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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm home for the summer

Sorry for the lack of posts. Been back for nearly a month. And despite the work i had to go through every monday to friday, i am loving my holidays :) The day i arrived back home, had dim sum with the parents :) The flight was awful; with turbulences and of course the inconsiderate passengers in front of me and behind me =_= Met up with my two favs Yinzie and RenJiun the next day for lunch at pyramid :) Alicia decided to tag along :P Guess where we had lunch ? :) KimGary :) *yunnie, i bet u miss the baked cheese rice* :) blissful ...Met up with Yiling & the gang for a movie. Guess what movie ? Twillight! And Rj & Yinz are such nice frens. They re-watch it cos I wanted to watch it so badly. And Rj had to send me back .... :) Yum cha at Dragon-I after movie :) togetherness partner @ Dragon-I with the two hot chick :) Tried Carls Jr with Rj & Yinzie my reunited smally :) uhm chilli beef fries ... uhmm bacon burger. :D im never good with food name I am only interested in eating :D hahaha :))))) *shy* hahaahahh he's a shy guy :D Met up with Alicia one of the night for dinner :) Dinner was at Vietnam Kitchen, 1u with the fei mui of mine :) LOL :P baby rice & big rice :) more updates soon! gotto head to bed.. work tmw :"( !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Simple wish

Merry Christmas! I have a blissful christmas eve. I hope everyone has an awesome one as well :)
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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I love fine dining..

Outdated posts! :) Alvin spent Seow Hui, Joe and I for a scrumptious meal at Nobu, Crown :) Baked cheesecake from Gregko (spelling?) Even i been there for numerous times, i still do not know how to spell the cafe :P Pictures doesnt do wonder :) It look and taste way better than how it is shown in the picture Mango passionfruit cheesecake ... Tiramisu cake .. Some Mediterranean dip. The cakes and dip were eaten after dinner at Nobu because the guys claimed that the girls stole most of the food . Hence, they are not full =_= Headed to city earlier with Joe because we wanted to walk around and shop :) us in front of Nobu : ) Soft shell crab :) Yum yum :) some uhm dont know what beef .. :D my all time fav.. omgosh.. orgasmic ! :P salmon salmon :) the guys me with alvin's yucky drink =_= thank you alvin :D baby and i alvin and seow hui : ) Because Alvin and Seow Hui took their own sweet time to come, while waiting for them..... moi :) we were hungry cos alvin was taking his own sweet time . lol :) The next day, the two of us went out to celebrate Janice's bday :) We had dinner at Oriental Spoon :) Birthday girl :) Dish to share.. super yummy! Yin, yun and rj, when u come to melbourne i bring u guys eat okay? : ) on me! :) porl bulgogi korean pancake :) Thank you for dinner dear Janice :) dinner! :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Presents that I love

The season of givings and receiving :D :D December its all about receiving presents and giving presents yes? :D Hahaha.. Had a splendid time receiving presents in Melbourne *Thanx to those lovely friends* :) I am a happy girl :) A gucci wrislet by Alvin as a Christmas present:) My all time favourite Chance by Chanel. I wanted to get this since the first time i took a sniff of it :) Thank you Joe *hugs* Swarovski necklace from Alvin :) hehehehehe... You are so nice :P *evil grin* HAHAHHA Early valentine's present from me to Joe :) My present from Joe :) And my fav bag :) From the boy :) Thank you for pampering me :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I hate accounts

Two days of working in tax department, I feel like dying. I woke up feeling heavy hearted. Dreading to head to work every day :( 3 months of working. OMFG ! =_= Accounting = boring Taxation = Extremely boring Audit = WTF =_= I look forward to weekends now and of course those holidays :) Ugh! Not in the mood to socialise. Please forgive me. But call me out for shopping and eating :D :D *REN JIUN, I KNOW U R READING. WHAT HAPPEN TO MY NICE FOOD?* :P !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gathering before we part

So, I am back in Malaysia :) Helllooo hot and humid weather :) Been two days since i am back :) The last few weeks in Melbourne was awesome :) Spent is with joe :) , Alvin, Erica, Janice and baby seow hui :) Updates on Melbourne lifes :) Super outdated posts :) Post exam steamboat :) Heaven :) Perfect chilling weather with a pot of ma lat soup :) Steamboat was at Yi Ling's :) While waiting for the rest to arrive, took a few snapshots of ourselves :) Janice and I us three :) Both partners in crime :) The food we ate :) The guys : Eugene, Kong Hao, Joseph, Kc Us girls with Yi Ling's mummy :) The girls .. Group picture. Steamboat was awesome. But in the end, as usual, only me, yiling and Janice end up overeating ..LOL One of the day, Ming brought me and Yiling and two of his friends up to Mt Dandenong for brunch. We had pies in Pies In The Sky and scones in Miss Marple :) Me with the scones . This is for you, Joe :) cos i know you want to eat scones :P The girls :) While waiting for our table at Miss Marple :) me and partner in crime at Pies In the sky :) Han Ting's farewell dinner @ Glen Waverly A farewell dinner for Han Ting was organised in Glenny . Cant really remember the name of the cafe but the food was awesome shit :) Joe and I :) The guys with Han Ting .. Us girls with Ting :) More updates soon :) Toodles :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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