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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Zebra. Lion. Everything.

I am feeling better. :) :) The whole emo day is gone. Of course there are still problems that I have yet solved. But at least one problem is solve :) :) Bryan, you still suck. But it's okay. Since im such a nice girl. I forgive you :P
Zoo day! :) :)
I been wanting to go zoo since like ages ago. But none of my friends are interested :(
Why? Zoo is such a nice place. :D :D
Let's go to the zoo where all the poo is. hahahahahhahaha.
One of the day where all of us went to the zoo.
I overslept, as usual *shy* and I took half an hour to shower and get ready.
Champion! :D
But I didnt have the time to do my hair. Hence, my shades were on top of my head most of the time. To keep my hair from looking like mop -.-
The weather prediction was wrong that day! Roar!
I was freezing my ass off. -___________-
Until I dont have the mood to look at the animals.
So cold still look at the animals? -_________-
But Jassy was super excited about the animals. Like a small kid *pinch*
When she sees an animal, she will be like, "Wahhhh look at how fat the animal is. WAhhhh wtf is that animal?? why so ugly??"
Pictures of animals. Not much because I only like these few.

Camel, dont-know what, dont-know-what also, rhinoceros.
I think the rhinoceros dam effing cute.
Giraffe, monkey, lion, hippopotamus :D

The monkey si beh cute :) :)
Wah PDA much :P
Wilson dam mean -___-
"ey kat, jas. Both of your scarves like the leopard print. Maybe you both should wave your scarf in front of them. Then see whether they will attack you both anot" -_________-
Wilson cannot take it. Need to take a puff without waiting for anyone.
Dam smoker la :P

Samantha & Wilson ...
the group minus one..
Gan, Da Ching, Pei Huan, WuiKeen, Sam, Cn, Jassy, me, Wilson & zam...
So long to type out ..

WuiKeen on the highest hippo.
At first, the girls were debating which girls should head up to take a picture.
But all of us scared that we will fall down and embarrased ourselves. lol
Ended up WuiKeen on the top :P
We all settle for the lowest hippo lar.
To avoid embarrasing ourselves :(
Picture #1 ...

Picture #2 :)

They scared me and Zam with this !!! -___________-
In the souvenir shop, Jas & Wilson took turn to scared the shit out of me with the freaking rubber snakes that looked so real. Roar! Okay. They scared Zam as well. hahahaha. I yelled like mad when Wilson drop the snake on my shoulder! -_________-

The man that scared me with the stupid snake :(
And a picture with my girl :) :)
She si beh mean -_____-
"Why your hand so short. Not like my hand. Dam long" -____-
"aihh cos i lazy to stretch my hands lar. My arms and hand fat. Cannot move"

me, jassy, sam :)
Proper group picture :) :)
Zoo was awesome despite I was freezing my ass off.
And I only had 4 hours of sleep. Or less than that.
And minimum makeup and bad hair day.
I love zoo because it brings back childhood memories :) !-- AddToAny Share/Save BEGIN -->

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