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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Dear God,
Please let me have the determination to resist desserts or if not make everyone around me FAT so i can be more confident :( 

Look at my chubby face (-.-) 

Everytime without fail, both of us always ordered desserts! 

And rcently been having all these:

1. Chatime Bubble Tea

2. Snowflake

3. Starbucks session.

4. Macaroons/cakes! 

Whatsmore Nikki loves desserts as much as me.
So both of us always prefer desserts over main meals :( 
Most of the time, when we both meet up, we will either choose desserts :( 
I am trying to limit my desserts especially bubble tea intakes to having it once a month and not once a week! :(

Wish me luck.
Needs to have nicer body by July for my Langkawi trip! :(

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