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Monday, September 28, 2009

Fresh air does wonder..

A mini break and escape from the city and the world where all stress comes from. Jas &I went to HotSprings for a pamper me day :) It was approximately an hour plus drive to Mornington Peninsula Hello Hot Springs :) Me and jassy hot water is love :) my girl ... Toga dress ah ? :P *inner joke* I nearly tripped while stepping on the stones to go over the railing -.- and jas just stood there and laughed her ass off -_- *whack* lol After few hours of hot springs, and when our skins are wrinkly enough (LOL), we decided to reluctantly come out from the blissful hot water :( And off we went for breakfast :) our healthy breakfast :) :) Because the weather was awesome, the two of us, being adventorous (Jas) and me being the sleepy one, we decided to drive to Sorento for the awesome beach and massage :) So cold already still want to pose -_- lol I was freezing and complained cold and was sleepy but for my girl, I tahan :P Us @ sorento Beach. "ey go pose near the table, Kat" "har.. table? what so nice???" "dont know. Fasterrrr!" lol.. The waves... :) hahahahaha.. So cute :D :D I was dam cold okay -.-
hello calm beach and girly time :)
Like a postcard picture :)
So calm. Peaceful. I like :)
Frankston beach :)
That day was awesome. I had fun. I need a clearer mind. I need to be somewhere far from city.
And it's back to reality :(
One more time before I head back :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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