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Monday, August 16, 2010

Food brings everyone closer..

Hey you. It's been a week since you left.
How are you doing above?
I miss you. You know that without a doubt right? :)

Timothy organized a potluck sometime in July.
I was the watermelon girl (-.-)
Face already as round as watermelon and now I was assigned to bring watermelon (Y).

Before that, had lunch in Pyramid with Ben & KaiHan.
Then, off to watch Street Dance, which bytheway sucks!
Waste money to watch.
Sien dou bei to watch that show.
The storyline sucks and the actress not hot at all. Lollll.

Potluck was held at Timothy's house in PJS9.
*Thank you ben for dropping me off cos kai han ffk me* :P

Two pretty ladies preparing food while I stole and prepare some at the same time. hehe :D

"Million dollar discussion"


Hello food *piggy alert* :P

See my piggy face! Dam unglam ):

Tim, moi, Karen, Don

Sweet couple #1

Couple #2 :DD

Girls: moi, Vittoria, Karen :)

Vittoria & me
*Thank you Calvin for the extra prop* (-.-)

moi, Vittoria, Ben, Don

Aunty picture of me (-.-)

Group picture #1 : Fail because im too short. Kena blocked by numerous people (-.-)

#2: Smart already. Sat in front.

Thank you for a nice time for half a year :)

And so I left to yumcha with KaiHan :)

Toodles! :)
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