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Monday, August 09, 2010

The rainbow sends you away.

What happened to the promises you made?
To me. WeiLing. Joanne. And your friends.
You just left without a proper goodbye!
I do hate it when people just leave without saying goodbye.
Farewell is necessary in our case!

Memories scattered around us.
I remember how you told me not to cry when I had fight with my then boyfriend.
I remember you skip class with me because I kept crying.
And you asked me not to cry.
I remember how you always put up to Joanne and mine whines, anger and gossips.
I remember how we all climbed up to the highest level for class and sat outside classes.

Today it rained. And was a gloomy day.
Even the above is mourning.
I want to yell at you for just giving up! For just left!
But I know it's better for you this way. You fought with all you can.
Because I know you do things 200%.
You just don't give up easily.

The only picture I had left with you.
I always thought that we will have more chances of meeting up.
That I will be able to have an album of pictures that I can look back.

I'm sorry I didn't say my last goodbye.
You know I don't do farewell.
I can't bear the thought of just saying my last goodbye.

Wherever you are, I hope you are in a much better place.
Here I'm bidding my last goodbye.
And us, me, your family will always love you.

RIP Ian Lee (1987-2010)

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