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Sunday, September 20, 2009

exhausted.. like literally

I can't bothered about it anymore. Because I stop trying. I just dont bother anymore. I found my true self. I stop pleasing people. I have the courage to do my own things. I have awesome people that love me. So, why do I care? :) Sounded like a bitch but I am so tired of pleasing people and making effort. Good things I did will never be appreciated but one small bad things I did will always be remembered I dont care. I stop caring. !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->


  1. I agree, i quit pleasing people a long time ago too. Stopped offering to help people when its going to cause me a lot of trouble.

    Bitches are happier.

    Of course we shudnt purposely say mean things and hurt people intentionally la

  2. Bao bei,of course you just dont mind anymore.

    The caring part is the gem in you.don't lose it.but you can choose not to mind.:) not to mind people who do not matter.

    all in all,i still love you like i always did.:D

  3. sue : yeh. seriously. i think so too. when u be nice to help people, they indirectly take advantage of ur help.
    "good girls always the last to arrive, bad girls win the race"

    bbyun: i know babe. I alwis care :( care too much at times. Because once u r my fren, i will care for you. Is that why im alwis the one to be hurt?
    omgoshhh T______________T
    i <3 u tooooo : (


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