam face :/

Food :)

Sashimi platter. All time favourite.

Soft shell crab.

Grilled mince chicken ball :)

Chicken steak in terriyake sauce :)

California roll.

Sesame & green tea ice cream. :)

Sesame ice cream beats green tea flavor anytime! :)

hehe :)
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's 4am.Fml

This is what you will do when you are still awake at 4am.
When you usually sleeps at latest 1am and now you are still awake at 4am.
This leads to insanity. Wtf.
And playing with webcam. Lol.

Hello fav soft toy. Do you miss it jassy? :P

A cup of coffee to keep me awake.

yes. fml. I need specs at night ok. Wtf.

Ok bye.
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perhaps we need a little dose of gossips

Everyone in Melbourne loves Hokkien Mee.
I don't know why. :S
And the best hokkien mee in Melbourne?
A Taste of Asia. wtf.

And since back to Malaysia, I tried the 222 hokkien mee, the Damansara Utama ones, the one in Aman Suria, but nothing beats the hokkien mee in Reunion, Bangsar Village 2.
Orgasmic!! :D
Try it and you will never regret it :)

Us all decided to have our little reunion/meet up lunch.
And it was Alvin's birthday as well :)
We decided to meet up at 10am. O.o
Thank you Alvin for picking me up at 1030 :)

Headed to Subang to pick yinz up and to meet up with KaiHan to head to babi's house :)

@ Babi Ho's house :) while waiting for babi to get ready.
My not enough sleep face.
Muka tak cukup tidur! bah!

And then Storm boy came running to us :) :) :)

So cuteeeeeeee *love*

Everyone want a picture with him :)

He doesn't want to look at me :( He prefer looking at the food :( Boo!

muaks muaks :) Hehe.

Awwwwww :)
Storm only listens to her. Hmph! lol.

Off for lunch at Reunion :)

What we ordered :)
Claypot tofu with seafood, fried rice with i-dont-know-what :S, char siew &siew yuk, kangkung belacan, hokkien mee :)

The five of us couldnt finished what we ordered. Even with big eaters like us.
So it's a good idea not to over ordered like us or get more people to share it :)

Two bosses being gentlemen :) heh.

Lunch was filling. Omg.
Headed to Pavilion for snowflake because babi wana try it.
Only the three of us, babi, moi, Kai han headed to pavilion for yumcha session.
While yin go pak toh :P and Alvin wanna check out his new car.

with my fav babi in Pavilion :)

Dinner was at Sid's pub, TTDI.
Cos birthday boy wanna go have pork burger! :)
No picture of food or us or anything because I was dead exhausted from out since morning till night.
My face was already half dead and look exhausted :S

After dinner, headed to Library to for desserts! :)
Thank you for cakes Alvin..

Happpy birthday big guy :)
Yes, keep reminding me that we are getting older :( Boo! :P

Faster come back from Singapore and find me :)

We had our daily dose of gossips and catch up.
Aaah, i love these kinda outings.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Love World Love Sloggi

In conjunction with Love World Love Sloggi blog contest, I'm supposed to write on what I love around me.
I did something like this in the previous post but nevertheless I'm going to improvised it :)
As I grow older, what I love differs with when I was still a high school kid.

I love the simplicity of life :)
And I love looking back at how much I grown since the transition of college.
This is when pictures come in handy :)

  • I love the transition of life.

  • I love my college life. Canadian Program in Taylors was one of my best memories :)
The three of us : me,Anne, Nessa were like three musketeers.
And of cos well-known for,"seeing one, seeing another lead to seeing the third one"

Then, it's Hello uni life in Monash.

  • I love impromptu trip :)
Two weeks before our mid sem break, all of us said,"lets go Langkawi. A land fill with booze and chocolates"
And yes, indeed we did went and everyting went perfectly.
Except for this tiny glitch that happened on our last night in Berjaya Hotel.
Dam scary :S :S
Will tell another day :)

  • I love how our birthdays fall in February
The Feb babies! :) @ TGIF
Joanne, me, Jason, Kelly..

Then, time to head to Melbourne :)
Farewell drink was done in Luna Bar :)

  • I love creative mirrors that enable me to take weird pictures :P

Hello Melbourne 2007 :)
  • I love Melbourne weather. The cooling breeze. The food.
The companion :)

  • Heh. I love how my other half amused me with silly things.
Like posing with my devil stick :)

Back for summer holidays and taking summer course :)

  • I love being close to blond. wtf.

  • I love my Monash gang :)

  • I love how we resolve our hatred towards each other. wtf.
Because forgiving is better than hating right?
Yes, we share the same ex bf. Lol.
But its all good now. We are closer than ever. *misty eyes* I miss her *misty eyes* D:

  • I love food. especially hotpot.
Anything spicy that can speed up my metabolism, bring it on. Wtf
The more spicy the food the more it will speed up your metabolism.

  • I love how my guy friends amused me with stupid things.

  • I love my girls that threw me a surprise birthday dinner.

  • I love my great companion in Melbourne :)

  • I love puppy. I absolutely love puppy. But unfortunately, my parents are not much of animal person :(
And I doubt I can take really good care of a puppy now. Maybe in the future I will have one :)

  • I love poloraid pictures. An old picture of the four of us. Bring back memories ey :)

  • I love my trio that we will never ever fail to back each other up when everything fails :)

  • I love going for a road trip with just my bestie.
Spa, massage, beach, movie. Just the two besties :)

Now the world has emphasized more on environmental friendly product.
We are encouraged to use non-plastic bag to carry our groceries/goods/shopping.

As such, Sloggi has come up with lingeries that are made from recyled material.
Yes, we can now flaunt our figures and still participate in saving the environment with Sloggi's new range known as Love World Love Sloggi

Love World, Love Sloggi contest is going on, just share what you love about the world or what you love, and you can win these prizes:

Grand Prize x5: RM 2000 cash + Sloggi products
worth RM 135 + Sloggi voucher worth RM 50

Consolation Prize x20: Origins products worth
RM250 + Sloggi products worth RM135 (redemption
letter to counter) + Sloggi voucher worth RM50

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Sunday, April 04, 2010


From Tzia's blog that truly describe how I feel.








p.s. - 你不是你認為我在寫的那個人。

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

A breather.

Take a time off.
Stop and smell the flowers.

Because a little time off is good.
It allows thinking time ....

 Before the love turns into hate,
Just walk away.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

I just call you mine

Found a comic tweeted by YeeHou
"how to mark your girlfriend"

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Cyanide & Happiness @

Till the next post :)

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