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Friday, August 20, 2010

Till We Meet Again..

Random lunch with the besties.
We connect from all over the err place.
Since Pua! is back for holidays, have the obligations to meet up!
hahaha jokes!

Compiling some of the lunch meet ups in a post.
Too little pictures to start a new post each :/

First lunch was at Chillies, Empire Gallery, Subang.
Picked Yinz up and off we went to Empire.
Introduce WeiLing to Pua!
Moet on you next time! :P

mummy and WeiLing

Mummy is getting prettier day by day!

I gained so much weight and still cant lose the weight I gained. FML.
But then, i still look ABIT slimmer here :P hahahah!
With Pua!

Grilled chicken, Mash potatoes, Cheesy Fries, Beef burger.
They have much more fancy name of course but...... I cant remember it!
Next lunch meet up was at Sakae Sushi, Pyramid.
Can you believe that I never try Sakae Sushi before!
Dam sad and pathethic!

Why so serious? LOL

When there is WeiLing, there will be major cam-whore moments! :D

Salmon//soft shell crab//Tempura salad//Grilled Fish

The final meet up was supposed to be a mamak brunch but Pua!'s IELTS ended late.
In the end, we ended up meeting in Pyramid Bubba Gump (again).
I personally dont really fancy Bubba Gump.
The food is so-so only.
Nothing much to rave about.

WeiLing & SueLin.
Nice meeting you again after the Frankston years babe! :)
Hope it's all well for you!
And all the best again for your future undertakings :)


with my arrogant bestie!
the perfect caption for this picture will be
If you think I'm bitchy, you havent meet my bestie,Alvin.
hahaha! :)

Till this bunch meet again!
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